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Top 10 Tuesday: Local Cosplays that will make you go WOW

Local Cosplay
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[/raw] When Timothy asked me to do Top 10 Tuesday this week, I must admit I was sort of at a loss when it came to picking a topic. But then I thought to myself that this is something for the readers, and that it would be awesome to actually put them in the article itself. The local Cosplay scene has grown stupendously over the last four years, producing amazing pieces of artwork and craftsmanship. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, my top 10 cosplays, chosen based on various factors such as “Is it eye candy?” and “How amazing is that costume!?” Don't forget to click on these to see the enlarged versions!

10. Cake


Photography by Nazeem Ryklief

Simply because Adventure Time is my favourite cartoon and Genevieve Lesch – known by many as KomboKitten – is one of my favourite cosplayers. Official Fan Page: KomboKitten Online

9. Black Widow


Photo by Eric Uys | PHOTOGRAPHY

The always lovely Miss Sasha Perdigoa cosplays a badass Black Widow, and what can I say? A picture is worth a thousand words! Official Fan Page: Sashi Cosplay

8. Demon Hunter


Photo courtesy of Kalahari, David Orridge & Nazeem Ryklief

Now this is an oldie but a goodie! Natalie Leaver created an amazing Diablo III Demon Hunter which was my absolute favourite of the Diablo III cosplay group in 2012. The group cosplays various characters from the game for the Kalahari Diablo III game launch. Official Fan Page: Naughty Neko Cosplay and Craftiness

7. Alien


Photographed by Andy Reeves

Last year, Telkom Do Gaming had an awesome cosplay competition at rAge. Challenging gamers to cosplay to the theme of Alien. Gabriella Jardine came up with something truly different. You could see that a lot of thought and effort went into her cosplay. Here’s to the best cosplay make-up I’ve seen locally!

6. Batman

cosplay It’s a great shame that we don’t have photographs showing off more detail on the amazing craftsmanship of Lazygamer journalist Darryn Bonthuys. This particular Batman suit was crafted by him for the 2012 rAge expo. Having seen this majestic suit up close, it will always be one of my favourite cosplays. Twitter: The D

5. Hawke

cosplay Cosplay duo Freltana Cosplay’s Darren has undoubtedly pulled off one of the best male cosplays in the country. Even though it was done quite some time ago, this particular image will stick with us for a long time. His Dragon Age Hawke cosplay even featured on the cover of “1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas” which can be purchased on Amazon. Official Fan Page: Freltana Cosplay

4. Ms. Marvel


Photographed by Marine Fourie

We just can’t get enough of this lady’s cosplay. Sasha Perdigoa did what she described as a “quickie” cosplay and soon discovered that it was one of her most popular. We can definitely see why.

3. Kagamine Len


Photography by Nazeem Ryklief

Yamaki Yama impresses with her Vocaloid cosplay. Yamaki crafted and styled every inch of this cosplay and wore it quite superbly. Official Fan Page: Yamaki

2. Ling Xiaoyu


Photography & Edit by Nazeem Ryklief

Once again, Genevieve Lesch brings to life a great classic character from the Tekken series. She has a number of great shots of her Ling  Xiaoyu, of which this is my personal favourite.

1. The Joker


Photographer: Werner Buitendag, WB Photography & Designs

Yes, that’s right. The number one WOW cosplay is worn by a man. I’m used to seeing a lot of watered down version of this cosplay and was really surprised at how well Devin Green presented his. It might not have the detail of Batman, or the eye candy of Ms. Marvel, and I certainly didn’t expect it to be my number one. That being said, after spending hours going through photographs of local cosplayers, I kept going back to this one over and over again. Official Fan Page: Arkham SA


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Half Unicorn, Half Potato
  • Timothy

    This be some epic shit. Well done cosplayers, well done.

  • Wincethis

    Really think it’s great they put so much effort in. Yolanda did you get anyone to go to the recent cosplay that was in Cape Town at the Stadium on Main?

    • Yolanda Green

      No :< would have been great tho.

  • lordspaceman

    Don’t forget Wonder Woman body paint cosplay by Durban photographers Manic Creations. Facebook album link:

  • Baka Sakura

    Lol, maybe next time limit one cosplay per cosplayer – that way you are showcasing more of the local lovelies! Just a thought ^_^

    • Yolanda Green

      Show us moar Baka 😀 if you have any to share please do!

  • Raidz

    I was so surprised not to see any Boobs take the number 1 spot, but then I saw Yolanda made the post :)

    • Yolanda Green

      rofl xD

      • Tomahawk “Lightning” Jones

        Sexist is what it is. Pfft.

        • Yolanda Green

          I’m very sexist.

          • Tomahawk “Lightning” Jones

            Tsk, tsk. I’m going to need to speak to Professor Tim Tims about this. This sexism is unacceptable! UNACCEPTABLE I TELL YOU!

    • Dian Fourie

      It’s pronounced BEEEEWBS!

  • Tomahawk “Lightning” Jones

    That Joker is ‘k, sure. But nothing — and I mean nothing — beats this New 52 Joker cosplay.

    You know, from Death of the Family where he has his own face cut off, disappears for a year, comes back and steals it back from the GCPD and wears it (using fishhooks to make dat smile) like a macabre Leatherface.

    • Yolanda Green

      no sis man D:

      • Tomahawk “Lightning” Jones

        Well if you look at the comics version, that cosplay is hella spot-on. Best. Cosplay. Evir.

        • Yolanda Green

          It definitely is. Just kinda grosses me out xD

    • Raidz

      ag crap. 22:30 is not a good time to imprint an ugly ass image like that into my memory! Kill it with fire

  • Martin du preez

    @yolanda_green:disqus Check out this girl as well:

  • Alec van Zyl


  • Trebzz

    Lucky I was without Internet my controversial comments would have made some of these kill me 😛