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If you’re a PC gamer, you’ll know how important precise movement of your crosshair or cursor is in an FPS or RTS game. So much so that, despite what some may claim, a traditional gamepad comes nowhere close to performing… Read More »

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Call me a megalomaniac, but there’s just something infinitely satisfying about god games: controlling civilizations, raising armies and, sometimes, being an evil jerk who smites hapless followers with reckless abandon is a wonderful thing. With this in mind, I was… Read More »

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Don’t you agree that Trevor is one of the coolest, if not the coolest, characters in the GTA series to date. Saying that, he’s the last guy we would ever like to bump into. That said, it just so happens… Read More »

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If you’ve played Plants vs. Zombies, chances are you’re now a major fan of the game. Millions of people have spent hours playing this highly addictive game wherever, whenever and however they can. It’s so popular, in fact, people had… Read More »


Review: Shadow Warrior (PC)

Shadow Warrior Review-G3AR
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The Wang returns to fire off both his weapons and his mouth.

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Wait, have I not written about this before? No, that was about whining, or swearing, or both. I’m seeing a trend here, and it annoys me to the point that I understand why others are so demotivated. Over the weekend… Read More »

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With each new Call of Duty game that gets released comes the ever amusing advert campaigns to back it up. Last year we even saw Robert Downey Jr pilot a jet, and the year before that saw other big Hollywood… Read More »

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Straight out of the New York Comic Con, it has been announced that Beenox, the guys behind the last Spider-Man game, will be making a follow up game to coincide with the release of the movie sometime next year. Most… Read More »

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The McFarlane’s toy company is set to release a new figurine of the Halo series’ protagonist, Master Chief. Its design and look will be based on the latest Master Chief from Halo 4. The figurine will sell for $295.00, a fair price… Read More »

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Can you believe it’s been a week since rAge started already? The countdown to the end of the year is going quicker and quicker. We can’t wait though because there are so many good games still heading our way, never… Read More »

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Including a recent Top 10 and a feature where we compared ourselves to the cast of the Metal Gear series, we’ve been doing quite a lot of Metal Gear coverage over the past few weeks, and who can blame us… Read More »

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If you were hoping to use your (legacy) PS3 headset with your brand new PS4, well it might not work the way you’d like it to; in fact, it may not work at all. According to Game Informer, who did… Read More »