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RELEASE DATE(S): October 29th, 2013

Battlefield 4 was met with a very mixed reception from both critics and gamers alike. A lot of complaints have been squared at the broken state of the game, while others say that it’s just Battlefield 3.5 and not a big enough leap forward to be called a fully-fledged sequel. Some gamers have even tried to get a refund from EA, calling Battlefield 4 an unfinished product. We played the PC version of Battlefield 4 and were lucky enough to have a somewhat less problematic experience than most. However, when it comes to the PS4 version of Battlefield 4, our luck might have just run out.

It didn’t take long after booting up Battlefield 4 on Sony’s new system to notice some small differences from the definitive PC version. The first thing we noticed is that the game is certainly pretty, running at 60 FPS and 1080p, which is impressive since the Xbox One version runs the game at only 720p. However, there were some odd graphical glitches scattered throughout the game, such as light flickering on certain textures. Moreover, for some reason, there were more jaggies than we bargained for. As if that weren’t enough, certain objects will move for no reason, such as the locker doors frantically opening and closing in the opening scene of the campaign, which just screams unpolished since it’s one of the first thing you see.

The problems continued when we tried to share some of the game’s gorgeous visuals by hitting the share button. Sure enough, the screenshot was saved and tweeted, but on returning to the game, our progress had disappeared and we were reset to the last checkpoint. This only happened a couple of times, but it shows that something has gone slightly wrong in the porting of the next-gen version, as the PC version was the primary focus this time around. Another problem we noticed was that the enemy A.I would sometimes not attack you and instead hide, which lead to a few scenarios ending in hide and seek as you hunt down the last rogue A.I. The single player campaign itself is enjoyable and there are some great memorable moments, but there is another big FPS out there that provides slightly more thrills than what you will find in Battlefield 4.

You might be thinking, but this is Battlefield, no one really cares about the single player, and for the most part you would be right. Battlefield 4 does come into its own when jumping online, and for the first time, a console version of the game will support 64 players online, a title held by the PC version for over a decade. It’s online where Battlefield 4 redeems itself, as the multiplayer experience is absolutely unmatched for chaotic warfare, when it works that is. We struggled to get online until the most recent patch due to a bug that kept telling us we were not signed into PSN when we were. Finally, the latest patch, released but a few days ago, fixed a lot of these problems, a shallow comfort for those who purchased the game as a launch title. It gets worse, however, as games will occasionally drop you and servers might crash now and then, meaning you lose all of that hard earned XP, bringing the battlefield into your living room as house hold objects go flying.

To be fair, when things do run smoothly, the online experience is brilliant and no other FPS on the market can create a dynamic warzone like Battlefield 4. The added Levolution destruction just adds to the already chaotic maps and perfect sound effects are the cherry on the top. These improvements, along with the more in-depth customization, make Battlefield 4 feel like a fully-fledged sequel deserving of the title. It’s unfortunate about the few problems with the PS4 version of the game. Maybe having the game across so many different platforms meant that less polish could be given to each individual version.

Battlefield 4 on PS4 is a diamond in the rough at the moment, but hopefully with some polishing, its true form will be revealed. With on-going patching, the game will hopefully reach the highly enjoyable experience it is on PC. If you are looking for a chaotic online battlefield to invest many hours into, you don’t get much better than Battlefield 4, when it works that is.

7.5 Overall Score
Aesthetics: 9/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Design: 6/10

Beautiful to look at | 64 player servers on a console

Glitches and bugs everywhere, hide your kids, hide your wife.


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