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By , August 1, 2014, @ 8:00 am 8 News, PS, Xbox

Sony’s latest financial report for Q1 2014 (available here) revealed that the company’s PlayStation consoles have outsold Xbox systems three to one. The results do not confirm how many PS3 and PS4 consoles were sold separately, stating only that combined… Read More »

By , July 31, 2014, @ 4:30 pm 7 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Based on a tweet posted by the official Watch Dogs twitter account, Ubisoft’s highly successful hacking, action game might be taking a trip down to New Jersey later this year. The city of Camden, New Jersey had the highest crime rate… Read More »

By , July 31, 2014, @ 2:30 pm 6 News, PS, Rumours, Xbox

While we know little to nothing about Assassin’s Creed Comet, the Xbox 360 and PS3 counterpart to Assassin’s Creed Unity, although we know that Comet is just a codename. Codename or not, we’re betting that the Assassin’s Creed: Rogue that… Read More »

By , July 31, 2014, @ 1:30 pm 28 News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Xbox

Well known fact: gaming is awesome. Not that we need to mention that, but it seemed like a solid way to intro this next piece. For example, did you know that females who play games tend to be happier with… Read More »

By , July 31, 2014, @ 12:30 pm 9 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Ending August 8th, Bethesda has setup a poll for you to vote for the alternative box art cover for their upcoming horror, The Evil Within. Voters can choose between these three alternative covers: Asylum Piercing Eye Twisted We rather like… Read More »

By , July 31, 2014, @ 11:00 am 10 News, PS

The much anticipated standalone DLC for InFAMOUS: Second Son, InFAMOUS: First Light, is less than a month away and we are properly excited. The last time Sucker Punch released a standalone DLC pack, it was a huge success. Festival of Blood… Read More »

By , July 31, 2014, @ 10:00 am 13 News, PS, Video

Speak of the devil; we were just talking about subscription services, EA’s new EA Access in particular, and now we’ve got PlayStation Plus to talk about. For the month of August, PlayStation Plus is all about indie games, or at… Read More »

By , July 31, 2014, @ 9:00 am 5 News, PS, Xbox

EA has just announced that a set fee every month you will get access to a number of games in their back catalogue as well as discounts on various other products each month. Go read Timothy’s excellent piece here for… Read More »

By , July 31, 2014, @ 8:00 am 0 News, PC, PS, Xbox

We’re always a little apprehensive when receiving a breaking story via email – typically it means the story is coming from an unreliable source, but even more worrying, it usually means bad news. It seems both is the case as… Read More »

By , July 30, 2014, @ 2:30 pm 5 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Who would’ve thunk; the Assassin’s Creed Unity Arno Master Assassin CG Trailer features a redhead woman. And here we all thought that Ubisoft was made up of woman-haters, or at least the gaming community at large did. When it comes… Read More »

By , July 30, 2014, @ 1:00 pm 5 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

With Dragon Age: Inquisition slightly delayed so that Bioware may give it that much more polish and affection, we’re fairly sure it’ll be a solid title. In fact, if you’re been watching the game’s dev diaries, you’ll probably agree that… Read More »

By , July 30, 2014, @ 11:00 am 11 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Like it or not, the Call of Duty franchise is a gaming behemoth difficult to stop. Despite severe criticism that the series is becoming stale, fans and critics are cautiously optimistic about the latest instalment releasing later this year. Whether… Read More »