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By , February 11, 2016, @ 10:30 am 0 News, PC, PS, Screenshots, Video, Xbox

Visage is a new psychological horror set to release early 2017 that’ll get into your head with a dark, realistic atmosphere. Visage is inspired by Silent Hill, P.T. (We’re still sad about that… But Allison Road is still on track after having been picked… Read More »

By , February 10, 2016, @ 3:30 pm 0 News, PC, PS, Xbox

If you’ve ever tried your hand at Metal Gear Online, you might have found this component of the magnificent Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain a bit lacking. Well, the good news is that Konami plans on rectifying this with… Read More »

By , February 9, 2016, @ 5:30 pm 0 News, PC, PS, Tech, Video, Xbox

Lumberyard, is the name given by Amazon to their very own game engine. This new engine is based off of the well known Crytek Cryengine and can be used to develop games for the PC and the consoles. The engine… Read More »

By , February 9, 2016, @ 5:00 pm 0 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Dying Light: The Following is out today in certain areas of the beautiful, green Earth of ours and so obviously here comes a launch trailer to celebrate that very special event. The trailer does the usual, “Get ready to get hyped!”… Read More »

By , February 9, 2016, @ 4:00 pm 4 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

The Hitman beta starts this week first on PS4 (February 12, 2016) followed by the PC “Master Race” (February 19, 2016) and finally followed by never for the Xbox One people. Sorry Xboxers. In it, you’ll be able to play the… Read More »

By , February 8, 2016, @ 8:00 am 0 News, PC, PS, Rumours, Xbox

In 2008 Valve put out what is considered one of the best Co-op games of all time and an icon in the world of zombie games. The run and gun action of Left 4 Dead was made even more interesting… Read More »

By , February 5, 2016, @ 11:30 am 0 News, PC, Video, Xbox

A little while ago, we wrote a bit about The Solus Project and how interesting it all seems. Today, that interest got piqued again today with the release of Grip Digital’s new developer video showcasing that nature is your enemy…. Read More »

By , February 5, 2016, @ 9:00 am 0 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

I wouldn’t know, but apparently, playing as a zombie in Dying Light was a totally fabulous thing to do, so naturally, Techland decided, ‘Hey, we should totes keep that in and maybe improve on it!’ Because it’s back in Dying Light:… Read More »

By , February 5, 2016, @ 8:00 am 0 Mobile, News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Stupid Zombies 3 is a free mobile game where you kill stupid zombies while waiting for your wife/girlfriend/fiance/friendzone-master to finish her shopping, while you’re performing your most holiest of early morning toilet rituals or wherever it is you get your… Read More »

By , February 4, 2016, @ 8:00 pm 1 PC, PS, Video, Xbox

For the first time in 5 months we have finally gotten a new trailer for the upcoming Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. The trailer delves into what we can expect from the story-line of the new Mirror’s Edge game and shows of… Read More »

By , February 4, 2016, @ 9:00 am 1 News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the beast of the box office, has been uber successful and has made over *>puts pinky to mouth< one billion dollars(!)*, as everyone knew it would be and now to add a few more pennies to… Read More »

By , February 3, 2016, @ 11:00 pm 5 News, PS, Video, Xbox

I’m going to start this post with some nostalgia. Guitar Hero fans will remember a time when Youtube was filled with would-be rockstars showing off their plastic instrument mastery by jamming one of the most difficult songs ever to grace the series…. Read More »