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Epic Games have announced that they are releasing their virtual reality experience, Showdown, for free. You can download it right now through the Learn tab on the Epic Games Launcher. Showdown is compatible with Oculus DK2 and up, Sony PlayStation… Read More »


Review: Cooler Master Quickfire XTi – Minimalistic outside, powerful inside

Cooler Master Quickfire XTi - Minimalistic outside, powerful inside
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The Quickfire Xti is the latest mechanical keyboard from Cooler Master. Featuring Cherry MX Blue switches underneath its UV coated… Read More »

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The brand new Source 2 engine for Dota 2 – Reborn is going live soon. The Source 2 Engine will be bringing a lot of new features to Dota 2 which the previous version did not have. We take a look… Read More »

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This year’s Assassin’s Creed title is set in the industrial era of old London. One thing I’ve always loved about the Assassin’s Creed games is the way that the developers do their best to stay true to the locations they… Read More »

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You know that old saying that when it rains, it pours? Well, that pretty much sums up the coming 6 months for the world of gaming. The number of incredible, long awaited games being released during the upcoming months is… Read More »


Review: Blues and Bullets: Episode One (PC)

Blues and Bullets: Episode One (PC)
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We review the first episode of the adventure game Blues and Bullets!

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Cooler Master, one of the leading manufacturers of desktop components and peripherals in the gaming industry today announced the availability of the Quick Fire XTi, a minimalistic mechanical gaming keyboard with multi-color backlighting for gamers built with 100% authentic cherry MX… Read More »

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November is only 2 months away, and with it will come a slew of games which I’m sure no-one’s wallet is prepared for. The one game that I’m sure all of you know will be releasing at that time will… Read More »

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With the ups and downs of The International comes the post-TI shuffle. Teams get their rosters ready for the next TI and the upcoming Dota 2 Majors, trying to make their team the strongest possible so they can work together… Read More »

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If you were paying attention during E3, you would’ve heard of the wonderfully styled and brightly coloured free-to-play shooter MOBA, Gigantic. If you didn’t even know it existed, then pay attention, because you might get some hands-on time with this… Read More »

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There’s an Assassin’s Creed film coming next year regardless of the videogame movie curse whose latest victim is Agent 47 (again). But, no matter what atrocity this film is predestined to possibly be, they seemed to have at least gotten the… Read More »

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Five years after the launch of the Logitech G930, the company has announced their next top of the line gaming headset, the G933. While the 2.5Ghz G933 is wireless, the G633 was also announced. This version of the “Artemis Spectrum”… Read More »