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By , May 28, 2014, @ 1:30 pm 19 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

UPDATE: So it seems much of Battlefield Hardline has been confirmed. According to a post by Vice President and General Manager of Visceral Games, over on EA’s blog, Battlefield Hardline is set to release this year. Moreover, it steps away… Read More »

By , May 28, 2014, @ 12:00 pm 4 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

There’s unfortunately not a lot to say about Sacred 3. We now know its release date is August – a particularly packed month might we add – and we know that, at least for now, it’s not coming to either… Read More »

By , May 28, 2014, @ 9:00 am 18 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Yesterday, we brought you the rather sad news that the PlayStation exclusive The Order 1886 would be delayed until sometime next year. We also brought you some rather awesome screenshots of Shinji Mekami’s new horror The Evil Within. Unfortunately, you… Read More »

By , May 27, 2014, @ 5:00 pm 14 News, PS

We know a few of you were looking forward to Ready at Dawn’s The Order 1886, but it looks as though you’ll have to wait until next year before you get a shot at it and its alternate history setting…. Read More »

By , May 27, 2014, @ 2:30 pm 16 News, PC, PS, Screenshots, Xbox

When Bethesda originally announced The Evil Within, we were a little sceptical to say the least, and then we were told that Shinji Mikami was a part of the game’s development and our hopes were lifted a little. Since then,… Read More »

By , May 27, 2014, @ 11:30 am 13 News, PC, PS, Xbox

GamingHeads is creating five hundred 21 inches tall collectible statues of Mass Effect’s Garrus Vakarian. The statue will put you back just over R3.5k, so you better start robbing banks saving your money. Of course, we here at G3AR do… Read More »

By , May 27, 2014, @ 10:30 am 20 News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Were you fortunate enough to get Watch Dogs today, the day of its release? Well if you weren’t, and assuming you aren’t getting it sometime soon, this PlayStation Access video will show off some of what you’re missing. What this… Read More »

By , May 27, 2014, @ 9:30 am 45 News, PS

A couple of weeks back, the guys over at the PlayStation Plus program teamed up with Infinity Ward, the developers of Call of Duty: Ghosts, to bring Ghosts free to PlayStation Plus members over a weekend. While it was pretty… Read More »


Review: God of War Collection (PS Vita)

God of War Collection
By , May 26, 2014 @ 5:00 pm 9 ,

When God of War released on the PS2 in 2005, it was a smashing success (pun intended). It won numerous… Read More »

By , May 26, 2014, @ 3:00 pm 7 News, PC, PS, Rumours, Xbox

Half-Life 3 is in the works at Valve, at least that’s according to the creator of Counter-Strike, Le Minh. Le Minh, who has since left Valve to pursue his own projects, confirmed in a interview spotted by NeoGAF that, “I… Read More »

By , May 26, 2014, @ 11:30 am 14 News, PC, PS, Xbox

This year’s installment of Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, will introduce an array of futuristic weapons, one of which will be a 3D Printer Rifle, but not the kind you think it is. Revealed in GameInformer’s coverage… Read More »

By , May 23, 2014, @ 5:00 pm 1 News, PS

Chris Bruce, the Game Director of SingStar, has announced this week on the PlayStation blog that SingStar will be coming to PS4 later this year. The announcement goes along with the 10th anniversary of the SingStar franchise. Talking about the… Read More »