Xbox One has already been Hacked


Look back at the history of any Xbox console and you’ll notice that there is one thing starring you in the face – piracy. And, unsurprisingly, it’s something that’s continued into this generation and will do so into the next. The Xbox One has not been out for a week and yet someone (or several people) have managed to dump Xbox One’s NAND data.

This data comes in at 4.9GB and has many similarities to hacking a Xbox 360 by using a Corona V2 using SD Card. What does this spell for this generation of the Xbox One? Well, more piracy we’re afraid. If the blueprints of the system are already in the wrong hands at this early stage, it’s not going to be too long before you see pirate copies of games floating around the streets as it has with the Xbox 360, all while destroying the industry we all so love.

Source : Console Junkies


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Author: Dawid Venter View all posts by
Married to a gamer wife who kicks my ass at most shooters. I’m lover of all consoles. If it’s old or new chances are good I’m game to play it.
  • Marius

    :( wow that took no time at all…

  • Princess Kenny

    Well, this was to be expected.

  • Die Kriek

    Sad, but still very impressive

    • Carla

      damn kriek, whats with people hating on you. oh wait, they’re hating on everyone

      • Julian

        It’s not just him, a lot of the comments on this article are being downvoted.

        • Raidz

          Usually I assume downvoted comment are two worded but now it’s pretty irritating if I have to click on all of them to see what people that comment constructively is saying

  • Albertus

    That was quick! It usually takes quite a while before they manage to hack it. Wonder if the PS4 will also be hacked soon. It took them ages to hack the PS though but with the system architecture changing in next gen to look “similar” to PC’s, I expect this hacking to happen soon. Such a freakin shame really.

  • nashief

    this didnt take long

  • Garrit4Ever

    I’m sure they’ll crack the PS4 just as soon

    • Marc

      Took them about 3 years to crack the PS3, so what makes you so sure the PS4 will be cracked just as soon?

      • Garrit4Ever

        that’s my opinion, the PS3 was all in japanese(hardware side) the PS4 is not, so I just think it’s not going to be that much more difficult

  • Ryan

    And so it begins

  • John Knight

    Piracy is every where, the PC just has so much more of it, so it overshadows all the other piracy

  • Khulani Ndlovu

    What No so early thats just too much these boys are pretty impressive, they just make everything pretty simple just easy, PS4 is following the boys are in works already im sure, lol :D

  • Thami

    Wow. They probably already hacked the PS4 too. Its architecture is said to be less complex than that of the PS3

    • Lord Gary

      I don’t think so. We would have heard about it. Hackers aren’t the type to be quiet about cracking a system like the PS4.
      True hackers enjoy a challenge. True hackers are also egotistical and arrogant for the most part. Wouldn’t you be if you solved high level coding problems like its nothing? So bearing all this in mind I am sure it hasn’t happened yet.

    • marc

      Its probably just a matter of time before the ps4 gets hacked too

  • Gary

    Lmao, a few days… Dubious as it may be, one must commend the dedication and skill of these Pirates. Were it only the case that the Ninjas, the developers, had the same sense of conviction and passion in the construction of their system, this may have been delayed some more.
    But I won’t be getting the XBoxOne either way, so yeah. M$ problem, not mine.

  • Chelsey

    No time was wasted haha!

  • Michelle

    There are some dedicated hackers out there.I’d never hack my console.

    • Lord Gary

      You can hack?

      • Michelle

        lol,no.I soft modded my Wii (when I still had it).
        Ppl can comment me down if they want,but the truth is this was inevitable,the PS4 will no doubt be hacked as well as apparently the architecture of the console is less complex than the PS3.
        I won’t hack my other console as it would prevent me from playing online.

  • Carla

    Yeah allot of people only bought the 360 because the could pirate all the games. And with the prices of games sky-rocketing, it is not much of a shock that they did it with the One as well

  • Julian

    I’m hardly surprised they cracked it so soon, afterall the console is based on the same x86 architecture that people have been hacking and cracking for years.

  • marc

    That was quick. I hope Microsoft don’t bring back that drm shit because of this.

  • darnell

    Microsoft stuff always gets hack. I don’t know about the PS4 being hack too soon. Sony put Wiz kid Geo Hotz on charges for hacking the PS3. We’ll see what happens though.

  • drew


  • brendon bosch

    Saw this coming but this soon is a shocker

  • Papelucho1982

    One day I was chatting to a mate about gaming piracy and he said: “I think that manufacturers allow this so that they can sell alot of consoles” can this be the case?

    They sell a lot of consoles, but they don’t sell a single game… Comments?

    • Dawid Venter

      Oh, this has been a conspiracy theory for years. It so happens to be that the best console of each generation (in terms of sales) is extremely easy to hack. NES, Mega Drive, PS1, PS2, Wii. They were all easy pickings for playing pirated games. Then, the Xbox (original) and Dreamcast were the easiest of the lot and we know both consoles were rather abysmal. Piracy is something that will always be there, no matter how easy or difficult it might be. Sadly.

    • tom

      Microsoft and Sony lose money on every console they sell for YEARS after release. So no. I’ve heard that Microsoft lost over 100$ on each original Xbox they sold in 2001.

  • bidomo

    Such drama!
    Much xbone luv!

    People who pirate games will not buy them 80% of the time cause they weren’t planning on doing such a thing, so no revenue from that side, is money the industry would never seen anyway, no piracy, not much hardware sold….

    not everything is “evil”, evil is people falling for the newscast by game developers….

  • Jarrod Lane (@noodleza)

    This is why the console shoulda been online only…

  • Charnelle

    Those who hack their console cannot play online and most of the games out today are mainly for online game-play.

    • tom

      hehe wrong.

    • tom

      You play xbox 360 online with pirated copies all the time. You just don’t realize it. Its easy.

  • David

    Wow, Even the wii u hasn’t been hacked yet, and that’s been out for a year already. I know there was a claim by a group that they’d hacked it but no evidence to back it up.

  • SoullessSentinel

    Just so you know, the Xbox One has NOT been ‘hacked’

    Dumping the NAND is useful for analysis of what’s in the NAND, but nearly useless on the hacking front.

    The NAND is encrypted and signed, meaning that first, the decryption methods have to be cracked before anything meaningful can be read from it

    Secondly, it’l likely be signed, so impossible to modify.

    This is not hacked, just a first step towards an analysis.

    • Jack Sparrow

      They have got inside the architecture and extracted the fundamental operations of the device. It’s been hacked. It will be hacked further so we can all play games for free! :-D

      The thing is, if games weren’t so ridiculously expensive I’d be happy to buy games and all hacking of this nature wouldn’t be worth the effort for the hackers.

      • Davey Jones

        I always get annoyed when I see others post what I’m about to say, BUT… “If you can afford a $500 next gen system, why on earth are you bitching about the cost of games?”

  • Namnuta

    Thank you Soulless Sentinel. Finally an intelligent post.

    Every console has is Nand dumped Day 1. This isn’t news or news worthy. The author of this useless article should remove it, as it highly inaccurate or just flat our wrong.

    Articles such as this is why i think journalists are worse than lawyers. Look at how many people actually believe this. The author should be ashamed.

  • Henry

    Didn’t Grand Theft Auto 5 just make a billion dollars? The video game industry is bigger and more profitable than ever. Even Rampant piracy seems to have very little effect on companies’ ability to profit greatly. Games like The Witcher 2 proved that even a highly pirated game on the most pirated platform can be extremely successful. The days of tallying downloaded pirated copies as losses are nearing an end hopefully.

  • joe

    great! i burnt all my 360 discs. cant wait to do the same with the X1

  • anotherbrainlesspost

    lol .. yeah ,.. “all while destroying the industry we all so love” never heard such an bullshit ! piracy existis since day one .. and still the industry was growing ever since ! let me think .. wastn it that gta v made a new record in whole entertainment history ? with 1billion sold in 3 days ? so please stfu with your dumed down industrie dick sucking post !

    • Princess Kenny

      Who doesn’t like sucking some A-Grade Industry dick? Makes it easier when it f**ks us. That’s one-eyed monster nobody minds taming — amirite, fellas?

  • jaf

    you are all missing the point!!!!!!!.the same people that make the consoles and write the code that operates the system,also write the code to hack said console.think about it they make millions selling these consoles,and all this bullshit about them loosing money on each console is just that.they then release a hack modded drive firmware that enables you to play back ups of your games that you have beem greatly over charged the same on all formats weather it be cd,dvd or games and programs,to stop this the answer is simple reduce the price of said media and game over.but on the consoles why are you not allowed to play back up copies of games legally purchased games,as you are able to do with cds and dvds.

  • Johan

    There are certain things that dont make sence to me, like, why not just make the games slightly cheaper, especially “Hot titles” like call of duty ghost, fifa 2014 etc.

    It would limit the need to pirate a game…

  • Evergo

    I really want to buy a Xbox One and I’m pretty sure i will use the cracked one, you can blame me all you want but the thing is i ain’t really got the money to buy a lot of games \ year, so it’s really up to the developer of the game to make something worth buying, like rockstar games with the GTA V online version or like all the newest games around, if the online part of a game is interesting the people will buy it. I know a few people who doesn’t even have the money to buy a decent PC, to play a game like: The Witcher 2, GTA 4, Battlefield 4 on medium settings. You really expect them to buy a game like Watchdog, Dragon age inquisition, The witcher 3 for 50 or 60 dollars when they don’t even have the system to play it with. Give me a break already. We ain’t living all in the honey pot. I really want to see that person who paid for all the games all the programs all the music all the ebooks, everything, then, come and say something, because most of the people are like you with the difference that they don’t have as much as you, if you can allow yourself 2 or 3 games / month with 30 to 60$ /piece that is great but don’t say anything about anybody else untill you’re not in their shoes.

    • Carla

      I totally hear what you’re saying, a student with no form of income just literally is impossible to afford R700 a game that you’ll only play for 8 hours. Guess people just want you to not play anything at all then

  • aquaman

    ok heres the deal .. Microsoft wants ppl to heck the xbox…why might you ask .. well then they will get mass sales..but you might ask wont that hurt their game sales.. yes and no…do the math each game 50 dollars ,, each xbox 600 .. hummm what the want to do is make it hackable right away ,(they probably left the hole there for the moders to find) then young kids will go mad with the new must have hacked box then when sales for the box drop off (boom they plug the hole) and ppl will be forced to buy games… they tried that last time with the 360 but undersetemated the fat guy in the bean bag chair eating cheetoes

  • Leon

    the inevitable!!

  • MrNoceros

    Yeah, because the 360 did sooooo poorly in sales. Piracy doesn’t destroy the industry. Greedy companies do. I didn’t even consider piracy until they considered not putting all content unlocked on a disc and using overpriced microtransactions for DLC. It’s wrong to have a complete game on a disc and not be able to play it. If I enjoy the game I will pay for it, most respectable pirates will.

    • Anthea Hercules

      So agree with you man

    • Keaton

      Dude, you hit the reasons perfectly! Good going Spartan XD

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  • ListenUpGuys

    Piracy killed SEGA.

    £5 for an extra mission on Borderlands that’s still being created is a bargain and keeps the authors employed and making more stuff. You can buy the DLC if you’re that into the game.

    There’s been unlockable content for a long time. Some N64 games required you to buy a pricey GBC game to unlock extra content. £25 – £30. What we used to do was NOT buy the game and do without the extra character or level. The practice ended.

    If you don’t like what a company is doing with their DLC policies, play a different game and rave about it online.

    What sucks is the “we can stop you playing if we want and you don’t own the game” policies that have been adopted everywhere.

    • Gilbert Nicks

      Sega didnt die from piracy… the saturn took a big chunk out of them…they didnt have hardly any funds for ads… and Sony was Spamming the PS2 and promising the world over a year before it even hit shelves… hat they get a cheap dvd player that was underperformed what they promised.

      hell they have proven piracy helps promote video games, music, and movies. when Megaupload got taken down Movies took a big hit in profits.

      • Alex H

        There is a huge chance that if someone pirates a game, they would have not bought it in the first place, hence the company loses 0 money. Sure there’s a chance that the person in question would have bought it if that option was not available, but there’s also a chance they will buy a console just to do it, hence making the company MORE money than they would have to start with.

        In the end of it all, piracy is going to happen as long as humans are humans. I remember back, however, to Metallica and Offspring. Piracy was happening to music, Napster was a big thing. Metallica tried to get Napster shut down. Offspring gave their music away free on their website, and guess whos albums I bought due to that? Yeah, I spent £50 of my hard saved teenage student money on Offspring albums. There’s a moral there.

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  • Keaton

    Well that didnt take long….

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  • Henré Viviers

    Hasn’t the PS4 been hacked yet?

    • Xiphan

      Apparently it was hacked a month after its release by a guy called Reckz0r.

      EDIT: Good thing I said apparently because it seems that “hack” is a fake.

      • Henré Viviers

        Kinda strange, would’ve thought it would be easier to hack than the previous gen since its so similar to PC.

        • Xiphan

          While the architecture may be the same the systems are significantly more locked down than your average PC. So there is still a challenge in hacking a PS4 or Xbox One as the hacker needs to find an exploit to get the system to run unsigned code before he can even begin to poke around!

          • Henré Viviers

            Yeah, I just think its kinda funny that PS4 launched first and has yet to “officially” have been hacked and then Xbox One comes along and its already cracked lol

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  • metalkiwis

    I’ll buy whatever system gets the easier/more reliable way of playing backup games, and probably a WiiU because Nintendo.

    I never touched a PS3 because of the games were larger and the modding came alone too late. But I did buy three XBOX 360s. Not to mention about a dozen controllers, about ten actual physical copies of games, a HD and a few other peripherals.

    I only bought it because I saw how easy it was to “pirate” games. So yeah, how awful piracy is for the video game industry. Look at all that money they never would have made off of me. That’s over a thousand dollars.

    Blaming “piracy” on whatever problems the industry is facing is lazy and stupid. How about the over inflated budgets for games? How can an industry survive when a product sells 5 million copies but is not a success and losses money? How about the endless landslide of an over-saturated market? There are more games released in a month than an average person will play in the rest of their adult life. There are billions of dollars coming in the video game industry, there is more than enough being drained from consumers pockets. The industry will more likely fail due to over saturation than “piracy”. The industry you love is destroying itself. Don’t place the blame on the consumers because they “only” spent thousands on systems, controllers, games, and televisions and don’t buy buy up every unoriginal clone that gets released. The industry isn’t failing, the expectation of certain people to get rich off of the industry seems to be taking a hit more than anything.

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  • EMOverlord

    I’m a long time pirate, with an extremely large collection of purchased games. Renting a game is 10x more than I pay for a disk just to try the game. Not to mention, if the game only lasts the 3-7 days that you have it on a rental, than it’s hardly worth paying rental prices (if you can even find a place to rent games anymore). Modding also encourages people to buy a second system, if they are so inclined to play the game online. Just because I pirate doesn’t mean I’m a thief, charging 80$ on the first month for Fable 3; that’s theft.

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  • InsanityFlea

    Piracy does well in this country due to our pricing structure.

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  • Jamie.t.

    I wouldn’t say destroying the industry, yes maybe companies are not making as much as what they could do due to piracy. but their is a lot of money in gaming now, gaming companies are making more money than ever! media really goes OTT

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  • Richard Ellicott

    the “wrong hands” dun dun duuuurr

    why you keep letting the wrong hands get hold of these consoles?

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