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Game Info

GAME NAME: Call of Duty: Ghosts

DEVELOPER(S): Infinity Ward

PUBLISHER(S): Activision

PLATFORM(S): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Ps3, Xbox 360


RELEASE DATE(S): November 5th, 2013

Call of Duty has become known for selling in its millions; take Call of Duty: Ghosts for example, it shipped $1 billion worth of copies in its first 24 hours of launch. That is seriously impressive, however, the question has to be asked, why do so many people buy it year after year? The answer is very simple, it’s the amount of content you get in a Call of Duty game and the countless gameplay hours packed onto each disc. That was the case with the previous games that is, so has Call of Duty: Ghosts continued to deliver bountiful gameplay like fans expect?

Surprisingly, a lot of people buy Call of Duty games for the single player story alone. The campaigns are usually action packed and put you right in the middle of it all. Call of Duty: Ghosts’ continues this bullet riddled heritage and starts a brand new story that sees you play as a young soldier called Logan. The action kicks off with Logan’s father telling him and his brother a story about how a group of elite soldiers known as the Ghosts were formed. Story time is unfortunately, rather rudely, interrupted by a missile fired from space (which would ruin anyone’s day). Behind all the space missiles is a movement called the Federation who want nothing more but to watch the world burn. Fast forward 10 years and America has become a baron wasteland with guerrilla warfare raging across the country. You eventually join the Ghosts on a mission to bring an end to the ten year war, in a campaign that will take you from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of space and almost everywhere in between.

Along for the ride is Riley, who might appear to be just a normal dog at first glance but is actually an invincible cyborg that can read minds and bring down helicopters. Throughout the game, you are given a few opportunities to play as Riley, which was actually a lot of fun the first few times, but once you have seen Riley rip out a dozen throats, it gets old and you will most likely stick to the gun when offered the option. For those that are looking to pick up Call of Duty: Ghosts for the campaign alone, you will be happy to know that this is one of the best in the series. The first half of the campaign is a little slow and familiar but the last half really ramps things up, with a final mission that tops anything you have probably seen before in a Call of Duty game.

For those that prefer their action online, Call of Duty: Ghosts once again throws plenty of creative competitive gameplay modes at you. There are the usual suspects such as team deathmatch and free-for-all, but there are many new modes to experiment with as well (which is best done in the Marsh Pitt mode). These new modes are lots of fun: Blitz mode has players trying to score goals by running into touchdown areas for example. Sadly however, the maps for multiplayer are a bit of a let down as some of them are too big which leads to a few slow paced games with very low kill counts. Moreover, they feel a little watered down and not nearly as action packed and intense as previous Call of Duty titles. The action, however, does make a comeback in modes like Extinction which is Infinity Ward’s version of Zombie mode from the Black Ops series. This mode has you take on waves of aliens while trying to wipe out their hives. It’s just as fun as Zombie mode and there is more customization allowed on load outs.

There is also a Squad mode which basically lets you and a few friends form a squad and compete against other squads online. You can play squads offline against bots and there is also a highly entertaining survival mode and is similar to what you would have played in Modern Warfare 3. All this online/offline content is fantastic but, unfortunately, it came at a cost, and that was the removal of the Deniable Ops mode (a personal favorite). A few man tears where shed over the loss of Deniable Ops but, luckily, there are still plenty of things to blow up with friends.

What also helped my tears of sadness quickly turn to tears of joy was the fact that Call of Duty: Ghosts has seen a substantial graphical improvement. The PC version looks almost identical to the next-gen versions of the game and there have been some big improvements in the looks department. Textures look great, lighting effects and gun models all have a next-gen feel to them, with the only smudge being the animations which have been ripped straight out of previous games.

Call of Duty: Ghosts succeeds in many ways, even with the loss of fan favorite modes like Deniable Ops, and you will undoubtedly still be getting your money’s worth in terms of content enjoyed and hours spent. Infinity Ward have taken a few notes out of sister developers, Treyarch’s, book and the end result is an experience that feels closer to a Black Ops one than a Modern Warfare one, which is not a bad thing. The long overdue improved visuals and solid campaign help it rise above its flaws in multiplayer. And all in all, it leaves fans with a great Call of Duty title, just not the best it could have been.

8 Overall Score
Aesthetics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Design: 8/10

Improved visuals | Great campaign | Extinction mode

Deniable Ops removed | Multiplayer maps are too big


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Author: David Kozlowski View all posts by
Gaming runs through my veins, well that and ...erhm deoxygenated blood... I guess, but there is an equal gaming to oxygen ratio pumping through me. It keeps me going, its what I love, and I wish I was doing it right now.
  • Die Kriek

    So Battlefield wins?

    • Albertus

      No, we all win. All of us together because we are gamers and we are impartial. We love all games equally and we don’t judge. We just don’t…

      • Die Kriek

        Then why do we give games a score?

        • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

          Because we are judgemental bastards.

          • Die Kriek

            That we are Batfan, that we are

          • Albertus

            We are by nature judgmental even if we say we aren’t. At our core we want to be better than the other and that makes us human. Humans are better than animals which makes us equal which makes all games amazing regardless of size, gender or creed… including publishers. (like if you followed that cause I didn’t.)

    • David Kozlowski

      In terms of multiplayer yes, but COD has the better single player campaign, and it has Riley, an alien super being that has chosen the form of a friendly dog.

  • Albertus

    This review is making me want to play this game even more. I am over my CoD meh feeling and I am ready to jump headlong into Cranked mode. I really really really really want this game now. Yes the maps are bigger and the play is a bit of a MW3/BO2 hybrid but it still looks like loads of fun. I want eeeeeet.

  • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

    Hmmm… Yes. Yes. Ah; of course. Hmm. Naturally — yes, hmmm. Nigel says that this review is “Smashing!” and I have to agree with him. Mainly because it’s David.

    Though I do LOL every time I see the “maps are too big” part, even though I agree with it. CoD is meant to be more frantic and god knows campers don’t need anymore encouragement. IF I ever get my hands on this… IF… ONE DAY… hopefully SOON… I will get to rage with you, David. I shall rage with you. Rage hard, rage long. Rage fast, rage strong. Brofist.

    • David Kozlowski

      Ya some maps boarder on boring, I even remember standing in the middle of one of the really big maps. just spinning around shooting hoping that someone would hear the gun fire and try to kill me, they never came :(

      • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

        Right? Don’t you just hate that? You have a death-wish and nobody answers it. It’s like, “WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME?!”

      • Gary

        Not filling me with a lot of confidence here David…

      • Albertus

        The only issue that I think will really affect my enjoyment of this game is exactly this, the map size and the lack of 9v9. 6v6 is just to small a team for these sized maps. 9v9 is coming to next gen but not current gen. Why not make the maps a little smaller and introduce proper team sizes? But I am looking forward to all the new game modes and the Specialist Perk Setup. Oooooo, that Specialist is going to rock my world…

        • David Kozlowski

          Ya I would agree with you, luckily modes like Blitz force players into the same area so that things get crazy like they should be. Not sure if you like the survival mode> but the survival mode in this one is much better than MW3.

  • Michelle

    The PC version is better than the Xbox 360 version,I saw the game on both platforms and there is a HUGE difference in graphic performance,the PC one was stunning,where-as the Xbox 360 looked a bit dull.I don’t know what it looks like on the PS3,but I’ll find out once I win this weeks comp 😉
    Great review David,as always.

    • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

      Well, PC games are usally more pretty, but LOL, that is all. And Michelle, I love you — the entire Alliance loves you and Nigel says that he finds you smashing — but hell no on that last part. o.O

      • Michelle

        Lmao,no comment.

        • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

          Is it because of Nigel here? You can talk, he’s cool… Says “smashing” quite a bit, but he’s cool.

  • Marius

    Good review. i have also heard that the multiplayer maps are huge without the benefit of adding in more players. still looks great and i am sure they will address this issue in the inevitable map packs.

  • Trebzz

    I heard so much negative things about COD it’s unreal :/ hope I get the chance to try it and see for myself what it’s like. Thank you for your review Dave :) now get to Heavy Rain.

  • V3rt3X

    Finished the campaign this past weekend. :) I was not disappointed. Can’t wait to get into multiplayer.

  • Charles

    So the first hour is a bit slow but the pace picks up over the second hour? 😛

    • David Kozlowski

      Haha, I see what you did there 😉 the campaign is actually pretty long, took me almost 9 hours.

      • marc

        awesome- i am glad the rumours of this being short were wrong then

  • Steffen

    All good, except my steam friends have been complaining about performance issues? I think I will give this one a skip. Need my money anyway for BF4 (since I gave BF3 a skip) and a new headset.

    • David Kozlowski

      I have heard guys rocking monster rigs with Titan’s getting poor performance. I had a silky smooth experience the whole way, but there must be something wrong somewhere.

  • Die Jason

    Played a bit of Ghosts MP on Friday evening at an event, game is fun as always but the maps did seem a bit large, fair bit of hunting had to be done.

  • Dian

    Great campaign!!! You just made my day… !! Cannot wait to get this beauty!

  • Plankie

    Does it have dedicated servers like promised?

  • marc

    Glad to hear the campaign is good- i know it is mindless fun but that is what i want.

  • ARbitOUR

    Maybe I will try SP when I get (read: win) this. I only played SP in BO2 up to the point where you had to shoot ‘n helicopter with a rocket launcher. Can’t wait to play this in MP…pitty about the large maps though.

    • ARbitOUR

      Meant to say “shoot a helicopter”. Damn, now everybody knows I’m actually afrikaans. sigh

  • Robert

    I really want this game :'(

  • Raidz

    Where is Gary! Why is he not giving us his first hand experience! Now we aren’t good enough for him anymore

    • Devilishly Handsome Multi-Kabillionaire Playboy Philanthropist Orphan: Bruce Twain

      Gary is probably too busy playing it; though I see his friendly, warm smile here at night.

      • Raidz

        Just there…looking down at us…laughing at our sad, empty comments…stroking COD

        • Die Kriek

          That just freaked me out!

        • Devilishly Handsome Multi-Kabillionaire Playboy Philanthropist Orphan: Bruce Twain

          I bet you he does just stroke his fish; laughing maniacally.

  • Mayuran

    COD junkies going wild right now

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