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I always enjoy watching streamers. It’s nice to sometimes take a break, sit back and watch someone play one of your favourite games. Whether you are watching it for the laughs, to try learn something new from a pro or… Read More »

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Titanfall 2, the massive new game that will be released by Respawn on October 28th is an intense first person shooter jam packed with everything a war game junkie needs. Filled with giant mechanized combat suits, parkour stunts and unstoppable… Read More »


Review: No Man’s Sky (PS4)

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This sort of gave me a few sleepless nights. Not only because there was a lot to play, but because… Read More »

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Sony has just announced that the price for PlayStation Plus will increase on 22 September 2016. Luckily, for now it seems like the price increase is limited to the USA and Canada. Revealed on the PlayStation Blog, yearly subscriptions will… Read More »

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As you probably know by now, Sony has scheduled their 2016 PlayStation event to take place on the 7th of September, and we all expect the PlayStation Neo to take center stage. If recently surfaced rumours are to be believed, another… Read More »

By , August 19, 2016, @ 9:00 am 2 News, PS, Xbox

Attention fellow Tenno! An emergency broadcast has been sent out to inform you of the following invasion alert! The long awaited Specters of the Rail update for consoles is here! As if magic wielding space ninja’s wasn’t enough of an… Read More »

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Before Overwatch released earlier this year, Blizzard released animated shorts that introduced us to a few of the heroes on the roster. The game has been out for a little while now, and Blizzard have just released another animated short… Read More »

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It doesn’t matter what game you play, there will always be that one guy who likes to rub his win in the losing team’s face. Blizzard knows this all too well, so they decided to do something about it; enter… Read More »

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Brawling backstage used to be the standard in the wrasslin’ games of yesteryear, but with the latest iterations, it kind of, just, like, went away. However, WWE 2k17  is changing all that and bringing back backstage brawling (illteration, boi!) in… Read More »

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Mafia 3 is turning up the ad campaign, unleashing fantastic trailer after trailer and the latest shows off a mighty tasty heist you’ll be pulling off in the game. Check it out below, true believers! That’s a Stan Lee reference, but… Read More »

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NetherRealm released a new trailer for Injustice 2 (Electric Boogaloo), which shows off some gameplay as well as reintroducing us to the updated Harley Quinn in a couple of her costumes as well as introducing us to the assassin who… Read More »

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It seems like every developer these days has been trying to capitalize on the remaster hype train. Make a new unique IP? Why, when you can just throw on some new lighting textures, maybe tweak a few bugs and re-release… Read More »