All the E3 news you need to know about Mass Effect Andromeda

I've been aboard this hype train since even before the game was announced. So to be able to see what the BioWare team have been up to since the launch of ME3 is beyond exciting for me. Especially since this year's E3 has brought to light so much already. But let's get stuck into it. Andromeda is about humanity finding a new home, because let's be honest Earth wasn't looking great after that last game. You're a soldier named Ryder exploring a whole new galaxy that's teeming with potentially hostile alien life. And yes, it seems like we're getting another Mako.
As you can see, apart from a new and improved Brute-type enemy, a new type(?) of Asari and a ship called the Tempest, not much else was shown to us. But it's still more than we had to start off with. What was revealed, however, was that BioWare is trying to make the (romantic) relationships seem a little more organic. Which I have mixed feelings about, I kind of liked the awkwardness of the previous games. Made it seem a bit relate-able. Creative director, Mac Walters, told IGN
In the past we’ve been very, eh, I’d say somewhat formulaic in the way we presented them. We’re trying to look at more organic ways to have those relationships evolve. Aaryn [Flynn] talked on stage today about offering more freedom to players than ever before, and that includes areas like this as well -- how you engage in those types of relationships and the gating around them throughout the timeline of the story.
Hearing that we'll get more freedom in Andromeda makes me so happy. Not that we didn't have any in the previous games, there was just always a small sense of confinement and linearity. As for the release date, no new news on that yet. There might be some later this year at another event, but for now we still only have a vague "early 2017" date. We'll keep you updated.

Source : IGN


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