Interview with Chris Hendry, Game Designer at Respawn Entertainment. How did the idea of using parkour as a foot soldier come about? The idea for using parkour came from a desire to feel "free" as a player. To change how you perceive your environment in an FPS. It really opens up how the game plays because there are countless ways to move through each level. I've been playing for years and I still couldn't tell you the fastest routes through most of the levels. You're always learning new ways to play a level. We started out trying new navigation mechanics in a small test level. We ended up narrowing these mechanics to double jump, wallrunning and walljumping. A lot of people who have played Titanfall have said they have a hard time going back to other FPS games because they feel limited now. What challenges or advantages came about by making the game multiplayer only? The biggest challenge was doing something new. We didn't want to put out an MP only game that was like everything else. It also ended up being a huge advantage in that it forced us to think outside of the box and push ourselves to do something that I haven't seen done elsewhere. We looked at the strengths of our team and what we could accomplish and those considerations really helped us scope the game properly. What challenges and advantages have been created by adding in AI infantry into the game? The biggest challenge of using AI was figuring out their role. We didn't want them to be super lethal because nobody likes being killed by AI. We also did not want them to be "bots". We wanted them to feel similar to AI you would fight in a single player game. The biggest advantages the AI provide is they bring a sense of "life" to the world. They react to things going on around them, they talk to each other, they fight each other, they fight players, etc. I think the biggest win with them is they provide meaningful targets for players of all skill levels. What elements have you included / worked on to keep people coming back to the game? Are there things to unlock or  goals to reach? Ideally the core gameplay is fun enough to keep people coming back to the game. With that said, we will have extensive unlocks, challenges, levelling, and some things we haven't revealed yet.