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By , May 27, 2015, @ 12:30 pm 4 News, Tech, Video

If you, like most South Africans, have a slower internet connection than the rest of the world’s gaming community, then you’re going to want to sit up straight and listen carefully. Microsoft are currently working with a researcher at Duke… Read More »

By , May 27, 2015, @ 10:00 am 10 Mobile, News, Screenshots, Tech, Video

Samsung has just released the first real look at the much anticipated Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition, and it’s an absolute thing of beauty. Warning: the video below contains scenes of tech porn. Prepare yourself. Yeah, we like it… Read More »


Review: WD My Passport Ultra (Metal Edition) 2TB

WD My Passport Ultra (Metal)
By , May 25, 2015 @ 10:30 am 5 ,

We review the WD My Passport Ultra (Metal Edition) 2TB. Does it perform as expected ? Check out our review to find out!

By , May 22, 2015, @ 4:00 pm 1 News, Tech

When you think of Razer, the first thing that pops in your head would be the gaming peripherals giant. Or the Dota 2 hero, but let’s focus on the peripherals giant for a bit. A normal day in the life… Read More »

By , May 22, 2015, @ 10:30 am 5 News, PC, Tech, Video

Razer is at it once again; pushing the boundaries of gaming peripherals and looking damn good whilst doing it. Their latest creation is a high-performance, ultra-thin (only 4mm thick), reflectively-optimized gaming mouse pad which features their Chroma lighting system. If… Read More »

By , May 21, 2015, @ 1:00 pm 8 News, Tech

If you’re into the latest-and-greatest televisions, or you just like having the coolest TV to ensure the rugby or DGL match is always at your house, we may have something to blow your mind. LG Display recently unveiled its POC(proof-of-concept)… Read More »


Review: Seasonic X-850 850W PSU

Seasonic X-850
By , May 20, 2015 @ 12:30 pm 1

Today we review the Seasonic X-850, the 6th PSU in the company’s line of X-series 80 plus Gold certified Power Supplies. Does it stand up to the tests we throw at it ? Check out our review to find out.


Review: Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact Remote Play

Sony Xperia - Remote Play
By , May 19, 2015 @ 12:30 pm 5

Remote Play is one the the touted features of Sony’s flagship Xperia Z3, and Z3 Compact range of cell phones. Is this niche feature worth selecting either of these phones from a lineup of equally brilliant handsets? We try and find out.

By , May 18, 2015, @ 5:30 pm 3 Columns, News, PC, PS, Tech, Xbox

We are entering another revolutionary age in electronics. Like when cellphones started having touch screens or CD’s replaced cassettes. That is what the introduction of Virtual Reality is going to be for gaming. Sure, you can still use an old… Read More »

By , May 18, 2015, @ 2:30 pm 0 PC, Rumours, Tech

Lenovo is not generally a manufacturer that one thinks of when they think ‘high end gaming laptop’. However, Lenovo is looking to change that with rumours of the company looking to raise its competitiveness in the gaming notebook industry and offering a… Read More »

By , May 18, 2015, @ 10:30 am 2 News, PC, Tech, Video

Razer have opened up a flagship store in Taiwan and plan to open many more across the world. Company CEO Min-Liang Tan posted on his official Facebook page: The magic happens at our first Flagship RazerStore in Taiwan. For those… Read More »

By , May 13, 2015, @ 2:30 pm 9 Guides, News, PC, Tech

With more and more PC Gamers switching to laptops for their mobility and power we are seeing a rise in the amount of different brands of Gaming laptops being. We know that choosing the right laptop for your needs can… Read More »