Meet the Team

  Name: Garth Holden
Tag: Valshen
Twitter: @Valshen (Despises 2D. Lives for 3D)
Rank: PCF Editor, Soap box addict
Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: Mouse, d20, katana, ripping arms off, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, iPad, handhelds with puny battery life
Game of choice and time wasted: Final Fantasy series: 1000+. Dota 2 300+
Bio: My parents often joke that I was born with a keyboard in my hands, which would explain why I start to get the jitters when I’m away from electronic devices for a while. When I realised I had 222 days of play time on my Horde characters in World of WarCraft, I realised it was time to put the raiding down and start catching up on all the games I missed.
Name: Dawid Venter
Tag: dawid22
Twitter: @dawid22 (Digits represent IQ)
Rank: Head of Digital, G3AR Managing Editor, Janitor
Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PlayStation 3, iPhone,
Game of choice and time wasted: Mario Kart, Halo and Wipeout series – thousands of hours.
Bio: A console gamer to the very end. Dawid has been gaming since he laid eyes on the Game & Watch back in ‘83. Since then he’s owned just about every console available to mankind. When not conducting his annual Super Mario Bros. 3 playthrough he wastes most evenings deciding what to play on his AWESOME random game selection system.
Name: Timothy Biggar
Tag: gr33nFIEND
Twitter: @gr33nFIEND (Console Whore)
Rank: Online Editor, Wingman
Game of choice and time wasted: For Now, DotA 2 (PC) 650 + hours
Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, DS
Bio: A veritable digital legionnaire consisting of equal parts gamer, opinionated philosopher and all round nerd. A PC gamer first but is nevertheless in love with every console he has owned. And while he may be a misty-eyed optimist with most things gaming, he has been known to turn into the proverbial dragon and subsequently tear his unfortunate target a new one.
Name: Delano
Tag: Mark_Del
Twitter: @delano501 (Hates Indie Games)
Rank: Reviewer, Art Critic
Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness:Pencil and paper, five-button mouse
Game of choice and time wasted: The entire Age of Empires series, including Mythology. 950+ hours.
Bio: Born holding a joypad, Delano always finds time for games in between his other interests which include art, languages, history, writing, science and computers/technology in general.
Name: Jarred Milner
Tag: Milni06
Twitter: @Milni06 (Man U for Life!)
Rank: Contributor, Deep-diver
Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness:Xbox 360, 3DS/DS, PS3, Wii, iPhone, PSP, PS Vita
Game of choice and time wasted: PES/FIFA series (Xbox 360) 1000′s of hours
Bio: Obsessed with anything game related, especially Sport and Comic based games. A geek of note taking interest in comics, movies, books, music and of course sport. I also love a good argument, as long as it takes about 10 minutes.
Name:Garth Kaestner
Twitter:@antiredcap (Steven Tyler Fan)
Rank: Contributor, Nintendophile
Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: 3DS, Wii, 360 and PS3
Game of choice and time wasted: Mario Kart DS: 250 hrs +
Bio: A retro gaming fanatic Garth is reluctant to trust modern day gamers. With Nintendo running through his veins he has been tagged as a casual gamer ever since the launch of the Wii. Revenge is inevitable…
Name: David Kozlowski
@davekoz3000 (The number he spends monthly on cheap PC parts)
Contributor, Unsuspecting Workhorse
Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness:
PC,PS3,Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii
Game of choice and time wasted:
 Company of Hero’s( close on 200 hours)
I have been called a graphics whore , for loving pretty looking games, but I’m not a shallow gamer at all. I love all games, except for the ones with low quality textures and lighting… Other than that I have been gaming ever since Kings Quest 3 on the PC, and haven’t missed a day.
Name: Kyle Boshoff
Twitter: Technikyle (Sports Fanatic and hates Japanese Games)
Rank: Contributor, Trooper
Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: PS3, Xbox 360, VITA, 3DS/DS
Game of choice and time wasted: Pokemon Series 750+ hours
Bio: I came home one day holding a PS Vita. I showed it to my mother and said: “Here’s your grandson, his name is Lucian.” I’m a console gamer and love my consoles as if they were my children. Love anything to do with stealth, RPG, tactics, horror, zombies and Pokemon.