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GAME NAME: Rayman Origins




GENRE(S): Platofrmer

RELEASE DATE(S): 22 February 2012

The Darktoons have invaded the Glade of Dreams and all the sleeping Lums are lying out there somewhere. Despite invisible limbs we just need to get over this didgeridoo, find the Lum king and get singing Lums. Then it is onto a mosquito before a treasure chest needs to be chased down to collect a tooth. Right about now you either think that madness has taken over or you already know about the wonder that is Rayman Origins.

Michel Ancel’s 2D platformer that stole our hearts at the end of last year with its incredible level design, colourful visuals and a difficulty curve to make you kick a puppy, has now come to the PS Vita. Yes, Rayman Origins is a port from the console version but that does not always guarantee that the quality will be held over. Thankfully Rayman Origins does so without breaking a sweat.

If you are unfamiliar with Rayman Origins, players must manipulate their way through 60 increasingly difficult levels, collecting as many Lums as possible in order to gather Electoons and eventually collect teeth to get to the final level and send the Darktoons back to where they came from.

Rayman Origins is perfectly designed for handheld gaming, much like the old Gameboy platformer games. It is easy to either lose a couple of hours in the game or just play a level or two on the go. Each level promises something spectacular whether it be singing fish, learning new attacks from the Nymphs or riding in those delightfully fun mosquito levels.

Rayman Origins on the Vita is everything you could possibly hope for in a port. It comes packed with the exact same levels, as well as the same deliciously crisp graphics as found in the console version. The pure joy felt playing through the levels is something only a few current games manage to do.

The Vita version does do a little to differentiate from the console version. While the control scheme remains identical, players can now zoom in and out of the screen by pinching the front touch pad, and in turn discover new things in particular sections of the level. The Vita version also has hidden relics around the stages which when collected unveils a huge fresco which shows some extra detail on the story.

Missing from the Vita version is old school couch co-op but it does have a Ghost Mode for players to try. Using the Vita’s Near function, or by checking online, players can download a friend’s ghost and attempt to get through the level with a higher score and in a quicker time.

Other than that Rayman Origins for Vita is not dissimilar from its console version, and perhaps suits the handheld device even better. The lack of multiplayer is a pity, but the game more than makes up for it with its near perfect platforming. Rayman on the Vita is one of, if not the strongest of the Vita launch games. It has everything a mobile game should have and does a great job of showing off what the Vita can do. If you have played Rayman Origins on console, it is worthwhile playing through again. If you have not played Origins at all, shame on you, but now you have time to change that.

9 Overall Score
Look and Feel: 9/10
Extras: 8/10
Value for Money: 10/10

Brilliantly Designed Levels l Perfect Platforming l Old-School Fun

No Multiplayer Options


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