Meet the Team

  Name: Timothy Biggar Tag: gr33nFIEND Twitter: @gr33nFIEND Rank: Editor, Future Ridiculously Good Looking Metal Head (Probably not) Game of choice and time wasted: DotA 2 (PC) 1500 + hours Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, DS Bio: A veritable digital legionnaire consisting of equal parts gamer, opinionated philosopher and all round nerd. A PC gamer first but is nevertheless in love with every console he has owned. And while he may be a misty-eyed optimist with most things gaming, he has been known to turn into the proverbial dragon and subsequently tear his unfortunate target a new one.
Name: Ryan Brothwell Tag: The other L1ghtn1ngZA (seriously there are two of us, what are the odds?) Twitter: @L1ghtn1ngZA Rank: Contributor, Eventual Wingman Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: All of the platforms are belong to me! Game of choice and time wasted: Hearthstone 100 hours +, FIFA series (I don't even want to know), Flavour of the week (because I'm versatile like that) Bio: Law student with aspirations of a future career in journalism. Currently a rehabilitated Hearthstone addict (I had to stop to write this), I'm constantly on the look for diamonds in the rough and would always stop to play a janky mess with soul over anything else. Always keep an ear to the ground and am a staunch supporter of the South African gaming community. 
Name: Charne Banger Tag: SkyDancer Twitter: @Shana_Skydancer Rank: Contributor, G3AR n00b Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: Sniper rifle, Katana... Oh you mean platform! PC, PS4, PS3, 3DS/DS, PSP Game of choice and time wasted: Dota 2 all the way!! Been playing Dota since 2007 Bio: As the younger sister of two older brothers, I grew up a fairly girly-girl playing so called "boy" games. From the first time I played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I knew that gaming would be a big apart of my life. Another plus as a kid was that I always got to enjoy the utter frustration on my brothers face when I'd win at Mortal Kombat against him while spamming all the buttons! My gaming life only became more complicated when I started dating my boyfriend in High School (2007) and he got me addicted to Dota. Now we happily play games together with our Maine Coon cat close by.
Name: Yolanda Green Tag: Banshee Twitter: @GrimBanshee Rank: Contributor, Guide writer extraordinaire Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: PC MASTER RACE Game of choice and time wasted: World of Warcraft 2490 hours and counting, Dota 2 900 + Bio: I am addicted to games and I don’t mind. My drug of choice right now is World of Warcraft (again) after using it to get rid of my Dota 2 addiction. I love MMO’s, MOBA’s, RPG’s and games where I can blow stuff up. I've dabbled in eSports, all-girl gaming clans and every now and then a PC peripheral review. I started my video games journo-journey at Telkom Do Gaming, after which I learned a great deal at and now I’ll be bringing my awesomeness to G3AR.
  Name: Rikus le Roux Tag: Liquid_Sn8ke Twitter: @RikusleRoux Rank: Playboy, billionaire, philanthropist and G3AR contributor Game of choice and time wasted: I am not really a one-game-guy, but one game series I’ve spent a lot of time with is Metal Gear. Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: PS4/PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PC, Wii (depends on the games I’m currently playing). Bio: I am a qualified electronic engineer and full-time post graduate student. From my weapons of choice, you will see that I have an affection for consoles, but it is simply because I spend most of my time in front of a computer. So when I get home, there is nothing better than grabbing a cold one and a controller and playing games on my couch. I love third-person games and playing Call of Duty online. I also have a fascination with the electronics behind our gaming hardware and even repair consoles as a hobby. Games and gaming hardware have always played a big part in my life and I am honoured to be part of this team.
  Name: Sahil Lala Tag: L1ghtn1ng Twitter: @Sahil_Lala Rank: Contributor, JRPG hobo, takes selfies Game of choice and time wasted: Dota 2 and the Final Fantasy series. Too many hours "wasted". Let's not get into the exact numbers. Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, Wii, 3DS, Android Tablet. Bio: Working with chemicals is what I do. While that may sound fun, it's actually incredibly complex and weird. Beyond that, I’ve been gaming since I was the age of 4. I started off with Sega Megadrive games and worked my way up the food chain to where I am now. You could call me a veteran gamer of sorts, but subtract the being old part. Addicted to RPG’s, Dota 2, Pokemon and Hearthstone!
  Name: Michael Reed Tag: Killerbyte Twitter: @killerbyte Rank: Hardware extraordinaire, proud representative of the Master Race and G3AR contributor Game of choice and time wasted: Battlefield 4… sadly only 150 hours spent killing noobs. Dota 2 is also stealing a few hours each day but at 115 hours I am still a noob. Weapons of choice in order of awesomeness: PC, 3DS (Pokémon only), Xbox 360. Bio: For me, the only real gaming platform is the PC. If it can be overclocked then I will overclock it; if there is a LAN then I will be there; and if David Koz needs more FPS then I will likely be over at his place making his system cry. I am the hardware junkie, the guy that needs to have his server on at night to sleep, the man who is addicted to Cherry MX Red switches and who believes that gaming at less than 2560x1440 is not how real nerds game. I was one of the founding members of G3AR and I am proud to be back and working with the new team. I am always visible on IRL and can be found at Liberty LAN making myself a nuisance and generally eager to help everyone with their PC problems. My Master Race brothers (and sisters) can add me on Steam and Origin: killerbyte1985.