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By , August 24, 2016, @ 6:31 am 0 Mobile, News, Nintendo

For a casual trainer, the latest update (0.35 on Android, 1.5.0 on iOS) may have been a bit confusing. The patch notes talked about appraising your Pokemon, helping you know the stats behind  your Pokemon and allowing you to make… Read More »

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It’s been a non-stop Pokemon hype train-ride ever since the unofficial release of Pokemon GO a month ago, but since that specific train cart is busy winding-down, the group next door are only starting their party. New information regarding Pokemon Sun… Read More »

By , August 11, 2016, @ 9:00 am 0 News, Nintendo, PC

Ever since emulators were first released people have been developing their own versions of Pokemon games. Whether it’s a fine tuning of a well known game or a game barely recognizable with a completely rethought concept, developers of all skill… Read More »

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The internet is a wonderful place for sharing ideas, information and communication, but it also has an evil side that all of us fall prey to at some stage or another. Because of the inherent anonymity that comes with not… Read More »

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If you’re a fan of Harvest Moon, the latest in the series Harvest Moon: Skytree Village has a limited edition up for sale on the NISA Online Store. The Limited Edition includes: Harvest Moon: Skytree Village game for Nintendo 3DS Collector’s… Read More »

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By , July 26, 2016, @ 3:30 pm 0 Mobile, Nintendo, Top Ten

Good day Poké Masters! As you’re going all over to catch Pokémon, taking over gyms and meeting other Pokémon Go players, we thought we’d talk about the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Some of the Pokémon have not been seen… Read More »

By , July 25, 2016, @ 5:30 pm 0 News, Nintendo, PC, Retro, Video, Xbox

As part of the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary celebration at the San Diego Comic-Con, Sega has announced two new Sonic games coming out in 2017. The first game is Sonic Mania a retro 2D game where you can play as… Read More »

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The world of business is a strange, magical, scary and unpredictable place (at least for me it is). A company once in its pride makes one error in judgement and loses billions. Similarly, it only takes one brilliant idea to… Read More »

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So it seems like every piece of news these days is about Pokemon Go, from people getting into accidents or finding dead bodies to amazing stories of hope or friendship. It seems that the world is split in rather a… Read More »

By , July 21, 2016, @ 9:30 pm 0 News, Nintendo

Pokémon Global Link will be shut down late October 2016 to make way for Pokémon Sun and Moon. This means that Pokémon Global Link (PGL) will end its current Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, and Pokémon Y… Read More »

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Yep. The Pokemon craze has gotten to that point. Even Hollywood is buying into the whole Pokemon Go phenomena and has now decided to bring out a movie about our favourite electric rodent. There have been plenty of Pokemon movies… Read More »

By , July 19, 2016, @ 11:00 pm 1 Mobile, News, Nintendo, Rumours

Everyone these days is all about the trainer lifestyle. From catching new pokemon to fighting at gyms, everyone seems to be in on the craze. Apparently now though the answer to many people’s questions have been found; How strong can… Read More »