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By , June 29, 2016, @ 5:00 pm 0 E3, Mobile, News, Nintendo, Video

Yes, we have all sat there drooling as companies like Amazon have started taking pre-orders for the Pokemon Go Plus accessory which is set to come out at the end of July, but now the wait is over! has… Read More »

By , June 24, 2016, @ 6:30 pm 0 Mobile, News, Nintendo, Video

In just two short weeks, Yo-Kai Watch 3 will be hitting the screens of Japan. So as expected, Level-5 has started letting more details slip in lead-up to the release date. One such detail is showing fans how the ‘create… Read More »

By , June 24, 2016, @ 9:30 am 0 News, Nintendo, Xbox

In an industry where companies are willing to step on one another to get to the top, it is refreshing and heartwarming to see some healthy competition and sportsmanship. When asked about his opinion on Nintendo’s upcoming NX console, Microsoft’s Xbox… Read More »

By , June 23, 2016, @ 9:00 am 0 News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released the next video in a series of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens character vignettes spotlighting Kylo Ren, the dark warrior who commands the First Order. The video showcases Kylo Ren’s LEGO character in full… Read More »

By , June 22, 2016, @ 6:30 pm 0 E3, News, Nintendo, Video

So, I finally got around to watching Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse, and I must admit, I’m super disappointed. Sure, they had some decent announcements, but in general the big N didn’t do much to ease long term concerns of the company…. Read More »

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By , June 21, 2016, @ 10:00 pm 2 Columns, E3, Nintendo, PC, PS, Top Ten, Video, Xbox

Another year, another E3! And it seems like most of us got through it without having to consult a doctor about a game induced erection that lasted more than 4 hours. But now that it’s over, we can finally take… Read More »

By , June 17, 2016, @ 3:30 pm 0 E3, Mobile, News, Nintendo, Tech

What was originally teased as a April Fools prank is now coming to full fruition. We introduce you to the Smart Boy! Developed by Hyperkin, after they saw the response the April Fools day prank got, they just had to… Read More »

By , June 15, 2016, @ 9:34 pm 2 E3, Mobile, News, Nintendo

Pokemon Go is the biggest news in the Nintendo showing at E3 for a lot of people, and developers from both Niantic and Nintendo just sat down to have a Q&A session to give us a couple of new details to… Read More »

By , June 14, 2016, @ 9:00 pm 0 E3, News, Nintendo, Video

It has finally been announced. The next Zelda game will be called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game will grace the Wii U after about four years of promotion by Nintendo. The game is apparently massive, with… Read More »

By , June 14, 2016, @ 8:30 pm 0 E3, News, Nintendo, Video

In November, you’ll be able to battle your friends in a brand new multiplayer mode in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Battle Royal will involve up to four players in a massive free-for-all, and the victor will be crowned based on… Read More »

By , June 12, 2016, @ 6:00 pm 0 E3, Live, Nintendo

Can you feel that excitement in the air? It’s almost tangible. Probably because as of last night, E3 2016 officially kicked off. First to the stage was the never boring people at EA, showing off what they thought would whet… Read More »

By , June 7, 2016, @ 5:00 pm 0 Mobile, News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Tech, Video, Xbox

Twitch has become as much a part of the gaming world. From the casual guy sitting at home putting his stuff out there and begging his best friend to maybe stop by, to the massive tournaments that draw hundreds of… Read More »