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Xbox doesn’t have many exclusives, but those that it does have a cult following. Halo, Gears of War and Forza have all shaped the childhoods of many gamers around the world. The faces of Master Chief and Marcus Fenix hang… Read More »


Review: A Day in the Woods [iOS]

A Day in the Woods - Review
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A Day in the Woods is a charming, simplistic puzzler inspired by the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It’s developed by a local independent South African gaming development company, RetroEpic. Situated in Cape Town, the team started out as just two people, but have since grown to 12. Are they capable of developing games on an international level? Well, going by their latest title, we sure think so. Here is what we thought of the game.

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Personally, I loved the Kung Fu Panda movies. Martial arts movies, especially bad ones, are a guilty pleasure of mine and I love seeing how terribly they are done as the fighters skip across the water or fight on pieces… Read More »

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Last week, it was revealed by WB and Rocksteady that Arkham Knight is getting a pretty pricey season pass that you have to be Bruce Wayne rich to afford.Although we got a few details like the price and the fact it… Read More »

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Ah, yes, the Season Pass. A thing that most modern games seem to have and a thing most modern gamers seem to hate. And it makes sense, too — selling DLC before the actual game is even out, asking gamers… Read More »

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It’s hard to argue against the fact that Five Night at Freddy’s is a social phenomenon. When the game was first released, it took the gaming world by storm, with people around the globe developing pupaphobia and being scared and scarred… Read More »

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Fans of Dragon Age: Inquisition, come closer! For there is news for thou! BioWare has listened to your feedback, if you even gave any, about The Dragon Age Keep, and now you have new and shiny things to make your… Read More »

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I can still remember the first time I saw an 80” UHD TV.  It was still boxed and ready for collection by the lucky owner, which unfortunately wasn’t me.  The box it came in was massive! So much so, that… Read More »

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Just recently a Reddit user, whose name has since been deleted from the post, has leaked information about a survey he took regarding Mass Effect 4. If the survey is legitimate, it seems to shed a lot of light on… Read More »


Review: Battlefield Hardline (PC)

Battlefield Hardline
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We take a look at Battlefield Hardline. Is it a breath of fresh air or more of the same tried, trusted and truly successful formula ? Check out our review to find out!

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About a month ago, Ubisoft revealed a new take on the Assassin’s Creed franchise; a side scrolling 2.5D game for PS4, PC and Xbox One. The series, called Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, will be comprised of 3 smaller games that follow… Read More »

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Sleeping Dogs was a pretty good game. Pretty good. It did a good job in building a solid foundation for future games and the sequels could have given even GTA and Saints Row a run for their dollar, but it… Read More »