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By , October 9, 2015, @ 9:00 am 0 News, Xbox

Today marks the start of this year’s “really Awesome gaming expo”, more fondly known as rAge. It runs from today until Sunday at The Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. Microsoft and Xbox are bringing their best offer to the expo, and,… Read More »

By , October 8, 2015, @ 4:00 pm 5 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Patch 1.10 has been detailed for The Witcher 3. It’s a massive, massive patch. The patch notes themselves stretch on for pages. Thirteen to be exact. I would list the full notes here but they would really keep you scrolling… Read More »

By , October 8, 2015, @ 2:00 pm 2 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

In the first of our three part series about what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L in Fallout 4, we covered strength, perception and endurance. Today we’ll have a look at the next two attributes, and in a few days we’ll wrap up the… Read More »

By , October 8, 2015, @ 11:30 am 2 News, Screenshots, Xbox

The time has finally come! Elite Dangerous is officially available now on Xbox One. Frontier Developments have announced the launch of Elite Dangerous on Xbox One earlier today and you can check out the official announcement below: The massively multiplayer space epic comes… Read More »


Review: Fifa 16 (PS4)

Fifa 16 (PS4)
By , October 8, 2015 @ 8:00 am 1 ,

If you haven’t tried a FIFA title yet, FIFA 16 is definitely the best one to start on! Check out our review

By , October 7, 2015, @ 4:30 pm 9 News, Xbox

As we reported last week, Rise of The Tomb Raider will be receiving a season pass. Microsoft have released some details on what to expect from the $29.99 DLC. The Season Pass for Rise of the Tomb Raider includes a… Read More »

By , October 7, 2015, @ 1:00 pm 10 News, PS, Video, Xbox

Sleeper Simulant is the Year 2 answer to Gjallarhorn, but apparently, far more powerful. Since The Taken King launched, players have been feverously searching for it, but to no avail… However… It is finally in our grasps. Yes, fellow Guardians, the… Read More »

By , October 7, 2015, @ 12:00 pm 2 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

The Witcher 3‘s first major expansion, Hearts of Stone, is releasing next week and CD Projekt Red wants to get the Hype Train going early with a très exciting and très dramatic launch trailer. Immortals? Frogzilla? New romances? I’m in. You can… Read More »

By , October 6, 2015, @ 11:00 am 4 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Ubisoft have been taking their time teasing an announcement of a new game, but thanks to a tweet from IGN Turkey (you can see a screencap of the tweet below, their twitter account has since been suspended), it seems that… Read More »

By , October 6, 2015, @ 9:30 am 5 News, PS, Xbox

When people heard a few years back that Destiny would be F2P with the DLC add-ons being the only things you could buy, they were cautiously optimistic. They thought that perhaps Activision’s heart had grown three sizes that day and… Read More »

By , October 5, 2015, @ 5:00 pm 10 News, PS, Video, Xbox

Destiny: The Taken King came with a raid attached. It’s easily Destiny‘s toughest challenge, and now a fireteam of six have run the entire thing flawlessly – this means no deaths in any circumstance. You can watch the entire feat… Read More »

By , October 5, 2015, @ 4:30 pm 1 News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Tech, Xbox

Microsoft have acquired Havok, the company behind the 3D physics in many AAA games like Assassin’s Creed Unity and Dragon Age: Inquisition among others, from Intel. They will continue to license the tools that Havok produces to third parties. Havok… Read More »