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And so we begin anew as we have another 10 beta keys for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft to give away this week. The way it works is we’ll be reserving 5 keys for the Facebook page and the other 5… Read More »

By , October 15, 2013, @ 3:00 pm 8 News, PC, Video

Any of our former Star Citizen posts would serve to demonstrate just how in love we are with the idea of Star Citizen. In spite of being an indie game, the depth and design that has gone into the game… Read More »

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If you thought the announcement and subsequent trailer of one new Kingdom Hearts title, namely Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, was enough, think again. Thanks to Disney’s D23 Expo happening in Japan, we’ve got some fantastic looking gameplay from the… Read More »

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With every new generation we generally expect a massive jump in the graphics department. Up to this point, there have definitely been some standout titles but nothing has completely blown us away to date. Battlefield 4 and Forza 5 might… Read More »

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The influence of H.P. Lovecraft in modern gaming is not to be taken lightly. Perhaps reaching its mainstream breakthrough with the original Quake series, the themes of dark gods, squid-headed entities and gloomy vaults have resurfaced again and again in… Read More »

Top Ten
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As per usual, there are plenty of entries that could have made it into our Top 10 list this week. Moments such as Quan Chi’s leg rip fatality from Mortal Kombat, the famous ‘Doctor Scene’ from Heavy Rain and one or two from GTA… Read More »

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Mark Hamill, the man most famously known as Luke Skywalker, was also the voice of The Joker in the animated series and recent Batman Arkham games. Unfortunately, he decided that his time as The Joker has come to an end, leaving a… Read More »

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A few weeks ago we saw the release of the first HD remake of the Kingdom Hearts games. It’s the perfect product if you have no knowledge of the series and have always wanted to try the games out. The… Read More »

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Who needs Hollywood actors, just ask gamers that have played the game to give their impressions. It seems player reaction videos are the latest craze with Call of Duty: Ghosts doing a very similar ad campaign with their new TV spot…. Read More »

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If you’re a PC gamer, you’ll know how important precise movement of your crosshair or cursor is in an FPS or RTS game. So much so that, despite what some may claim, a traditional gamepad comes nowhere close to performing… Read More »

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Call me a megalomaniac, but there’s just something infinitely satisfying about god games: controlling civilizations, raising armies and, sometimes, being an evil jerk who smites hapless followers with reckless abandon is a wonderful thing. With this in mind, I was… Read More »

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Don’t you agree that Trevor is one of the coolest, if not the coolest, characters in the GTA series to date. Saying that, he’s the last guy we would ever like to bump into. That said, it just so happens… Read More »