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When they announced Dishonored 2 at E3 this year, we were made to believe that in this upcoming sequel it would be possible to play as both protagonists, as they have different skills and attributes that would make them perfect… Read More »

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Since the dawn of man, before history even existed, there was Team Fortress. Through only whispered conversations and personal game invites, it became known around the world and adored by millions. Until this day, no-one knows where it came from,… Read More »

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To make sure your bank is ready to get broke next week when part 2 of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC drops, Rockstar is bringing back the Independence Day special event weekend this… er… weekend to Grand Theft Auto Online. Why?… Read More »


Review: Portal Stories: Mel (PC)

Portal Stories: Mel (PC)
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A review of the community made addition to the Portal franchise, the free mod Portal Stories: Mel

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The scramble to order and eventually own the Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 has been huge. Retailers sold out of their allocated pre-orders on the first day of offering the edition and Bethesda had to manufacture more. Those extra numbers… Read More »

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Ask a gamer the question “What is the hardest game you have played in the last 5 years?” and a huge number of them will tell you Dark Souls without a doubt. Dark Souls really made gaming harder than almost… Read More »

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Those of you who have played the very fresh take on platforming that Thomas Was Alone presented are certainly scratching your heads right now. I agree, but its true. Creator Mike Bithell has announced that Thomas Was Alone will receive… Read More »

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A little while ago, we featured an article about the new Diablo-themed expansion coming to Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA from Blizzard that sets itself apart by making experience communal and removing all items from the game. Having only… Read More »

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Rockstar revealed earlier this week that part 2 of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC for GTA Online will drop sometime in July and now, we not only have a release date, but more details on what the new update will bring and as… Read More »

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I think it’s rather a well known fact that AMD has been struggling to make a profit for quite some time now. Even though they have great, and sometimes innovative products, they seem to be stuck in the giant shadow… Read More »

By , June 29, 2015, @ 5:00 pm 3 News, PC, Tech

The size of computers are undoubtedly getting smaller and smaller and it was just a matter of time before they could fit in the palm of your hand; enter HDMI sticks – flash-drive-sized computers which can be plugged into any… Read More »

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IGN have made a masterpiece using the Rockstar Editor function in GTA V. The editor is like a theatre mode, and it’s only available on PC at the moment. It has been promised for PS4 and Xbox One in a… Read More »