Could this Generation be the PS2 Era all over again?


With the launch of the current generation of consoles, it’s become all too apparent that the PS4 is making a complete mockery of its competitors. It’s doing so well that you can’t help but notice the similarity when comparing it’s popularity to the PlayStation 2 – the best selling console in the history of the games industry.

There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear about some developer proclaiming their love for Sony’s new console. Right out of the gates, they’ve drawn developer confidence in developing titles for a console that’s easy to work on. Saying that, the PS2 was in essence a super powered Rubik’s cube. It took developers several years to get around the concept of development on the PS2, hence the Emotion Engine is nowhere to be found in any form of backwards compatibility these days. Mark Cerny did a splendid job to build on his already amazing profile, by making Sony’s comeback spectacular.

If you’ve never seen the Road to PS4, by Mark Cerny (the Architect of the PS4), it’s best you educate yourself now; it’s absolutely amazing and you’ll fall in love with his voice and more so his spectacular message:

The Wii U, when compared to the GameCube and PlayStation 2, is miles behind the PS4. I’m sure there’s not a day that goes by whereby Nintendo does not kick itself for dropping Sony in the CD SNES development. As for the Xbox One? It’s commercially accepted as the competitor to the PS4 and that too is looking like an uphill battle. In a day and age where HDTV’s are now a standard, they’ve made a huge mistake, post their official unveiling blunders. Their games can’t reach a resolution of 1080P. We’ve now seen that Thief 4 will get to roughly 900P, and though it might sound decent, they’re losing major sales in the overall picture. Tomb Raider: Defintive Edition was proof of this. It’s sold way more on PS4 than Xbox One, and along with the resolution issues, the Xbox One version experienced framerate problems. Multiplatform games have made a complete 180 and are now more popular on the PS4, unlike the PS3 and Xbox 360 era. Sony’s new system is dominating the market, once again, to such an extent that they’ve all but pushed the Xbox One back so far that it really is the Xbox ‘1’ era all over again.


While Nintendo never had a winning recipe with their online component (and is still battling), Sony all but hit Microsoft’s once superior formula out the park. Paying to play online is now part of Sony’s setup, as it’s always been with Microsoft, but the PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) service is all but demolishing any lead Xbox Live ever had. Who’s going to say no to at least 36 games a year for a mere R500? Don’t forget, this service supports all three products (PS3, PS Vita and PS4) for that small number. I had a look at my list of friends on my PS3 last night. Out of the 100 friends, only 28 were without PS Plus. Expect that percentage of non-PS Plus members to be smaller on the PS4 by the end of the current generation. Where Sony once made money with accessories (multitap, memory cards, etc.), they’re now raking it in with PS Plus. More so, if you’re a PS Plus member you don’t only get free games, you also get cheaper games you might not be willing to wait for to go free. Microsoft replied with Games for Gold, but they’re yet to grasp that it’s new games that’s stealing the show, though Sleeping Dogs was a great attempt. And Nintendo is still going on about the Year of Luigi or something…


The sleeping giant that’s Sony has once again awakened from its slumber and is on a mission to gain back the market share they lost to Nintendo and Microsoft in the last generation, and so far, they’re passing with flying colours. I wouldn’t cut Microsoft from this hunt just yet, but if you’re a consumer that’s trying to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll be hard-pressed not to consider the PS2 of 2014.


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Author: Dawid Venter View all posts by
Married to a gamer wife who kicks my ass at most shooters. I’m lover of all consoles. If it’s old or new chances are good I’m game to play it.
  • antiredcap

    Sony has done the most right and least wrong this generation. Off to a damn good start.

  • AchtungBaby_

    I love Sony and I’m just a little happy inside the XBox One is a bit of a flop. Just a little :) I don’t want to see it fail completely, that’s just mean spirited, but all those Xbox fanboys can go suck it.

    • Raidz

      lol I love how you say you don’t want to be mean spirited BUT go suck it. hahaha, see we Sony fans aren’t ONLY mean like certain other fans, we wish them at least a little success. Hi5 Sony Fans!

      • AchtungBaby_

        Hi 5

  • Trebzz

    At this point I don’t think a lot of people care about the Xbox One like some people think.

  • Richard Hedges

    Microsoft did themselves the most damage after the initial announcements. Always online, the second hand game thing, and then the whole kinect bundle debacle leading to the higher price. Then all the focus on a ‘media device’ where half of the features wont even work in certain territories. NFL IS NOT BIG OUTSIDE OF AMERICA MICROSOFT!!! The internet did MASSIVE amounts of damage to the XBOne. Now, if it weren’t bad enough that they are releasing the console (in territories that already have the PS4) MONTHS afterwards, now everyone is finding out the games are not in 1080p. Sony is going to win this gen by a landslide.

  • Dian Fourie

    I love Sony.. I love Sony. Dian are you just randomly looking at things and saying that you love tthem?.. I love Sony.. I love Sony…

  • Albertus van Rensburg

    I am a Sony fanboy and I will always be one. I live PS+ and the IGC! I am a happy monkey every month and I’m almost never disappointed. Looking forward to getting a PS4 later in the year when more concrete titles are released. It is going to be awesomeness squared!

  • Raidz

    This makes me so proud to have been a Sony Fan all my life. I’ve even got the chills. One they I will own my very own console and finally get to experience PS+ for myself. Thanks for not being lame Sony!

  • Thami540

    So awesome we have a good PS base in the country!

  • Justin Johnstone

    I agree, the PS4 is a better console for games.
    Still a long way to go but unless there are drastic changes or better games on the Xbox, which I doubt with Naughty Dog etc with Sony, Sony continue to extend their lead.
    Competition is good though, so as a PS4 owner and gamer, I hope Microsoft (and Nintendo) start to make some ground back.

  • dawid22

    Personally I still like what the Xbox One’s bringing more, but the PS4 will have a special place in my heart too.

  • Mayuran

    Microsoft’s basically digging there own grave with all the bad announcements, bad features, and late release.Even I, a so called “Xbox fanboy”, is so going with PS4 this gen

  • Gsiboy

    Big Sony Fan, but will also keep my exclusives on xbox

  • novaca1ne

    I am so glad that the PS4 came to SA first. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like was this not the case. I’m proud to say I sold my xbox360 and jumped on the ps4 hype train. Too much FOMO, bro

  • Jarrod Lane

    I’m still the MS fan, but I have a PS4 and now XB1 (yet) Still prefer the control from MS, but overall I seem to be getting more fun out of my Sony console. That’s the reason I play games, fun.

  • Z3r0-G

    Not surprising. Keep it up Sony, just a few more hadouken’s and the XBone is KO’ed…

  • Lonthor

    PS+ is one of the best services on earth. nuff said.

  • hammarman

    As much as I love Sony I still want the competitors to do well aswell. Gaming would get pretty dull if there was no competition.

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