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By , January 15, 2015, @ 8:00 am 2 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

We’re expecting a lot out of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – a massive open world, an evocative narrative, believable characters, solid combat mechanics, plenty to do, gorgeous visuals and more. It’s not a far stretch to say that many… Read More »

By , January 14, 2015, @ 5:00 pm 3 News, PS, Video

Ready At Dawn’s third-person shooter, The Order: 1886, is set in an alternative London which consists of knights and zeppelins, and is set to release in February 2015. The idea behind The Order, however, has been around for many years,… Read More »

By , January 14, 2015, @ 4:30 pm 0 News, PC, PS, Video

Final Fantasy VII’s colourful carnival, Gold Saucer, will be heading to Square Enix’s highly successful MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in the latest patch announced. Entitled patch ’2.5 – Before the Fall’, a whole host of new features are… Read More »

By , January 14, 2015, @ 4:00 pm 2 Columns, PC, PS, Xbox

After closing G3AR just prior to Christmas, us G3AR peeps, or at least some of us, went on a bit of gaming spree. After all, we had more time on our hands than was normal – I, myself, was practically… Read More »

By , January 14, 2015, @ 2:30 pm 2 News, PC, PS, Video

In just two weeks, one of our favourite dark comedy neo-noir adventure games (to be honest, it probably was THE ONLY dark comedy neo-noir adventure game) from the 1990’s is making its return in glorious remastered form. Yes, we are… Read More »

By , January 14, 2015, @ 12:30 pm 0 News, PS

Sony has announced that they will be doing scheduled maintenance this week for PlayStation’s PSN servers. The maintenance is scheduled around the world for tomorrow January 15th, 2015 at 6pm CAT / 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT …. Read More »

By , January 14, 2015, @ 9:00 am 2 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

We all know that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC means a zombie invasion, and not just an ordinary one. Nope. These zombies are exo-suit enhanced and a lot meaner than we’ve come to expect. Interested, you’ll need to… Read More »

By , January 14, 2015, @ 8:00 am 2 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Mid-December of last year, Turtle Rock Studios revealed the third monster, the Wraith, for their upcoming cooperative asymmetrical multiplayer title, Evolve. The Wraith is supposedly as stealthy as it is capable of killing hunters, if a bit of a glass… Read More »

By , January 13, 2015, @ 11:30 am 1 News, PS, Screenshots, Video, Xbox

Of course DmC: Devil May Cry is getting a definitive edition for PS4 and Xbox One, but of course, you’ve known about it for a while now. It’s supposed to feature “enhanced” (whatever that means) 1080p graphics and sport 60… Read More »

By , January 13, 2015, @ 10:00 am 3 News, PS, Xbox

In a rather surprising announcement, everyone’s favourite plastic instrument, rock star-producing, gaming studio, Harmonix, has announced new DLC for Rock Band 3. This announcement comes after the studio stopped Rock Band 3 support way back in April of 2013. The… Read More »

By , January 12, 2015, @ 2:30 pm 3 News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Everyone loves a good underdog story; that’s especially true when that very same underdog wins out against a bully – a bully many were originally cheering for no less. That said, should you succeed in your endeavour, we would suggest… Read More »

By , January 12, 2015, @ 9:00 am 1 News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Xbox

Awesome Games Done Quick, an annual charity gaming speedrunning event, has raised one million dollars this past week for a worthy cause. As reported by Polygon, Awesome Games Done Quick raised money via donors who tuned into their Twitch.tv channel this past week… Read More »