Sapphire Vapor-X HD5750

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The Sapphire Vapor-X HD5750 is a slightly overclocked version of the standard HD5750, but its main feature is its vapour chamber cooling assembly. The Vapor-X moniker comes from the use of Sapphire’s Vapour Chamber Cooling Technology, which is similar to heat pipe technology in that a liquid, in this case water, is vaporised by a hot surface, thus dissipating the heat.

Sapphire gives very little information regarding the inner workings of the Vapor-X cooling system stating only that “the recirculation process is controlled by a wick system.” A patent for this technology describes the “wick system” as a complex nanotube lattice which works in a similar fashion to your circulatory system in your body. The whole assembly is then cooled by the fan which condenses the vapour back into water. The whole system is under a low pressure, which in turn causes the water to vaporise at a much lower temperature.

The HD5750 is based on the same 40nm process of its more powerful siblings but has far more modest specs. This little card boasts 720 stream processors clocked at 700MHz. Supporting those processors are 36 texture units and 16 ROPs. The new HD5xxx series use a quad data rate memory system that sends data four times a data clock cycle. This means that the effective memory speed of the HD5750’s GDDR5 is a staggering 4 600MHz. The HD5750 is a bit on the power-hungry side and needs its own 6-pin power supply, unlike its predecessors the HD4770 and HD4750.

The Sapphire Vapor-X HD5750 is only faster than the stock cards by 10MHz in both clock speed and memory speed, which is barely even worth a mention. The card comes with 1GB GDDR5 but uses a 128-bit memory bus, which limits this card’s performance. AMD opted for the 128-bit memory bus to reduce costs in both the HD5770 and HD5750. The Vapor-X cooling system is deadly quiet and is just as effective as MSI’s Twin Frozr cooling. The fan can be controlled using the Catalyst Control Centre, which is great if you are interested in pushing this card beyond factory speeds.

The HD5750’s performance is excellent for a modest card, but it is severely limited by the use of the 128-bit memory bus. For under R2 000, the Sapphire Vapor-X HD5750 delivers DirectX 11 and Eyefinity to your desktop, but demands a bit more dedicated power than its predecessor did. If you are on a tight budget and the HD5770 is out of your reach, the Sapphire Vapor-X HD5750 is a worthy substitute.


Price R1 900

Manufacturer Sapphire

Web www.sapphiretech.com

Interface PCI-E

Fabrication process 40nm

Transistor count 1.04 billion

Core clock 710MHz

Stream processors 720

Memory 896MB

Memory clock 1160MHz

Memory Interface 128-bit

TDP 86w




8.0 Overall Score
Performance: 8/10
Features: 8/10
Value: 8/10


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