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By , August 22, 2014, @ 2:30 pm 0 News, PC, PS, Video

The Astronauts have released a commented gameplay video for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, the 13 minutes of gameplay is sure to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Have a look-see. If you haven’t yet familiarised yourself with this… Read More »

By , August 22, 2014, @ 1:30 pm 18 News, Tech

Attention all Telkom internet users: Telkom has announced, this week, in a press statement that it is enforcing the Fair Usage Policy on their users. What it essentially means is that users whose downloads exceed a predetermined cap will be… Read More »

By , August 22, 2014, @ 12:30 pm 0 News, PC, Video

If you know me at all, you’ll be all too aware of my love for all things space bound. The final frontier and any games that explore it always very quickly catch my attention, and Ancient Space is no different…. Read More »

By , August 22, 2014, @ 11:30 am 3 News, PS, Video, Xbox

With its release date more than a full two weeks away, we think Destiny’s launch trailer is a little pre-emptive. Though it seems a fairly positive sign that Bungie are as keen to release their game as we are to… Read More »

By , August 22, 2014, @ 10:00 am 0 News, PC

eSports has really taken off over the last couple of years with hundreds of thousands of gamers tuning in through their broadcaster of choice at any given time. While some games seem to be much more popular with gamers, with… Read More »

By , August 22, 2014, @ 9:00 am 3 News, PS

The Last of Us Remastered has gone down pretty well with both gamer and critic alike, and why wouldn’t it. Sure, it’s a little expensive and might’ve been released too soon, but it’s a fantastic game made better, except in… Read More »

By , August 22, 2014, @ 8:00 am 5 News, PC, Tech

As is the trend with Microsoft operating systems, every second OS either sucks or is splendid (depending on the OS you start counting from). So it’s only appropriate that Windows 9 finally provides us with a solid upgrade from Windows… Read More »

By , August 21, 2014, @ 4:30 pm 1 Gamescom, News, PC, PS, Video, Xbox

The other day, we excitedly reported that both MGS V: The Phantom Pain as well as Ground Zeroes were coming to PC. On top of that, The Phantom Pain demonstrated the use of horse manure as weapon with which to… Read More »

By , August 21, 2014, @ 3:30 pm 3 News, Rumours, Xbox

In an attempt to add more value to their Games with Gold service, Microsoft is set to announce a new “Free Play Day with Gold” program for their Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One – that is, if the… Read More »

By , August 21, 2014, @ 2:30 pm 3 News, PC

For the few of you who have yet to play Borderlands 2, the game is free for the next two days on Steam. That’s right. It’s a 2K weekend baby! 2K and Steam are offering Borderlands 2 for free for… Read More »

By , August 21, 2014, @ 2:00 pm 2 News, PC, PS, Rumours, Xbox

Teasers and hints at forthcoming titles can often be subtle or slight. Sometimes they’re hidden in plain sight and at other times they’re delivered under the guise of a mistake. It’s that last situation that interests us most in this… Read More »

By , August 21, 2014, @ 1:30 pm 2 News, PS

If you’re a fan of or you’re interested in Minecraft but have never really been a PC gamer, then the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of the game would’ve done in a pinch, sort of. We say sort of because… Read More »