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It’s called Battleborn, and along with the pretty kickass name it’s got a pretty kickass trailer. Even though the game is described as a “next-gen hero-shooter”, many elements of the game that have been revealed point straight to a SMITE-esque… Read More »

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It’s no secret that most fighting games have a bit of a learning curve. This typically means that you get your butt kicked seven ways to Sunday by a more experienced player when you’re simply trying to learn the controls…. Read More »

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So you know that little VR Kickstarter project that handily made its target goal and subsequently impressed dozens of critics in “behind closed doors” sessions, also known as Oculus Rift. It’s the very same project that gathered so much traction… Read More »

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DLC is now an accepted model in the video game industry and people don’t have a problem with it. Gamers don’t mind paying for extra content and didn’t resist the concept. If this is news to you, please raise your… Read More »

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Review: Sniper Elite 3: Afrika (PS4)

Sniper Elite 3
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I used to think that any game with a sniper rifle is a good game. Unfortunately, I’ve been proven wrong many times before, but still, nothing beats the excitement of a well-planned and executed shot from an unknown location.

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With the Destiny alpha having come and gone, we just barely had enough time to figure out exactly what the game is all about and know that we want more of it. Luckily, that wasn’t the only chance you’re going… Read More »

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Having been announced by Sony at E3 that Destiny‘s beta will start on July 17th, 2014, Activision has revealed today that the beta period will last for a total of eight and a half days, on both the PS3 as well… Read More »


Review: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4)

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate
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Is PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate enough of a reason to replay PixelJunk Shooter 1 and 2?

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If video games are to evolve, they need to continue to break through various narrative and mechanical boundaries. In doing so, games are able to become more and more realistic. Not only graphically, but also when to it comes to… Read More »

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It will be always be difficult to recreate what made the videogames of our youth so great. With us having now long since passed the tenth numbered Mega Man game in the series (there’s actually a whole lot more), unarguably… Read More »

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More or less one year after his self-imposed retirement, legendary Gears of War designer, Cliff  ‘CliffyB’ Bleszinski, has announced that he will reveal his new game on the 8th of July. Revealed via his Twitter account, Bleszinski posted a selfie… Read More »