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So you think you are good at Grand Theft Auto right? You plan heists, jump in with your friends to inflict mayhem and then escape with your loot? That’s cool. I have a lot of respect for you. But are… Read More »

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NetherRealm released a new trailer for Injustice 2 (Electric Boogaloo), which shows off some gameplay as well as reintroducing us to the updated Harley Quinn in a couple of her costumes as well as introducing us to the assassin who… Read More »

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The Global VR Challenge held at the ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai last week brought together over 200 promising VR developers in a contest for the grand prize of $17, 000. There were some great contenders, but in the end, Broken… Read More »


Review: Lost Sea (PS4)

Lost Sea
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We take a look at Lost Sea. Is it worth playing? Check out our review!

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Over the last few days there have been many surprises and jaw-dropping moments coming out of the biggest eSports tournament to date. The International; the biggest yearly Dota 2 tournament, is known for being the place Valve throws around its… Read More »


Review: Infinium Strike (PC)

Infinium Strike
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Overall Infinium Strike is a well rounded tower defense title. Here’s why!


Review: Necropolis (PC)

Necropolis (PC)
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We reviewed Necropolis! Check it out right here.


Review: Bear With Me (PC)

Bear With Me (PC)
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If you can get past how slow the game plays out, Bear With Me has a great story to tell.

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I mean holy hell, look at these! What dark magickz were utilised to get this level of, “DAMN!” is unknown — but whatever they’re doing over there at Yuke’s, keep it up. Below, you can check out some in-game screens… Read More »

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The internet is a wonderful place for sharing ideas, information and communication, but it also has an evil side that all of us fall prey to at some stage or another. Because of the inherent anonymity that comes with not… Read More »


Review: Boid (PC)

Boid (PC)
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Boid is currently a “Free to Play” multiplayer game on Steam with impressive real time strategic combat and action. It also… Read More »

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You know when you experience something so unsettling that before the moment is over you’ve already labeled it as nightmare fuel? That’s pretty much what Layers of Fear: Inheritance can be boiled down to. For those of you who don’t… Read More »