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By , April 17, 2014, @ 10:00 am 4 News, PS, Video

Today sees the launch of a new patch for the highly acclaimed InFamous: Second Son, which brings with it a number of requested additions and changes. Brian Fleming, Co-founder and producer of Sucker Punch Productions, has announced that InFamous: Second Son‘s… Read More »

By , April 16, 2014, @ 12:30 pm 2 News, Nintendo

Director of both Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M, Yoshio Sakamoto, has stated that he would like to challenge himself to create games for a new generation of gamers that bring out genuine emotions. “I do not intend to do… Read More »

By , April 15, 2014, @ 8:00 am 6 News, Nintendo

If you’re planning on purchasing the digital version of Tomodachi Life via Nintendo’s eShop, then we have some good news for you with regards to its download size. The ludicrous life sim from Nintendo is expected to be about 3391… Read More »

By , April 14, 2014, @ 1:00 pm 3 Mobile, News, Video

More or less this time last year, the 2D platformer/beat ‘em up title Gucamelee! was released by DrinkBox Studios, and it was a brilliant if short title. The private development studio now has a new title on offer for 2015,… Read More »

By , April 11, 2014, @ 10:00 am 5 News, Nintendo, Video

In a special (and unique) Nintendo Direct video, the producer of Tomodachi Life, Yoshio Sakamoto, has gone on to announce that the highly popular game will now be coming to NTSC and PAL territories. Providing more details in regards to… Read More »

By , April 10, 2014, @ 11:00 am 5 Columns, Nintendo, Retro

In the past, I’ve touched on some titles that some of our readers have actually played, but this time around I’ll be VERY surprised if any of you lovely readers out there have even heard of this week’s ‘Have You… Read More »

By , April 9, 2014, @ 9:00 am 7 News, Nintendo, Video

This edition of Nintendo Direct is probably the most informative to date and it’s only covering one game. Technically, it’s covering two games if you make a distinction between the 3DS and Wii U editions of Super Smash Bros. There… Read More »

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By , April 8, 2014, @ 11:00 am 10 Nintendo, Retro, Top Ten
By , April 7, 2014, @ 9:00 am 2 News, Nintendo, Video

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Kirby: Triple Deluxe for the 3DS. The brief trailer, at around forty seconds in length, shows off various snippets of the game’s gameplay mechanics: Expect to see Kirby’s signature moves, cut scenes, boss… Read More »


Review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS)

professor layton vs ace attorney header
By , April 3, 2014 @ 12:00 pm 26 ,

The gentleman professor finally joins forces with the awkward attorney

By , April 2, 2014, @ 11:00 am 29 News, Nintendo

A Japanese news publication The Nikkei has stated that June will be a testing month for Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Here is a rough translation on what the publication had to say about Iwata turning Nintendo around: Nintendo rejected the suggestion of… Read More »

By , April 1, 2014, @ 11:00 am 8 News, Nintendo, Retro

Capcom is planning to release another retro Mega Man title via the 3DS eShop, and this time round it’s up to the public to decide what gets released. The Game Boy versions Mega Man II, III, IV, V as well… Read More »