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In spite of how many LEGO titles we’ve played, each new addition to the rather prolific franchise is met with honest enthusiasm and excitement; it’s a testament to the franchise and LEGO in general.  It’s probably got a little something… Read More »

By , April 16, 2014, @ 12:30 pm 2 News, Nintendo

Director of both Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M, Yoshio Sakamoto, has stated that he would like to challenge himself to create games for a new generation of gamers that bring out genuine emotions. “I do not intend to do… Read More »

By , April 15, 2014, @ 10:00 am 4 News, Nintendo, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

Ubisoft’s upcoming fantasy adventure game Child of Light may not be to everyone’s taste, but one thing that can not be disputed is just how beautiful it looks. The hand-drawn animation looks simply amazing; even among the highest echelon of… Read More »

By , April 15, 2014, @ 8:00 am 6 News, Nintendo

If you’re planning on purchasing the digital version of Tomodachi Life via Nintendo’s eShop, then we have some good news for you with regards to its download size. The ludicrous life sim from Nintendo is expected to be about 3391… Read More »

By , April 14, 2014, @ 9:00 am 4 News, Nintendo

The incredibly crazy Nintendo game Tomodachi Life received a patch last year to fix certain parts of the game, but what made people’s eyebrows raise is that fact that they removed an option for male same-sex marriage. This, according to… Read More »

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With sales putting it very near the top, the 3DS and Nintendo have proven that graphics is not everything and their determination to churn out top games compliments the high selling system. To continue on that path, Kirby: Triple Deluxe,… Read More »

By , April 11, 2014, @ 10:00 am 5 News, Nintendo, Video

In a special (and unique) Nintendo Direct video, the producer of Tomodachi Life, Yoshio Sakamoto, has gone on to announce that the highly popular game will now be coming to NTSC and PAL territories. Providing more details in regards to… Read More »

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If you haven’t heard of it before, which comes as no surprise given the state of the Wii U in SA, NES Remix takes a particular set of NES titles and breaks them up into brief challenges. The challenges can… Read More »

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Sometime last month, we posted a trailer showcasing the rather beautiful art behind the upcoming Child of Light from Ubisoft. Suffice it to say, it looks amazing and Ubisoft seems to have a real winner on their hands. That said,… Read More »

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In the past, I’ve touched on some titles that some of our readers have actually played, but this time around I’ll be VERY surprised if any of you lovely readers out there have even heard of this week’s ‘Have You… Read More »

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Lately, there have been lot more rumours and concerns about Watch Dogs floating around than there is buzz or hype. To add to the mystery that is Ubisoft’s latest creation, a recently released listing on Game Stop shows that the… Read More »


Review: Nintendo’s Pocket Football Club (3DS)

Nintendo's Pocket Football Club
By , April 9, 2014 @ 12:00 pm 5 ,

Pocket Football Club is the Tottenham of football games; it continuously disappoints.