Shinji Mikami Nearly Developed a Gunslinging Cockroach Game

Gunslinging Cockroach
Believe it or not, when Shinji Mikami, that of Resident Evil fame, left Capcom to start up his own company, he planned to develop a game that revolved around a gunslinging cockroach. In an interview with Polygon, he says it originally started off as a joke but he took it rather serious. So serious that he played around with the concept for six months. Obviously, nothing ever came of it and we've seen Vanquish and Shadows of the Damned launching since, though we'd have to admit that Shadows of the Damned would fit well with such a bizarre concept. Somehow we don't think Bethesda would have gone for that title. He also worked on another concept that incorporated a vampire-hunting game starring two people chained together and could be played co-op or a single player. That eventually turned into what we now know as The Evil Within. Will we ever see the gunslinging cockroach making a debut elsewhere? Likely not. If there was ever anyone who could turn this into reality it would likely be Platinum or Suda 51. Let's hope we get to see this bizarre creation scuttle about in the not too dist
ant future.


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