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Seattle is currently playing host to PAX Prime. Fina Fantasy 15 has made an appearance there, and fans will be pleased to know that game director, Hajime Tabata, has confirmed that the game will arrive in 2016, and that they’ll… Read More »

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Toys-to-life games are popping up all over the place these days. The latest is Disney Infinity 3.0: Play Without Limits. This time around the game brings together universes from Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. The game is available now at… Read More »

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November is only 2 months away, and with it will come a slew of games which I’m sure no-one’s wallet is prepared for. The one game that I’m sure all of you know will be releasing at that time will… Read More »

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There’s an Assassin’s Creed film coming next year regardless of the videogame movie curse whose latest victim is Agent 47 (again). But, no matter what atrocity this film is predestined to possibly be, they seemed to have at least gotten the… Read More »

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So far this year we’ve seen some great sales come out of the PlayStation store, and it seems that Sony isn’t close to stopping. This week a good few discounts are coming into affect on the store and if you’ve… Read More »


Review: Until Dawn (PS4)

Until Dawn
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After numerous pants changes and trauma counselling sessions, we finally got our Until Dawn review done. So hit the link to find out what we thought.

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Yesterday Destiny‘s weekend vendor, Xur, Agent of the Nine, who makes stops at the Tower or The Reef, decided to show off some of the exotic armor and weaponry players can expect to arrive on September 15th 2015 with Destiny:… Read More »

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The video below gives us a deeper insight into Project Morpheus and some of the people behind the project who are working so hard towards making Virtual Reality a part of every gamers arsenal. Sony wants to make the virtual… Read More »

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Dishonored Definitive Edition might not be a game everyone’s going mad over, but that doesn’t detract from just how good the original game was and undoubtedly, how good this enhanced edition is going to be. Although I’ve played through the… Read More »

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Until Dawn will be causing many a psychological traumas come this Friday and to celebrate (but mainly promote) its release this Friday, we have a launch trailer  showing off the game in all its terrifying glory which you can check… Read More »


Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)
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Is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain the best game we’ve played this year ? What makes it so special ? Check out our review to find out!

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I really feel sorry for you if you are not aboard the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain hype train. It’s really going to be a long week for you – but it is almost over soon. For the… Read More »