Fast and the furious: Showdown (Xbox 360)

Game Info

GAME NAME: Fast and The Furious: Showdown

DEVELOPER(S): Firebrand

PUBLISHER(S): Activison

PLATFORM(S): PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii U

GENRE(S): Racing


If ever there was a movie series that should make an easy transition into a video game, it would be the Fast and the Furious films. The films are basically all about fast cars, wild stunts and Vin Diesel punching people in the face. It’s a very simple concept that would seem rather difficult to mess up since all it would take is Need For Speed: Underground with guns and Vin Diesel’s deep growling voice. Well fasten your seat belts because developers Firebrand want to take you for a high speed joy ride in Fast and The Furious: Showdown; the only problem being that they have no idea what they are doing.

If you have not seen the Fast and the Furious movies, and so feel like you might not understand the story, have no fear; I have seen almost all of the movies and this game’s story still made absolutely no sense to me. Two female FBI agents are talking in a dark room about Dom Torreto’s (Vin Diesel) crew and a new gang of car thieves on the scene; in particular, the agents talk about how close Dom’s gang is, and how they’re like family, while they place pins on a big map on the wall. Each pin represents a heist done by the gang and… Feel like something is missing, because I certainly do. Seriously though, that’s it, there is no back-story and no explanation; just one-liners between the agents as another pin goes onto the map before each new mission begins.

The game’s levels span a few locations from the films. Levels such as Rio let you play out the final heist scene from Fast Five. In the movie, this scene was about two Dodge Chargers dragging a bank vault around Rio while cops gave chase over twenty minutes of high-octane action. In the game, it’s a race against buggy AI with terrible car physics and almost game breaking slowdowns that drop the game to below 10 FPS. And because this level is early on in the game, it sets the tone for the mess you are in store for. Luckily, it’s a short mess of around three hours which, while usually a bad thing, is definitely a positive in this case.

And things continue to go downhill fast and furiously [nice one] after Rio, because you will pretty much repeat the same three activities over and over. You start off with a race where the objective is to come first; then there is a high speed shootout; and lastly you hijack a truck or tanker. The race sections are the worst because the difficulty spikes from simple to borderline impossible; one slow turn or drift around a corner and four opponents speed past you. This leaves you desperately trying to catch up because if you don’t come first you are punished with long, un-skippable cutscenes before each race; these cutscenes will eat at your soul, a little every time. The shootout sections let you choose between driving and shooting, but seeing as though driving is a terrible mechanic, you will want to stay behind the gun. Enemy vehicles will also, occasionally, magically appear a few meters behind you as they chase you and then quickly crash into something thanks to the broken AI, so shooting is optional. Then there is the actual hijacking of vehicles.

Hijacking vehicles basically consists of you taping the A button violently to balance and, repeating the process, to maintain your grip. The whole hijacking concept looks and plays as if it was developed in the last 2 days of dev time and should have been left out completely. Each race and shootout you complete will rewarded you with unlocks to customize your vehicles with. And while, perhaps, a deep customization section could allow for some sort of redemption; sadly, customization has been gimped down to choosing a handful of colors to paint your car, rims and decals with. And the fact that look like they were cooked up in MS paint doesn’t help either.

What we have with Fast and The Furious: Showdown is the very definition of a rushed movie tie-in. The developers picked a few great moments from the movies, butchered them, and then tried to stretch the gameplay out to a measly 3 hours by re-hashing a few simple ideas.  Vin Diesel wasn’t even included in the game, but that might be because he actually played it and so didn’t want his name anywhere near it, so you can’t blame the developers for that. However, you can blame them for everything else; everything else being a short, ugly and broken experience that will leave fans of the film very disappointed.


2 Overall Score
Look and Feel: 3/10
Value for Money: 2/10
Extras: 1/10


Terrible visuals | Buggy AI | Very Short


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  • Gilbert

    This…is even a thing? And dude, you had to play through this?…the agony :(

    • David Kozlowski

      I cried many tears….

      • Gilbert

        Lol, that tagline, “…it’s still terrible” 😛

        Just when people think that reviewing games is all fun and, um…games :/ ….along comes a review like this, where it clearly was time wasted. Then again, at least we all now know not to bother. So for that, I thank you!

  • Alec

    Thank you for your time David:)

    • David Kozlowski

      Haha, my pleasure :)

  • Carla

    Hahahhaha a 2! Is that the lowest you have ever scored a game? And did one point go to the awesome ramp hood that sends cops flying? That looks like the only cool thing in the game

    • David Kozlowski

      Yep that’s my lowest score ever, the only thing that came close to being this bad was Aliens: Colonial Marines and we all know that was no GOTY nominee 😉

      • Timothy

        Please do not remind me of that game -_- Reviewing that lemon, stupid Aliens. At least it wasn’t this game though, soz David, you got a true lemon

        • David Kozlowski

          Ya dude, Alien: CM was a shocker, so much worse than an actual Alien eating your face off.

  • awesome, awesome, oh wait it’s a 2/10. :-) Will my 5yr old enjoy this? :-)

  • Slim

    Wow even NFS – The Run beat it flat out lol

    #Pun intended

  • Irfaan Ebrahim

    Looks awful man , graphics looks like crap.gameplay a mess

  • Albertus

    This game is on the fast lane to the bargain bin. Get it? Fast lane? … pfff. never mind

  • Irfaan Ebrahim

    Looks like it deserves a 2/10 and that’s also just because of the name “fast and furious “

  • Charles

    Dat Pixels. Man it looks horrible. Sorry David. I didn’t read. But it looks freakin horrible.

  • ill be honest .. i looked at the pictures, only .. and can see its utter crap game haha

  • Marc

    I really enjoyed the movie… This is just a cash in( not sure it will make much cash tho. Lol)

  • Zhameer

    So basically as bad as all the movies? LOLOLOL my deepest condolences to those who payed money for it and to you David 😛 but i salute you chap thanks for this

  • The Batfan

    Why isn’t “very short” a plus? That’s a plus. I’m pretty sure that’s a plus.

    And David, as a Psychologist… kind of, I’ll give you a free session to help overcome this experience.

    • David Kozlowski

      I,ll take that offer but I must insist on a minimum of 3 sessions…a session for every hour it takes to finish the game…I need it.

      • The Batfan

        3? You just want to be near me… and my rockin’ bod, yo… I ain’t even mad.

  • drevil

    Is it me or ahoukd this rather have been a tablet game. real racing 3 looks bettee

  • Ismail Ebrahim

    Oh my word! Normally movie games suck big time, but this? !?!

  • Seems like Fast & Furious: Showdown is no show at all, looks like Firebrand just crapped on this one for sho, i will just stick to the movie 😉

  • marius

    Wow that looked horrid. i am sorry you needed to go through that.

  • Garvin

    I didn’t even know this existed. And good grief it looks terrible. I’m sure its even worse when played. But the best part of this review: these
    cutscenes will eat at your soul, a little every time.

  • Gary

    “Long ass UNSKIPPABLE cutscenes”
    Game Killer. I was an avid trophy whore who would hunt all manner of trophies but I draw the line at long ass unskippable cutscenes after you screw up. It takes me back to the retro days where If you died at the boss you had to beat the entire level again just to die again.
    That destroyed me as a kid.

  • Matthew John

    looks like last gen graphics… Terrible effort!

  • Ryan

    Wow, what a terrible game

  • Lionel Mbankeu

    I nearly spent a months worth of pocket money on such a game thank u for the review

  • james

    Survival Horror genre who can last the longest without killing themselves
    now with PS 0.6 level graphics

  • Frank Lefata

    What did you expect from a movie game,wolverine was the only playable movie tie in game i have found so far and from the looks of the screenshots,it seems the cars aren’t even licenced.I can’t believe you had to waste 3 hours of your life like that.

  • beanz777

    Lmao! Activision strikes again

  • Thabang Sibeko

    Games based on movies usually suck. But this one takes the sucky cake. Look at those graphics. Like Beanz777 said, Activision strikes again.

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