Xbox One has already been Hacked

Look back at the history of any Xbox console and you'll notice that there is one thing starring you in the face - piracy. And, unsurprisingly, it's something that's continued into this generation and will do so into the next. The Xbox One has not been out for a week and yet someone (or several people) have managed to dump Xbox One’s NAND data. This data comes in at 4.9GB and has many similarities to hacking a Xbox 360 by using a Corona V2 using SD Card. What does this spell for this generation of the Xbox One? Well, more piracy we're afraid. If the blueprints of the system are already in the wrong hands at this early stage, it's not going to be too long before you see pirate copies of games floating around the streets as it has with the Xbox 360, all while destroying the industry we all so love.

Source : Console Junkies


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