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By , June 29, 2016, @ 9:00 am 0 News, PS, Video

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out in the world and receiving… actually, I’m not too sure how it’s doing with critics — but it being LEGO, I’m sure it’s faring pretty well and fans are loving it — and… Read More »

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We understand that for the most part, many of you are still as in love with Overwatch as we are, but for the people who are sick of Overwatch, sorry. Now that those weirdos have been appeased, THE COMPETITIVE PATCH… Read More »

By , June 28, 2016, @ 7:30 pm 0 E3, News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Fighting giant beasts, hordes of enemies, disgruntled army soldiers and basically just anybody in a bad mood. That pretty much sums up the general theme of any RPG. Throw in the Red Planet and some pretty cool electricity-based powers and… Read More »

By , June 28, 2016, @ 8:29 am 0 News, PS, Xbox

Batman fans, myself included, were pretty excited to hear that the first two games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, were coming together in a special collection which would include all of the DLC ever created and remastered for the new… Read More »

By , June 28, 2016, @ 2:30 am 0 News, PS

Uncharted 4 has been the game of the year so far for many PlayStation fans, and Naughty Dog has announced that players will be able to get even more of the action with the release of the first DLC for… Read More »

By , June 27, 2016, @ 10:17 pm 0 News, PC, PS, Xbox

If you’ve ever spent money on any of the Ultimate Team cards, and suffer from brief bouts of rage, you may want to avoid any valuables as you read. A few overly-intelligent players have proven the existence of a bug… Read More »

By , June 27, 2016, @ 12:00 pm 0 Blizzcon, News, PC, PS, Xbox

Ah balance changes. Hard to do in any competitive game, but when it comes to a FPS where skill plays such a big part it becomes almost impossible. So far we have already seen nerfs to Widowmaker and McCree after… Read More »

By , June 26, 2016, @ 9:00 pm 0 News, PS, Video

We’ve been waiting quite some time but Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is now available on PS3, PS Vita and PS4. The launch trailer for the RPG which was originally a PS2 release is below, and it gives a glimpse at the totally… Read More »

By , June 24, 2016, @ 6:30 pm 0 News, PS, Video, Xbox

Dreadlocks and BadLand Games are releasing Dex, a side-scrolling, 2D, Cyberpunk RPG early next month to consoles. Check out the console trailer: The game released on Steam last year, and features side-scrolling action with melee and weapon combat as the main… Read More »

By , June 24, 2016, @ 6:00 pm 0 Columns, E3, PS, Screenshots

If you’re like us, then the announcement at E3 that Sony was bringing back a beloved game from our childhood in a remastered trilogy made every hair on your 20-something year old body stand up. For this feature we’re going to… Read More »

By , June 24, 2016, @ 10:00 am 0 News, PS, Video

Omega Force, the devs behind the Dynasty Warriors series, recently revealed that they were working on a warriors spin-off based on a popular manga, Berserk. Today we get our first look at some bits of gameplay. The game, which is a… Read More »

By , June 23, 2016, @ 7:00 pm 0 eSports, News, PC, PS, Video

A 17 year old Overwatch player known as Gegury (게구리) was involved in a cheating scandal where she was accused of cheating her way to a high win rate percentage. Before the scandal, she quickly became one of the most respected Overwatch… Read More »