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Review: Seasonic X-850 850W PSU

Seasonic X-850
By , May 20, 2015 @ 12:30 pm 1

Today we review the Seasonic X-850, the 6th PSU in the company’s line of X-series 80 plus Gold certified Power Supplies. Does it stand up to the tests we throw at it ? Check out our review to find out.


Review: Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact Remote Play

Sony Xperia - Remote Play
By , May 19, 2015 @ 12:30 pm 5

Remote Play is one the the touted features of Sony’s flagship Xperia Z3, and Z3 Compact range of cell phones. Is this niche feature worth selecting either of these phones from a lineup of equally brilliant handsets? We try and find out.


Review: A Day in the Woods [iOS]

A Day in the Woods - Review
By , May 13, 2015 @ 1:30 pm 3 , , ,

A Day in the Woods is a charming, simplistic puzzler inspired by the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It’s developed by a local independent South African gaming development company, RetroEpic. Situated in Cape Town, the team started out as just two people, but have since grown to 12. Are they capable of developing games on an international level? Well, going by their latest title, we sure think so. Here is what we thought of the game.


Review: Cooler Master Reaper Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master Reaper - Review
By , May 5, 2015 @ 2:30 pm 5

Check out our review of the Cooler Master Reaper Aluminium gaming mouse. Does it reap what it sows? Head on over to our site to find out.


Review: Cooler Master SF-15 Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master SF-15 Laptop Cooling Pad - Review
By , May 4, 2015 @ 10:00 am 0

Review of the Cooler Master SF-15 laptop cooling pad and with particular focus on its build quality, performance and general value for money.


Review: Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

GTA V - Review
By , April 28, 2015 @ 12:30 pm 2 , , ,

Grand Theft Auto V for PC is quite simply a spectacular game and is certainly a must-buy for any discerning PC gamer out there that’s a fan of the series.


Review: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (PC)

Assassin's Creed Chronicles
By , April 24, 2015 @ 6:00 pm 7 , , , ,

Does Assassins Creed Chronicles: China live up to the franchises proven track record of success ? Check out our review to find out!


Review: Mortal Kombat X (PS4)

Mortal Kombat X - Review
By , April 23, 2015 @ 1:00 pm 18 , ,

Mortal Kombat X comes out kicking and screaming, but does it put the boot to other fighters? Repeatedly. “Who’s Next?”


Review: Battlefield Hardline (PC)

Battlefield Hardline
By , April 21, 2015 @ 3:00 pm 2 ,

We take a look at Battlefield Hardline. Is it a breath of fresh air or more of the same tried, trusted and truly successful formula ? Check out our review to find out!


Review: Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Coolermaster Novatouch TKL - Review
By , April 17, 2015 @ 12:30 pm 5 ,

A great little keyboard that is brilliant for intensive typists and gamers that require simple but high performance hardware, the keyboard comes with few frills and focuses only on performing the job that is needed perfectly.


Review: Cooler Master Suppressor Keyboard

Cooler Master Suppressor Keyboard
By , April 10, 2015 @ 8:00 am 6 ,

We review the Cooler Master Suppressor keyboard. If you don’t have the cash to by a really nice mechanical keyboard but still take your gaming seriously, then this is the keyboard for you.


Review: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (PS4)

By , April 9, 2015 @ 9:00 am 3 , , , ,

What can be said about the Borderlands franchise that haven’t been said before? The first game in the series was well received, but it was the sequel, Borderlands 2, that really made a splash. Now this popular game is remade for new generation consoles, bundled with The Pre-Sequel! and all of the DLC for both games. Is the game worth your time (for a second time), or is it worth buying just to experience The Pre-Sequel! on next gen hardware?