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On May 2, The Dawn of War YouTube channel showed a strange video with no information other than the date May 3 2016. Yesterday, A video was posted that shows an intense trailer for Dawn of War 3. It is… Read More »

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I enjoyed Watch_Dogs — take me to church if you want — but, I know full well of the game’s shortcomings, but regardless, I enjoyed the game and I feel it has the potential to pull an Assassin’s Creed and redeem… Read More »

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After nearly a year, we finally have the release date for the highly anticipated Dishonored 2, but don’t get your hopes up, because it’s quite a while away… As in November 11, 2016… So many a moon away… However, there… Read More »


Review: Back in 1995 (PC)

1995 Start

This review may seem like a complete slam on the game, and for the most part, it is, but I did finish it, however strong the sinking feeling I had that I would rather be fiddling with emulators for hours to get games like Silent Hill or Resident Evil to work.

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rowsers – our window to the digital world. In an age where we spend more time browsing the internet than taking part in the world around us, finding a browser that makes the internet appealing to you is key. For… Read More »

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These are exciting times for fans of Warhammer 40K. A new strange video has been uploaded to the Dawn of War YouTube channel: It seems clear that this is the long awaited announcement for Dawn of War 3, or what… Read More »

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It’s that time of the year again where we finally find out what the next installment in the CoD series will be, and it has officially been named Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. And although that title doesn’t exactly entice… Read More »

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Acer has announced new additions to its consumer notebook range at the next@acer press event at 4 World Trade Center in New York on 21 April 2016 with the convertible Aspire R 15, all new Aspire F Series with premium… Read More »


Review: Welkin Road (PC)

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Welkin Road, where Spider Man meets Mirror’s Edge and their baby is beautiful.

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This year will see the arrival of new hardware with the potential to take gaming visuals and performance to the next level. Historically, AMD and Nvidia have worked hard to push PC graphics year after year, but the arrival of… Read More »

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I probably play too much League of Legends. I know a lot of you do to. Last time there was a massive update, the AD Carries were changed so hard that Graves ended up in the Jungle, still looking for… Read More »

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Mirror’s Edge, is one of those games that you have either loved or hated over the last 7 years. Having somewhat of a weak story, and the fact that even the most hardcore fans hated the combat system. Mirror’s Edge… Read More »