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By , March 26, 2015, @ 4:30 pm 1 Columns, News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Xbox

This year hits me and my generation with a big blow. One that gets me right in the childhood – I turn 25 this year. I can already feel the age on my shoulders. With this new age however I… Read More »

By , March 26, 2015, @ 1:30 pm 0 News, Nintendo

Nintendo’s casual announcement of their next “dedicated games system”, codenamed the “NX”, is getting more attention than they originally anticipated. Or maybe their intention was to downplay the announcement, hoping the internet will generate hype. Whatever the case may be,… Read More »

By , March 25, 2015, @ 4:30 pm 0 Mobile, News, Nintendo

Historically, Nintendo has primarily relied on their first party studios to develop their games, even though there are also a couple of brilliant third party developers developing for their platforms. This made their announcement to collaborate with DeNA to develop… Read More »

By , March 19, 2015, @ 10:00 am 1 Mobile, News, Nintendo

A couple of days ago, Nintendo announced that they are working on mobile games and a dedicated games system code-named the “NX”. In a long interview with Time (the magazine, not the thing your watch is supposed to keep), Nintendo’s chief… Read More »

By , March 18, 2015, @ 12:00 pm 1 News, Nintendo

Yesterday we brought you the exciting news that Nintendo will be partnering with deNa to develop mobile games. During the same conference, something even more interesting was revealed. Appearing alongside the Nintendo Wii U, 3DS and other platforms was a “dedicated… Read More »

By , March 17, 2015, @ 2:30 pm 0 News, Nintendo, Screenshots, Xbox

Behind the legacy of Banjo-Kazooie on Nintendo and Microsoft’s platforms of old comes a new game from the newly formed Playtonic Games. Made up of game industry veterans from Rare, who are creating a highly anticipated game only known as “Project… Read More »

By , March 17, 2015, @ 11:30 am 3 Mobile, News, Nintendo

Today, Nintendo have announced that they are partnering with deNa as part of a strategy to develop mobile games. According to the official Nintendo press release regarding this partnership, Nintendo intends on developing games specific to the mobile platform instead… Read More »

By , March 17, 2015, @ 10:00 am 0 News, Nintendo, PS, Rumours, Xbox

A couple of years ago, the company with the largest array of memorable characters stepped up to the plate in an attempt to dethrone Skylanders as the king of the toys-to-life genre. Yes, I am indeed referring to the behemoth… Read More »

By , March 16, 2015, @ 12:30 pm 0 News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Fairly recently we reported on the fact that Lego Jurassic World was announced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and will be releasing in June. At the time however, no announcement trailer was available. Today that fact changed with an official announcement trailer… Read More »

By , March 13, 2015, @ 2:30 pm 3 News, Nintendo

Nintendo USA have announced that their Amiibo sales have reached 3.5 million in the USA. The Amiibo figures double as an accessory item for the Wii U’s tablet-esque gamepad and can be scanned by games such as Super Smash Bros. on Wii… Read More »

By , March 13, 2015, @ 2:00 pm 0 News, Nintendo, Video

Bravely Second, the upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed Bravely Default seems to be shaping up to be all kinds of awesome. Square Enix have released a brand new trailer that shows off the game’s systems and gameplay mechanics. The video, which… Read More »

By , March 13, 2015, @ 1:00 pm 1 News, Nintendo, Video

Nintendo released a brand new video to YouTube earlier this week that highlighted the battles prevalent in their upcoming role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles X. More importantly though, the video provided a taste of the Wii U game’s soundtrack. Fans of Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii… Read More »