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By , July 24, 2014, @ 4:30 pm 3 Columns, PC

The G3AR team is like 67% MOBA player, and so I thought it appropriate I ask the team to weigh in on the particular toxicity of the MOBA community. Think of this as less of a discussion, as is the… Read More »

By , July 17, 2014, @ 2:00 pm 23 Columns, Nintendo, PC, PS, Xbox

Yolanda ‘wants a fight’ Green Every article about sexism in games is a bitching session. We’re either upset because we can’t play the game as a female, upset that there isn’t a female on the pack shot or upset that… Read More »

By , July 10, 2014, @ 4:00 pm 6 Columns, Nintendo, PC, PS, Xbox

The general idea of this week’s State of the Game will be JRPG’s versus the rest of the world. With games like The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, among many others, on the way, RPG’s look to be in… Read More »

By , July 4, 2014, @ 2:00 pm 9 Columns

[Timothy] So we’re trying a new feature today, scheduled to occur every Thursday from next week onwards. For now, it’s we’re calling ‘State of the Game’, but we’re open to suggestions for a different title. The premise of the feature… Read More »

By , June 30, 2014, @ 1:00 pm 6 Columns, Mobile

It’s no secret that Square Enix have a history of charging exorbitant prices for their mobile games. At a cursory glance, Final Fantasy IV , V and VI retail for a rather hefty R129,99 each. Meanwhile, even some of the… Read More »

By , May 28, 2014, @ 2:30 pm 38 Columns, PC, PS, Xbox

You know we love ourselves some music. A game’s musical soundtrack or theme is as vital as the textures and lighting, perhaps even more so. Music creates atmosphere, it creates tension and many a game would crumble without it. But… Read More »

By , May 21, 2014, @ 4:00 pm 7 Columns

I don’t rant, that’s my thing. I am calm, collected and a well-mannered individual. With that in mind, it’s important to know that the only thing that truly angers me is when the lay-person looks down on our lifestyle. I… Read More »

By , May 21, 2014, @ 2:00 pm 11 Columns

Half-life 2 was a critical and financial success. It broke down barriers both in terms of what can be done with narrative set-pieces and gameplay mechanics to the extent that today nearly ten years after release it arguably still hasn’t… Read More »

By , May 19, 2014, @ 1:00 pm 10 Columns

With today’s “nerdy” culture becoming increasingly popular, lots of companies are profiting from our nerdy needs by coming up with simply irresistible geeky gear. As such, because I can’t get enough of it, I thought I’d take a look at… Read More »

By , May 6, 2014, @ 4:30 pm 10 Columns

With Mothers Day coming up this Sunday (Yes it’s THIS Sunday! So if you forgot, you’re welcome, you just got a heads up from me!), I thought it would be fun to look at some of the best and worst… Read More »

By , April 10, 2014, @ 11:00 am 5 Columns, Nintendo, Retro

In the past, I’ve touched on some titles that some of our readers have actually played, but this time around I’ll be VERY surprised if any of you lovely readers out there have even heard of this week’s ‘Have You… Read More »

By , April 3, 2014, @ 1:00 pm 15 Columns, PC

The year was 2001, the movie The Matrix had been released two years earlier and the entire world was in love with the idea of slow motion gun fights. Gamers around the world held their breath for a game based… Read More »