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So you think you are good at Grand Theft Auto right? You plan heists, jump in with your friends to inflict mayhem and then escape with your loot? That’s cool. I have a lot of respect for you. But are… Read More »

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 comes to Steam Early Access on September 15th, inviting players to journey through the opening portion of the campaign and prove their skills in the online PvP Arena. The sequel to Larian Studios’ award-winning RPG, Divinity:… Read More »


Review: No Man’s Sky (PS4)

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This sort of gave me a few sleepless nights. Not only because there was a lot to play, but because… Read More »


Review: Hunter’s Legacy (PC)

Hunter's Legacy (PC)
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So Hunter’s Legacy is a solid game with a few issues… Here’s why!

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It is a great time to be alive indeed, with so many advances in the gaming industry coming into focus. Millions of people find some sense of ‘home’ in video games, and it is reassuring to know that gamers’ needs are constantly… Read More »

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HP has recently launched a new family of gaming products designed specifically for those who demand the ultimate, immersive gaming experience. HP’s new high-end gaming products – the OMEN X Desktop, OMEN 17 Laptop, OMEN X Curved Display and OMEN with SteelSeries… Read More »

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Before Overwatch released earlier this year, Blizzard released animated shorts that introduced us to a few of the heroes on the roster. The game has been out for a little while now, and Blizzard have just released another animated short… Read More »

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When the top graphics card company in the world puts its name on something, you can be sure that it is only the highest standard. The same can be said about the world leaders in cooling and modifications. So when… Read More »

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It doesn’t matter what game you play, there will always be that one guy who likes to rub his win in the losing team’s face. Blizzard knows this all too well, so they decided to do something about it; enter… Read More »

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Mafia 3 is turning up the ad campaign, unleashing fantastic trailer after trailer and the latest shows off a mighty tasty heist you’ll be pulling off in the game. Check it out below, true believers! That’s a Stan Lee reference, but… Read More »

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NetherRealm released a new trailer for Injustice 2 (Electric Boogaloo), which shows off some gameplay as well as reintroducing us to the updated Harley Quinn in a couple of her costumes as well as introducing us to the assassin who… Read More »

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It seems like every developer these days has been trying to capitalize on the remaster hype train. Make a new unique IP? Why, when you can just throw on some new lighting textures, maybe tweak a few bugs and re-release… Read More »