Jagex, developers of Runescape, have a new MMO to show off today, welcome to Transformers Universe. Set to launch this year, Transformers Universe is a multiplayer online tactical game (or MOTA) that will put you in command of your very own squad of a “unique collection of Transformers” in order to do battle with and against others online.

We’ve built a massively online, tactical action game, or MOTA as I like to call it! Transformers Universe offers fast-paced, battle centric, tactical action with a selection of game modes for core gamers, casual gamers and Transformers enthusiasts alike.

It sounds like it has definite potential, especially considering that we’re suckers for a good strategy-centric game, and the fact that Transformers pose the possibility for a lot of customisation, well colour us intrigued.

What’s the goal of Transformers Universe, you might ask? Well, according to Jagex:

Autobots versus Decepticons, you’ll team up to play with and against other Commanders around the world in tactical and strategic online battles, competing for supremacy in the global faction war. Legendary Transformers characters will make special appearances – but more on that another time!

We don’t have much more than that at the moment. A trailer demonstrating some gameplay is promised to go public soon, but until then, we have this for you: