Deadpool (Xbox 360)

Game Info

GAME NAME: Deadpool

DEVELOPER(S): High Moon Studios

PUBLISHER(S): Activision

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360, PS3

GENRE(S): Action, Hack n Slash

RELEASE DATE(S): 28 June 2013

Deadpool, the merc with a mouth; the craziest character to have been imagined into a comic book; repeated breaker of the 4th wall; an all around lunatic and super-hero, sort of. If you have no idea who Deadpool is, that should help, though it barely even scratches the surface. The truth is, he went to High Moon Studios and forced them to make a game that featured himself (this may not actually be true), and that is exactly what High Moon did; otherwise, Deadpool would have blown the whole company up (probably not true either). So, did High Moon do his character justice?

For those who don’t know, Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson, was a subject of the Weapon X project (like Wolverine). In short, he has cancer but he also has a healing factor that makes him incredibly hard to kill. It also means that he is quite hideous to behold, but it also means that he can withstand just about anything. Armed with a variety of weapons including katanas, sais, hammers, handguns, machine guns, grenades and a whole lot more, Deadpool needs to catch the BAD GUY, who happens to be Mr Sinister.

The one issue with the story in Deadpool, for as feisty a character as he might be, is it’s a little generic. The goal is simple enough; traverse the various areas put in front of you, taking on all the henchmen you encounter, before finally getting to Mr Sinister and subsequently save the world; blah, blah, blah. Even Deadpool doesn’t really care for the story and realises it’s just a tool to get his face on the cover of a game. The gameplay fits in the same category, it’s functional. It all works just fine as Deadpool wields his weapons, hacking and slashing away at anything that gets in his way, and is also, of course, about bringing his guns to bear on any enemy foolish enough to shoot at him.

Deadpool can also upgrade all his weapons and abilities which gives an additional element of depth to his fighting style and combo capabilities. Taking out enemies gives Deadpool points, points which can be spent on numerous upgrades enhancing his abilities as well as unlocking new combos and momentum moves. Through combat, Deadpool can build momentum, fill the prerequisite bar and unleash a powerful attack in a tight spot if needed.

Between the melee combat and shooting there is more than enough to keep you happy and coming back for more. Stringing combos together is nothing spectacular but it is truly good fun throughout the game and never really gets old.

Deadpool is never meant to be taken as a serious game. The best way to explain Deadpool is to compare it to a slapstick comedy movie. You expect to be laughing throughout; you expect a smile on your face that it hurts after a while; you DON’T expect the world’s greatest acting, or lots of drama. No, if you wanted that, you would go to a completely different movie.

Deadpool fits that same philosophy. If you buy it wanting a compelling story, character progression and brilliant combat mechanics, you are going to be disappointed. But if you want a game that will literally have you laughing from the very first minute then Deadpool is for you. If you want a superhero game, great little cameos, lots of parody, and an abundance of 4th wall smashing humour, plus some other crazy moments, then you need to get your hands on Deadpool.

I honestly lost count of the times I found myself giggling at my TV screen. Deadpool rips off just about everything and everyone. He tears apart games in general while even poking fun at the studio that made his game. He takes on platformers, sidescrollers, retro games and far more, and it is that attention to detail which makes the game so worthwhile playing.

The game also isn’t as short lived as you may have been led to believe. Sure, you can probably rush through it on the easier mode in around 5 hours, but if you play on Normal or Hard you will be at it for much longer, so being put off by the supposed short length of the game really isn’t an issue. That isn’t to say that the game is going to last you over 10 hours, but then neither did Vanquish, Binary Domain or Metal Gear Rising, and those are all pretty good games despite the short playtime.

Apart from some challenge maps, which are more exercises in button mashing than anything else (though they do retain some of the humour), there isn’t much more to Deadpool. The challenge maps have you fighting off hordes of enemies under different circumstances, and they’re worth a go if you want a little more Deadpool in your life.

I can’t stress enough just how much the campaign satisfied my gaming needs in a way no game has before. It is the only ‘comedy’ game I have ever really enjoyed. The violence, swearing and ‘interesting’ remarks from Deadpool made it an overall enjoyable experience.

It goes without saying that Deadpool will not appeal to everyone. If you can’t look past the mediocre gameplay mechanics and simple plot then you will not enjoy it. However, if you want something that is going to make you laugh from start to finish, you want to experience some of Deadpool’s lunacy (trust me you do) and you want to see some of the oddest levels a game has ever seen (please don’t mistake odd, for bad, they are great) then you have to give Deadpool a try.

Scoring Deadpool is a little tricky, it will appeal more to some than others. For that purpose I am going to say here that if you are a comic book fan, like Deadpool and have a sense of humour, then the game easily gets an 8.5 and is a must play. If you are bereft of a sense of humour and really are bothered by mechanics, then check the score below. [Deadpool – Seriously though, get the game, it’s awesome]

7.5 Overall Score
Aesthetics: 7/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Design: 8/10

It's Hilarious l Deadpool has the Moves l Fun Fun Fun

Generic Gameplay and Story l Occasional Frame Rate Drops


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