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From a prison break and a conquest-styled PvP to the inclusion of yetis, Far Cry 4′s Season Pass certainly sports variety. Today, Ubisoft detailed Far Cry 4′s season pass as well as how it’s built around extending the title’s play… Read More »

By , October 20, 2014, @ 5:30 pm 6 News, PC

October 19th saw the World Cup stadium in Seoul filled with almost 40 000 fans cheering their favourite team on, in a competition that would net the winning team $1 million in prize money. This tournament, however, did not host… Read More »


Review: Deadcore (PC)

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Deadcore is an amazingly well designed game and is well worth a purchase.

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The on-going GamerGate scandal is seriously giving gamers, and gaming, a bad reputation. Not only that, but gaming is sometimes seen as a time wasting activity generally only done by slackers. If only people knew that this is a gross… Read More »

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Ubisoft’s latest trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity shows off a hefty portion of the game’s main cast along with the voice actors who lend their talents to bring them and the game to life. In Assassin’s Creed Unity, Arno will cross paths… Read More »

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The Dota 2 SEA (South East Asian) division has been hit with a massive match fixing scandal, for the most part called the “#322scandal” in the communities concerned. Unfortunately for the Dota 2 scene, SEA teams Mineski, EvoGT and Arrow… Read More »

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Not to be confused with DICE’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Battlefront III was meant to be the sequel to Battlefront II, though never officially announced. Under development by Free Radical Design, now Crytek UK, Battlefront III was fairly… Read More »

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Embark on an epic adventure in the crust of the ever determined slice of bread. The quest to become toasted drives you to brave the harsh environment of a home filled with dangers such as, well, everything you could possibly… Read More »

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It was an inevitability that the PC port of Final Fantasy XIII sucked. We knew that it would be released to Steam on life support and in dire need of some TLC from the modding community right from the get… Read More »

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Like with the television series House of Cards, anyone who claims that they’re interested in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for anything other than Kevin Spacey is very likely a liar. Sure, Advanced Warfare sports a rebuilt engine (at least… Read More »

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Having played it a number of times now, most recently at rAge 2014, we can confirm that Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve is a hoot and a half – that means it’s a lot of fun by the way. I’m not… Read More »

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Earlier this week, CD Projekt RED revealed a mysterious tease on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s website; today, we finally know what The Trail is. Just as we suspected, The Trail is, in fact, a cinematic. But not just any… Read More »