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I think it’s rather a well known fact that AMD has been struggling to make a profit for quite some time now. Even though they have great, and sometimes innovative products, they seem to be stuck in the giant shadow… Read More »

By , June 29, 2015, @ 5:00 pm 3 News, PC, Tech

The size of computers are undoubtedly getting smaller and smaller and it was just a matter of time before they could fit in the palm of your hand; enter HDMI sticks – flash-drive-sized computers which can be plugged into any… Read More »

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It’s 2015. Since 1989, people have been waiting for this year to see if Back to the Future 2 had gotten things right. The lumo fashion, the weirdly shaped cars and most importantly, the hoverboards. Well, fashion is pretty much… Read More »


Review: Cooler Master Hyper 612 Ver.2.0 Cooler

Cooler Master
By , June 24, 2015 @ 1:30 pm 0 ,

A review of the Hyper 612 version 2 air cooler for PCs made by Cooler Master

By , June 20, 2015, @ 12:00 pm 4 News, PC, Tech

The long wait is over and South African Gamers have finally got their first look at pricing for the brand new Radeon R9 300 family of GPUs from AMD – they’re cheaper than you’d expect. The prices below are taken… Read More »

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It seems that this week, Microsoft has taken it upon themselves to let as many cats out of their bag of secrets as they can. First with the backwards compatibility, then with the Cortana update for your XBox One, and… Read More »

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More news from the E3 frontier – AMD have announced a new mini PC that they claim is capable of running any 4K game at 60FPS; a big claim coming from the company, however the PC does show off some… Read More »

By , June 18, 2015, @ 1:30 pm 2 PC, Tech

Razer is once again raising the bar for gaming peripherals and this time they’ve definitely outdone themselves. Their latest creation is a combination of beauty and performance – boasting an absurd 16 000 DPI for incredible precision and accuracy, 9… Read More »

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I feel like I just wrote about how amazing Bethesda Softwork’s conference was, and now Microsoft steps out on stage and blows them a bit out of the water. Not that Bethesda minded, as Todd Howard stepped on stage to… Read More »

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Virtual Reality is one of the most hotly contested points in gaming right now, with the release of the Steam HTC Vive, the Sony Project Morpheus and of course the Oculus Rift all expected to be released in the next… Read More »


Review: Speedlink Parthica Core Gaming Keyboard

Speedlink Parthica Core Gaming Keyboard
By , June 8, 2015 @ 3:00 pm 2

Today I’ll be taking a look at the Parthica Core Gaming Keyboard from Speedlink. Speedlink is a relatively unknown manufacturer of… Read More »

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This year at Computex we’ve seen a great number of new and exciting tech being unveiled – from new smart watches and Google Glass rivals to modular cases and double scroll-wheel mice. Today we’ll be covering a few of our favorites at the… Read More »