Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus Uprising G3AR
Game Info

GAME NAME: Kid Icarus: Uprising

DEVELOPER(S): Project Sora

PUBLISHER(S): Nintendo


GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): 23 March 2012

The Kid Icarus series was introduced in 1984 and prior to Kid Icarus: Uprising has only had two instalments, Kid Icarus on the NES and the lesser known Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters on the original Gameboy. Taking this into account it is safe to say that for most Kid Icarus: Uprising is essentially a ‘new’ franchise from Nintendo. This is a good perspective to adopt for this title as it sees similar gameplay to Sin & Punishment 2 while at the same time bringing something brand new to Nintendo’s various first party franchises.

The lead character, Pit, immediately starts the game with a short, informative, action-based tutorial which sets you on your way to battle Medusa and her various minions. While the controls will be embraced a lot quicker by gamers who are use to Nintendo DS touch screen control inputs, especially those of Metroid Prime: Hunters, gamers new to DS style gaming need not fret. You are spoilt for choice as far as the controls are concerned as you have plenty options to customize the scheme to your liking.

In addition this game is fully compatible with the Circle Pad Pro and also comes bundled with a surprisingly useful stand. While this stand isn’t ideal for on-the-go gaming it is a very comfortable way to optimise the touch screen controls. Stages are split into two sections. The first sees Pit take to the air in a rail-type shooting experience while the second half focuses on ground battles where you will need to guide Pit as well as taking control of the camera angles. This does take some getting used to but with a little persistence it becomes second nature.

Throughout the game players will experience quirky dialog, interesting characters and beautiful 3D enhanced environments. The boss fights become challenging but to compensate the difficulty level can be adjusted per stage. Multiplayer matches give you the option to  change arenas, customize the amount of items available and most importantly go at it in an up-to-six-player ‘last-man-standing’ match. Uprising‘s multiplayer is the best online implementation you will experience on the 3DS to date and adds enormous value to the game.

In addition to the 3DS stand previously mentioned Uprising is also bundled with a number of AR card which are used to unlock character trophies knows as idols.  Collecting these idols further add to the longevity of the game and are also obtainable through various minigames as well as the online modes.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is a superb action-based title which brings something new to the Nintendo franchise and in turn to the 3DS. Graphics are clean and crisp with outstanding environments and level design. The dialog between characters and the absorbing soundtrack add to the general experience with angelic delight. Once you have managed to master the control scheme and get hold of a screen protector for your touch screen you are in for hour of non-stop gaming pleasure. Online gameplay is  addictive while the single player mode has plenty of unlockables which encourage you to replay stages on various difficulties. No 3DS owner should be without Kid Icarus: Uprising.

9.0 Overall Score
Look and Feel:: 9/10
Extras:: 9/10
Value For Money:: 10/10

Fantasic 3D visuals | Addictive | Plenty of unlockables

Controls may take a while to get used to


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