Midway Arcade Origins

Game Info

GAME NAME: Midway Arcade Origins


PUBLISHER(S): Warner Bros. Interactive

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Arcade classics

RELEASE DATE(S): 6th November 2012

Nothing ages quite as quickly as technology right? At the same time nothing beats a classic. Midway Arcade Origins finds itself wedged somewhere between these two statements.  If you remember the days of collecting silver twenty cent coins in order to get your gaming fix then you will easily relate to this collection of  31 arcade classics. If you are currently however in your early teens chances are good that you will think that this compilation is utter rubbish. There are no two ways about it; retro arcade titles are produced for a very niche demographic and are anything but everyone’s preference.

Previously Midway release a grouping of retro titles called Midway Arcade Treasures on the Gamecube, Xbox and PlayStation 2. While this was split up into 3 different compilations they also included tons of bonus content. Years later Midway Arcade Origins fails to deliver the same bonus content and interface found in previous bundles. This is disappointing as we’ve come to expect bonus content in compilations of late but this doesn’t mean that Origins isn’t worth the purchase. As a matter of fact it still remains a good buy for any retro fanatic searching for a shot of instant nostalgia to the heart.

Here is a list of titles you will find in Midway Arcade Origins:

•    720°
•    A.P.B.
•    Arch Rivals
•    Bubbles
•    Championship Sprint
•    Tournament Cyberball 2072
•    Defender
•    Defender II
•    Gauntlet
•    Gauntlet II
•    Joust
•    Joust 2
•    Marble Madness
•    Pit-Fighter
•    Rampage
•    Rampart
•    Robotron 2084
•    Root Beer Tapper
•    Satan’s Hollow
•    Sinistar
•    Smash TV
•    Spy Hunter
•    Spy Hunter II
•    Super Off Road
•    Super Sprint
•    Toobin’
•    Total Carnage
•    Vindicators Part II
•    Wizard of Wor
•    Xenophobe
•    Xybots
As you can see Defender, Gauntlet, Joust and Spy Hunter all boast their respective sequels which are all similar to their predecessors.  It is also interesting to note that titles such as 720° and Marble Madness were originally released under the Atari banner also appear in the collection.

Some of the games have aged better than others, Pit-Fighter is the perfect example of how you remember a game being awesome and then having your fondest memories shattered when revisiting the title year later. On the other hand titles such as 720°, Rampage and Smash TV really do justice for their time and are still just as fun today as they were when they were first released.  Some of the other guilty pleasure include Bubbles, Root Beer Tapper, Robotron 2084 and Super Sprint which may seem very simplistic but become highly challenging even for retro veterans.

In one way or another  the games in this collection shaped the industry into what it is today and while a number of these titles have lost their flair by being ported to current generation home consoles the games are still admirable for once being the pinnacle of ‘modern’ gaming.

7 Overall Score
Look and feel: 6/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Extras: 5/10

31 retro classics in one bundle | Retro fans will feel right at home

Some titles have aged badly | Not for everyone


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