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By , March 27, 2015, @ 11:00 am 3 Mobile, PC, Rumours, Tech

AMD and Samsung are both huge companies in the world of electronics, but vary rarely do people connect them. Samsung is most known for its cellphones, although it does also make laptops, washing machines, home appliances and a whole bunch… Read More »

By , March 25, 2015, @ 10:30 am 2 News, PC, Tech, Video

Kingston’s HyperX division is renowned for churning out high performance elite memory products, and it seems like they did it again. The company has just announced the HyperX Predator PCIe SSD (try saying that fast a couple of times) capable… Read More »

By , March 25, 2015, @ 8:00 am 2 PC, Tech, Xbox

Late last year Microsoft announced the coming of Direct X 12 – the next-gen API. Recently Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that we can expect to see games that are built from the ground up to run off  Direct X 12… Read More »

By , March 2, 2015, @ 10:00 am 4 News, PC, Tech

Last week, we brought you news that Steam’s VR headset is indeed a real-thing, and we posted a rumoured silhouette of what it might look like. As it turns out, Valve is not making a VR headset, but the rumoured… Read More »

By , February 27, 2015, @ 9:30 am 1 News, Tech

As the 3rd of March looms ever closer, we are eagerly anticipating NVIDIA’s announcement that will “redefine the future of gaming”. While NVIDIA was mum on the details, if rumours are to believed, we might see a SHIELD-based micro-console. After… Read More »

By , February 26, 2015, @ 11:30 am 0 News, Tech

Google’s latest experiment involves an AI that learns how to beat a video game all by itself. The experiment created by DeepMind Technologies, a Google owned company, is designed to show how intelligent AI can figure out complex tasks for itself…. Read More »

By , February 26, 2015, @ 11:00 am 1 News, PC, Rumours, Tech

Virtual reality is all the hype right now, and it seems like every one is working on one. It started with the Oculus Rift, followed by Sony’s Project Morpheus and now the recently shown tech demo from Microsoft, the HoloLens…. Read More »

By , February 19, 2015, @ 4:00 pm 7 News, PC, PS, Tech, Xbox

PDP (Performance Designed Products) has announced the release of their Mortal Kombat X Wired Fight Pads for Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC and PlayStation 3 and 4. The multi-compatible fight pads are officially licensed by Microsoft, Sony and Warner Bros. and will… Read More »


Review: Aorus Thunder K7 Mechanical Keyboard

Aorus Thunder K7 Mechanical Keyboard
By , January 22, 2015 @ 9:00 am 2 ,

The latest contender for the ultra competitive mechanical keyboard market would be the Aorus Thunder K7 – a keyboard that offers something truly unique.

By , January 13, 2015, @ 3:00 pm 1 News, PC, Tech

Valve’s “living room PC’s” will have a prominent showing at this year’s GDC (Game Developers Conference) says a representative. However vague that might seem, we’re sure a great many gamers are keen to learn more about the Steam Machine, and… Read More »

By , December 17, 2014, @ 4:30 pm 0 News, PC, Tech

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Valve’s Steam Controller, having undergone a few redesigns, but its latest design is certainly the best. For those of you who are curious, the design mockup was found in the latest Steam client… Read More »

By , December 15, 2014, @ 3:30 pm 1 News, PC, Tech, Video

Because the Oculus Rift wasn’t immersive enough (sarcasm much), Oculus VR has acquired two new VR tech companies just last week, both of whom have been developing some very promising technology. The first company, Nimble VR, was founded two years… Read More »