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I know what you are thinking, but no this is not a paid ad for Cell C. This is merely a post informing our loyal readers of something rather spectacular that happened yesterday. Cell C launched their new LTE network… Read More »

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Google has just finished announcing a bunch of awesome new stuff: two new Nexus handsets in the form of the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P; a new, updated version of Chromecast called Chromecast 2.0; a new initiative that looks… Read More »

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This week we take a look at 3 mobile that are trending in the Android app store; Castle Clash, Robot Conqueror and a very special mention to 3 Coin. Three completely different games with three completely different play styles and game… Read More »

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So, Angry Birds is getting a movie next year. Yes, you read that correctly and to prove it, here’s the trailer. Now, the movie has been getting a lot of hate, because of the internet, but you know what, it… Read More »


Review: Armello (PC)

Armello (PC)
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We review Armello! Does it live up to the expectations and hype that surrounded it fairly recently? Read our review to find out.

By , September 22, 2015, @ 11:00 am 2 Mobile, News

Those of you following the Unsung Heroes competition will know that local developer, Retro Epic, is making huge waves with their super awesome, Red Riding Hood-inspired, hexagonal tile-puzzler, A Day in the Woods. We told you that the game is awesome… Read More »

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There are a couple of differences between a spy for MI6 and a normal person. A license to kill, nerves of steel and maybe a couple of suave nuances to seduce the ladies, but the most tempting one for me… Read More »

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Every year around the 10th of September, Apple announces their new line of phones, tablets and, in recent years, wearable tech. Well, this year is no different and Apple has just lifted the veil off its “Hey Siri”-event. In case you… Read More »

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Last year Google put out an April Fools prank, whereby Pokemon could be found on the Google Maps app. They said that the first 100 people to find them all would be given a job at Google. While the whole… Read More »

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Researchers have recently discovered new Android ransomware named “Adult Player” which secretly takes a photo of the user from the front-camera of the device and starts displaying it on the ransomware screen along with a message demanding $500. The malware reportedly locks the device… Read More »

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Yesterday at IFA 2015 held in Germany, Sony announced a variety of new products. Most notable however were the Z5 range of smartphones. These phones are the successor to the Z3+ (or Z4 if you live in Japan) and they… Read More »

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Square Enix have announced their full line up for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. It includes Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and a variety of others. See the full line up and stage schedule for TGS below. TGS runs… Read More »