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By , November 26, 2015, @ 7:00 pm 0 News, Tech

Megarom today announced that they have officially brought Astro gaming headsets to South Africa. Those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Astro Gaming is a spun-off from American design firm, Astro Studios, which is renowned for professional grade video gaming accessories and premium gaming… Read More »

By , November 24, 2015, @ 3:00 pm 1 News, Tech

While not entirely about gaming, something that may excite the tech-fiends in our readership is an Australian company claiming death will be made optional in under thirty years. In a recent interview, Humai CEO Josh Bocanegra gave a little info… Read More »

By , November 24, 2015, @ 12:00 pm 8 Mobile, News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Tech, Xbox

It’s been a while since we last posted anything about rAge Cape Town but that changes with today’s announcement. Check out the official information below and get hyped Capetonians! The hottest gaming event in South Africa is on its way to… Read More »

By , November 23, 2015, @ 2:00 pm 0 Mobile, News, PC, PS, Tech

The support for Virtual Reality seems pretty split lately, with 2 definite camps and not much grey area. On one hand we have companies like EA saying that VR is just a fad, that there won’t be any real market… Read More »

By , November 19, 2015, @ 2:30 pm 3 News, Tech

South Africa, having multiple facets is a country with unique challenges that require unique solutions. Language is still a major barrier for deeper integration. Whilst our 11 official languages make us beautifully diverse, the majority of South Africans are still unable to… Read More »

By , November 17, 2015, @ 12:00 pm 3 Mobile, News, PC, PS, Tech, Xbox

Virtual reality is potentially the biggest game changer in the world of gaming. Having gotten to try the Oculus Rift out for myself, I have to say that it is my most anticipated piece of technology in decades. I haven’t… Read More »

By , November 13, 2015, @ 1:30 pm 1 Mobile, News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Tech, Video, Xbox

If you were to walk into any shopping mall right now, you would find Christmas decorations sprawled across each doorway and counter, even though it’s a tad too early for it. Either way, the festive mood is starting to spread,… Read More »

By , November 12, 2015, @ 4:30 pm 4 News, PS, Tech

Announced via the Playstation Japan website, a PS Vita Metal Slime Edition has been revealed along with images showing it off in all its glory. Check it out below: The Metal Slime Edition of the PS Vita will ship with Dragon Quest… Read More »

By , November 12, 2015, @ 11:00 am 1 News, PC, Tech

Anybody who has seen a demonstration or a video of the Microsoft HoloLens in action has to admit that it looks pretty impressive. The ability to open a new layer of reality over the real world has a huge number… Read More »

By , November 11, 2015, @ 10:00 am 0 News, Tech

Despite receiving a tremendous amount of flak over the last couple of months for their treatment of Kojima Productions and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it’s quite refreshing to bring you a feel-good story about Konami. The publisher is… Read More »

By , November 9, 2015, @ 1:00 pm 1 News, PC, Tech

Razer blew the world of mice apart when it released the original Naga MMO mouse back in 2009, with many experts and competitors laughing at the ludicrous 12-button grid design. Since then though, the Naga has done more that just… Read More »

By , November 4, 2015, @ 6:00 pm 4 Mobile, News, Screenshots, Tech

If you are one of the many people who find replying to emails on your cellphone tedious and unnecessary, then Google has your back. They are launching a new feature for smartphones dubbed Smart Reply, that scans your emails and suggests… Read More »