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With Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp there have been a few changes to the ToS and privacy settings. Facebook now uses keywords within your texts and information you provide within your Whatsapp account to ‘improve’ the ads you see on Facebook. This was… Read More »


Review: Sony Xperia X (TECH)

Sony Xperia X (TECH)
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It’s tough to nail down exactly where the Xperia X sits in the increasingly blurry space between mid-range and high-end phones. Check out review!

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For a casual trainer, the latest update (0.35 on Android, 1.5.0 on iOS) may have been a bit confusing. The patch notes talked about appraising your Pokemon, helping you know the stats behind  your Pokemon and allowing you to make… Read More »

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GPS Spoofers and hackers beware, Niantic have had enough of your cheating and are now rolling out the permabans! “We may terminate your access to and use of the Services, at our sole discretion, at any time and without notice… Read More »

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Sorry Pokémon fans but you wont be able to catch Pokémon in Iran. Iran is the first country to ban the game, the game has been banned by the High Council of Virtual Spaces supposedly because of “security concerns”, but… Read More »

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Pokémon players can now have the tools of a Pokémon Master – GamerReality LLC in Redding, California have created a working Pokéball to catch your Pokémon, and the ball also doubles as a charger! The Pokéball works as a kinetic… Read More »

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It’s been a non-stop Pokemon hype train-ride ever since the unofficial release of Pokemon GO a month ago, but since that specific train cart is busy winding-down, the group next door are only starting their party. New information regarding Pokemon Sun… Read More »

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  A misleading, yet fun sounding title, that shares no relation to any film media made famous by the daughters of any hotel industry tycoons, Hearthstone‘s new adventure is filled with promise, and as always, addictive entertainment. The new expansion… Read More »

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Niantic want all the Pokémon Go fans to know that they are actively trying to fix bugs and issues in the game. They recently posted an update on their blog as to what is going on with the game. A… Read More »

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Garmin are excited to announce vívofit 3, a daily activity tracker with one-year battery life and Garmin Move IQ. Building on the company’s popular activity tracker, the vívofit 3 adds new features including Move IQ auto activity detection and intensity minutes. Automatically… Read More »

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Pokémon Go player Kaitlyn “kaitcovey” Covey has claimed to be the first to own the legendary bird pokémon Articuno. She went to Facebook to boast about how she took over the Field & Stream gym in Miamisburg, Ohio and placed… Read More »

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The internet is a wonderful place for sharing ideas, information and communication, but it also has an evil side that all of us fall prey to at some stage or another. Because of the inherent anonymity that comes with not… Read More »