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By , May 26, 2015, @ 6:00 pm 0 News, PS, Xbox

Techland have announced via their Official Dying Light Facebook Page that an unforseen bug in the game’s latest patch is causing issues with Trophy and Achievement progress on Xbox One and PS4. IMPORTANT:To all Dying Light Players,We discovered an unforeseen issue… Read More »

By , May 26, 2015, @ 4:00 pm 0 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

If you are a bit confused over the title of the post, allow me to explain. Resident Evil Zero was originally released on the Gamecube in 2002 as the prequel to the original title in the Resident Evil series. The… Read More »

By , May 25, 2015, @ 3:30 pm 2 News, Nintendo, PS, Xbox

This is rather interesting to note: Japan just registered its worst week of gaming sales since 2001. This is according to Media Create, a Japanese company that gathers and analyses data from the digital entertainment industry, with specific focus on… Read More »

By , May 25, 2015, @ 9:30 am 4 News, PC, PS, Screenshots, Xbox

The Batman Arkham series is known for the ridiculous amount of skins you could dress Batman up with which ranged from Batman the Animated Series to Year One to even Thrillkiller, and it looks like Arkham Knight is going to… Read More »

By , May 21, 2015, @ 6:10 pm 15 News, PC, PS, Rumours, Video, Xbox

EA games has quite a love-hate relationship with fans. They have built up a reputation for charging users to unlock “bonus content”, which is almost the size of the game itself, and for ruining some beloved series.  On the other… Read More »

By , May 21, 2015, @ 1:30 pm 1 News, Xbox

When Microsoft announced Windows 10, they made it abundantly clear that they aim to standardise their operating system across all their platforms – creating a uniform ecosystem similar to Apple’s MAC OS and iOS. Even though we expected Windows 10… Read More »

By , May 21, 2015, @ 12:00 pm 1 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

As South Africa’s greatest and most superior Batfan™ (shots fired!), it’s near impossible to express my excitement for Batman: Arkham Knight. Although I’ve been all about The Witcher 3 of late, it’s time to get back on that BathypeTrain and… Read More »

By , May 21, 2015, @ 9:30 am 0 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Earlier today EA’s official website for their new upcoming title Star Wars Battlefront was cyber-squatted by users from the imageboard site 4chan. The website was defaced and updated with a typical troll-style look that will most likely have EA quite annoyed, to say… Read More »

By , May 20, 2015, @ 2:00 pm 1 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Gearbox, the company behind the Borderlands series, has recently announced that their new upcoming IP Battleborn, a console and PC shooter that features MOBA elements, will be coming to E3 in a “big way”. Not much has been revealed about the game since it… Read More »

By , May 20, 2015, @ 11:00 am 1 News, Nintendo, PS, Xbox

Activision has just announced the next batch of Guitar Hero Live songs via the game’s official Facebook page. This comes part of their “Tracklist Tuesdays” where they announce 10 new tracks each Tuesday until all tracks are revealed. Here are… Read More »

By , May 20, 2015, @ 10:00 am 17 News, PC, PS, Rumours, Xbox

As one of the most anticipated games of the year, Batman: Arkham Knight promises to finish off the Arkham Trilogy with a bang. Set to release on the 23 of June 2015, the final Arkham title has been on my… Read More »

By , May 20, 2015, @ 9:30 am 1 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

If you’ve played Mortal Kombat X, there’s no doubt you’ve fought a match or two in the Outworld Marketplace stage. And if you’ve fought a match or two in the Outworld Marketplace, there’s no doubt you’ve messed your opponent straight up with… Read More »