Remember Me [PS3]

Game Info

GAME NAME: Remember Me

DEVELOPER(S): Dontnod Entertainment


PLATFORM(S): PS3, Xbox 360, PC

GENRE(S): Fighting, Platformer


Have you ever wished that you could relive memories from the past? Moments that you could repeatedly experience whenever you wanted and even share them with other people? Well according to developers Dontnod Entertainment, as is demonstrated in their latest title Remember Me, this will all be possible in the future. The year is 2084 and Paris has been turned into a Blade Runner inspired metropolis where robots will do your shopping and hologram advertising is abundant. Now referred to as Neo-Paris, this futuristic city is home to Nilin, a memory hunter seeking revenge and looking to rewire a few brains before punching a lot of people in the face, and she does it all in high heels, what talent.

Nilin’s adventure kicks off with her standing in a queue, she is about to have the last of her memories wiped. Luckily, thanks to Edge (a member of an uprising called Errorist), that doesn’t happen; Errorist is a group of cyber-terrorists that are for the people and so don’t believe in the terror part. After you make your escape to the slums of Neo-Paris, you join the Errorists and put together a plan to retrieve your lost memories and bring down the memory wiping corporation Memorize.

The plot involves you altering the memories of some import people within Neo-Paris and the story plays out pretty much like you expect it to, until the twist in ending of course. There are some interesting concepts thrown at you throughout your 10-hour journey. Concepts like messing with people’s memories through something called memory remixing which lets you, basically, be a DJ with a person’s memories.

Memory remixing is a first in games and provides a breath of fresh air. How it works is that a scene will play out from several camera angles. You can choose to rewind and fast forward these scenes and make small changes to aspects where there are glitches. Most of the changes you make have little relevance and the scene will end the same way it did in the beginning. It’s only when you find the right combination of changes within the scene that it will play out in a completely different way, usually resulting in someone dying. It’s a great new concept and a fun attempt at puzzle solving; it also breaks up the combat sections of the game nicely.

The combat is where things feel familiar and that’s because it was ripped straight out of the recent Arkham games. A symbol appears above an enemy’s head, moments before they attack you, which gives you a chance to evade their attacks by leaping over them. Where things take a step away from the familiar is the combo lab. The combo lab is where you get to customize your moves using things called pressens, these are power moves that you can slot into a combo chain. Slotting them towards the end of a chain will give them more power but (as it is more difficult to get to the end of a combo chain) are harder to pull off. There are four types of pressens that you will need to place; the regeneration pressen is one such example and will give you extra health and other power moves to aid you mid-combat. There is also a focus mode that can be activated and lets you use special power ups such as stunning enemies; however, they require a lengthy cool down period between uses and so must be spent wisely.

When you’re not beating people to a pulp, you will be doing a lot of platforming. A lot of time is spent jumping between roof tops and shuffling along ledges, maybe a bit too much in my opinion. At the very least it’s well executed, even if it does feel like it was taken from the Uncharted series. Furthermore, all the platforming does is give you a chance to take in the highly detailed world that the developers have created. There are plenty of little futuristic details to take in; flying robots, holographic advertising and overall the art direction is really impressive, it all comes together to create a believable well-crafted world. The game’s visual effects, like the many varied lighting effects, are great. The music also helps to bring the world to life with plenty of futuristic dub-step tracks and the occasional orchestral piece to emphasise particularly spectacular moments.

In a time when almost every video game coming out is a sequel or a generic shooter, a game like Remember Me really stands out. It takes a few risks to try and break away from the crowd and for the most part it succeeds. Hindered only by some slightly repetitive combat mechanics and a bit too much ledge hopping, Remember Me managers to stand on its own two feet and stand proud. The whole experience is not one you would want to wipe from your memory and borders on one you might want to relive.

8 Overall Score
Look and Feel: 9/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Extras: 7/10

Great art direct | Very atmospheric

Gets slightly repetitive | Too much platforming


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