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The world of business is a strange, magical, scary and unpredictable place (at least for me it is). A company once in its pride makes one error in judgement and loses billions. Similarly, it only takes one brilliant idea to… Read More »

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So it seems like every piece of news these days is about Pokemon Go, from people getting into accidents or finding dead bodies to amazing stories of hope or friendship. It seems that the world is split in rather a… Read More »

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Apple users rejoice! Your prayers for an RPG made exclusively for your expensive accessory has been answered! Square Enix have announced that they are in the process of making just such a game, and it’s called Cosmos Rings. According to Siliconera,… Read More »

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Yep. The Pokemon craze has gotten to that point. Even Hollywood is buying into the whole Pokemon Go phenomena and has now decided to bring out a movie about our favourite electric rodent. There have been plenty of Pokemon movies… Read More »

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Everyone these days is all about the trainer lifestyle. From catching new pokemon to fighting at gyms, everyone seems to be in on the craze. Apparently now though the answer to many people’s questions have been found; How strong can… Read More »

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Ever since Guitar Hero and Rock Band used video games to coax people into playing an actual instrument (to various degrees of success I might add), developers have tried the same approach to teach people how to play an instrument…. Read More »

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While playing Pokémon, two former Marines helped catch a suspect in a murder case. Javier Soch (26) and Seth Ortega (24) were playing Pokémon Go in a park in Fullerton, California while they noticed some strange activity from a man… Read More »

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For those of you that have been inundated with people slowing down or even stopping at your house, the Pokemon Go website will now allow you to submit requests to create or even remove PokéStops and gyms. This form includes several categories for… Read More »

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The Poké craze has hit the world! Thousands of wannabe Pokémon Masters have taken to the streets, fighting gyms, catching Pokémon and taking full advantage of Poké Stops. With gyms and Poké Stops being placed at random locations through out… Read More »

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Collectable Items! These items are given to the player as the explore and level up. Some items can only drop from PokéStops. Revive Revives help Pokémon that have fainted due to Pokémon gym battles with an opposing team. Using a… Read More »

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The age old question of “desktop vs. laptop?” is still being asked even in today’s world of irresponsibly powered desktop GPUs.  The pros and cons of each are equally numerous and the final decision usually comes down to personal preference…. Read More »

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With Pokémon Go being released in several parts of the world yesterday, it has got every Pokéaddict in a spin! People have downloaded the app, chosen their avatar, caught their starter Pokémon and begun on their adventure to level up,… Read More »