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Brothers! Sisters! Geralt of Rivia returns to us in less than a month and I know many of you cannot contain your excitement any longer, but fret not, we have a new trailer — this time, showing off the gameplay… Read More »

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Only three things are certain; death, taxes and a yearly Call of Duty. Even though rumours have been circulating around the internet for quite some time that this year’s Call of Duty will be Black Ops III (actually, there have… Read More »

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Rainbow Six: Siege is going to be changing up the multiplayer class game when it releases, because unlike other games where 37 snipers are running around the map, no two players will be able to choose the same class as… Read More »

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Michael Pachter, analyst of all things electronic and gaming, recently chatted about the upcoming financial year for EA and what we can expect from them in his report published by his firm Wedbush Security. He stated in his report: EA’s… Read More »

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Today’s Digital Debate focuses on something that reared its head in our G3AR group conversation. The topic being “Will Single-Player modes fall away due to an increase in Multiplayer popularity?”. With all of us chiming in on the topic, we… Read More »

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As you probably know by now, Konami caused massive ripples in the game-o-sphere last month when they removed Hideo Kojima’s name and his production studio Kojima Productions’ logo from their up-and-coming Metal Gear game The Phantom Pain. This was supposedly… Read More »

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You can’t call yourself a true Gamer if you’ve never played Prey - the 2006 FPS shooter with incredible graphics for its time and some of the best darn gameplay ever to be experienced in a game. After its release, the title… Read More »


Review: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (PS4)

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What can be said about the Borderlands franchise that haven’t been said before? The first game in the series was well received, but it was the sequel, Borderlands 2, that really made a splash. Now this popular game is remade for new generation consoles, bundled with The Pre-Sequel! and all of the DLC for both games. Is the game worth your time (for a second time), or is it worth buying just to experience The Pre-Sequel! on next gen hardware?


Review: Bloodborne (PS4)

Bloodborne - Review
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Does Bloodborne live up to the hype built up thanks to From Software’s incredibly successful Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls ? Check out our review of the game to find out.

By , April 8, 2015, @ 4:00 pm 7 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Following the recent trend of massive day-one patches, Mortal Kombat X will apparently have a 1.8GB day-one patch. This after a couple of retail copies were sold early, and a lot of the users posting details to Reddit about the… Read More »

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I’ve literally just finished The Witcher 2 and my excitement levels for 3 are now officially in the critical/frenzy zone (there may or may not have been an incident of me breaking the Editor’s door down demanding the game and… Read More »

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The war of Man vs Machine is a topic of science fiction throughout history. As technology gets more impressive, these ideas get closer and more intense, and the lines between good and evil or right and wrong start getting a… Read More »