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Collector editions of games have always seemed a little too expensive to justify. Though, and even with a collectors edition’s (more often than not) tendency to be horribly overpriced and generally not worth the money spent, you do get the… Read More »

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For those of you who don’t frequent Facebook, we have a whole bunch of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta keys to give away. So each week, for the next few weeks, we’ll be giving away 10 beta keys at a… Read More »

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Aurora, a girl trapped in a dream; so far from what we’ve seen of Child of Light, well we’re all but certain that this RPG platformer has us begging for more. It’s an imaginative, fantastical and superb looking game, and… Read More »

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Teasing a mix of puzzles, exploration and a narrative driven adventure, Valiant Hearts: The Great War hopes to tell a harrowing and fantastical story of 5 people, bound by fate, a bloody war and a loving dog, in a non-linear… Read More »

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A premature release of a copy of the Brady Games’ strategy guide to Grand Theft Auto V has meant the leak of its attached map for GTA V. And having heard that GTA V’s world size is supposedly larger than… Read More »

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Infinity Blade 3 is set to be the conclusion to the series and will allow players to use two characters within eight worlds, where each world is bigger than the entire first game. Considering it’s a game designed for mobile… Read More »

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The Game of Thrones television series has been a massive hit with the general public. Unfortunately, the Game of Thrones video game was a little bit of a hit and miss affair. Abel Alves, a fan of the series and… Read More »

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Since the announcement that Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature a dog, the interwebs has gone crazy with memes and the like. Now this dog has gone and outdone himself with a new set of tricks. In the latest trailer… Read More »

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Some people just don’t get the hype around the yearly release of sport games, particularly EA’s FIFA franchise, but the stats don’t lie and the game is a bestseller year in and year out. It’s mostly not even worth the… Read More »

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Ubisoft has released a dev diary detailing the creation of the open world for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 4: Black flag. The devs talk about the challenges of creating such an open,vibrant world, and there is some nice new footage… Read More »

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Following the major Xbox One debacle earlier this year at E3, Microsoft has since changed a lot of things regarding the next Xbox. We’ve kept you up-to-date so far, but Microsoft has recently released a new infographic explaining how the… Read More »


Review: Lost Planet 3 (PS3)

Lost Planet 3 - G3AR - Review
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Is Lost Planet 3 a worthwhile prequel, or should it be left out in the cold?