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Top 10 Tuesday: David’s Greatest Games of this Generation

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[/raw] So I kinda jumped the gun when it came to what I thought the top ten games of this generation would be when I did a list just like this 6 months ago. Has my mind changed at all since I did that list? Dear gosh yes, who knew the last half of the year would see so many great games come out, many of which could easily qualify to be the best game of this generation. So at a second glance, I present to you my definitive top ten games of this generation. 10.  Red dead Redemption

As you will have noticed by now, this list has changed dramatically. Red Dead Redemption originally had the number 2 spot and now it’s at number 10. That’s a big drop for such a brilliant game, why the big drop you say? Why not, I changed my mind, deal with it, also, I couldn't predict the amount of amazing titles that would come out the last half of the year. But in spite of those, RDR still makes this list. Never before has a virtual world felt so alive and teaming with atmosphere as it did in RDR. This game is a masterpiece and by far the best western game ever made. As well made as it is however, it is not my favourite game. That honour goes to another title and 8 more before it. 9. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 

Who could ignore the impact that Mr Kojima had on this console generation with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It launched as one of the most ambitious and visually impressive games to ever grace a console, and it was more than just a pretty face. Sure its cut scenes were around 14 hours long, but Snake looked better than ever sporting a stache, and MGS4 moved a lot of PS3 systems off the shelves, as it should have. 8. God of War 3

Kratos is a cash cow for Sony so they knew his first outing on the PS3 had to be impressive. And they certainly didn’t hold back in terms of scale and brutality, with plenty of titan battles and eye gorging included. Moreover, it saw the epic ending to the trilogy that had been building up for almost a decade, and it was a worthy send off to everyone's favorite God of War. Let's just hope the PS4 gets the God of War treatment as well, fingers crossed.  7. Rocksmith

Usually when a game says something on its cover like "the closest to war you will ever get", it's not really the case and is, instead, just some cheesy marketing line. However, on Rocksmith's box it says you will learn to play a real guitar, and that's exactly what happened once you connected up your guitar and popped that disc in. It has very clever mini-games to help you learn chords and a host of great tracks to master as you blister your finger tips up. Rocksmith is more than just a game, it's a music teacher living inside your console that you don't have to feed or pay. Having spent over a year with the game, I can promise you it certainly deserves a spot on this list.
[/raw] 6. Gears of War Whenever a game comes out and re-defines a game mechanic so well that every game since its release copies it, you know it's special. Gears of War had the perfect cover system, but it also became one of Microsoft's most profitable IP’s and boasted the prettiest visuals at the time for the Xbox 360. Also, you had a chainsaw on the tip of your gun and could curb stomp bad guys, when is that not cool? 5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 was the first big FPS on the current-gen systems when they first launched. Who knew that all these years later it will still be hailed as the best Call of Duty in the series? It revolutionized online multiplayer for FPS games and its formula was cloned a hundred times over. It still has the most memorable levels like the Ghillie suit mission, and at the time, its visuals made your eyes feel like warm custard was being poured all over them. 4. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

I recently re-played Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception and it wasn't long before I realized it was a better game for me than Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (let my beating be gentle, but its true). Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception is a brilliant game that has set pieces that rival anything you have seen in movies let alone games. I felt the close combat system was a major improvement over Uncharted 2, and levels like the cruise liner and the cargo plane will be forever etched in my gaming memories. 3. BioShock

I will never forget the intro to Bioshock, especially that moment you first surface from the plane crash and the fire is glinting off the water surface, for me that very moment ushered in the next generation in story telling for an FPS. The amount of atmosphere that dripped from Rapture's very pores was staggering, and it was full of fresh ideas like the plasmid system. And no other game did the look and feel of water quiet as well as Bioshock. Now would you kindly play it if you haven’t already. 2. The Last of Us

You don’t have to take my word for it, you already know how good this game is just by looking at the other top ten lists before this one. This game is worthy of every ounce of praise it got, it simply was just that good. The way Joel and Ellie interacted with each and the amount of detail Naughty Dog pumped into the locations and its characters was just masterful. It was also one of the scariest games I have ever played and is now why I sleep with a shiv under my pillow.
[/raw] 1. GTA V

GTA V destroyed not only sales records but the minds of gamers when they booted it up for the first time. My first thoughts were, how is this possible? Such a big detailed world that it could almost be passed off as a next-gen title. The fact that it runs silky smooth on 8 year old hardware is actually a little scary and I almost feel like Mulder and Scully should be called in to investigate Rockstar's development team. I felt like GTA V was this generation’s concord moment, I loved the three very odd lead character’s and how the game let me switch between them, and there was so much to do if you felt like taking a break from the story. I have logged more hours online with my crew than most of my games and I am not slowing down anytime soon. It it one of the most realistic game worlds I have ever experienced, and I cant think of another game this generation that has drawn me in quiet like GTA V, well done Rockstar...well done. One of your games moved down my list and another takes its place, props to you.


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  • Albertus

    Great list! I loved Rocksmith and The Last of us. You have good taste. Wheel done. :-)

  • Marius

    Great list especially the top 6 make a lot of sense. I would have liked to see Red Dead Redemption at 7 though rather than Rocksmith.

  • Die Jason

    Just two complaints — RDR being criminally low down on your list (ONLY #10? Top 5 dammit!), and then Uncharted 3 was the worst of the trilogy 😀

    Otherwise, some great titles in there!

  • Dian

    My Bioshock theory does not disappoint!!! Best list for me so far.. COD 4, Bioshock, God of War all in my top 10 as well

  • Trebzz

    David wins in the battle of G3AR top 10 games 😀 Thank you for this awesome list dude. I do have 1 concern though and its Gears, if you played Heavy Rain i have a feeling you would scratch that game out 😛

    • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

      You and Heavy Rain. It’s getting 2000late, breh. Let it go, okay? Let it go — no, no don’t touch me Nigel — let it go, Zhameer. Let David be. Let him be.

    • Dian

      Let it be.. Let it be.. Beatles FTW.. lol. Also agree with Zhameer, I do not like Gears. He probably only put it in cause it has G3ar in it

    • marc

      Gears may have lost a little of its spark but there is no doubt that this is a defining game of this generation of consoles.

  • V3rt3X

    Best list EVAR! David you just became my favourite person on this site. :)

  • Die Kriek

    I’m getting the idea you guys like The Last of Us.

  • Girl Scout Fighting Action Karate Fighting Squad: Batfan & Nigel

    David, aside from your number 10, this list is… That’ll do, David. That’ll do. And I’ve been wondering about getting Rocksmith for a while now and have been trying to fight against those urges, but now this pops up and I can’t handle this stress. I can’t do it.

    • David Kozlowski

      Give in to the urges and let your guitar gentle weep under your blistered finger tips 😉 Rocksmith doesn’t get nearly the amount of love it deserves, had to bump it down but it was originally 10 😉

      • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

        Well, I’ve had a guitar since 2006 and still can’t play, so I guess I should just knock that out; woo-hoo the female versions of humans. I mean, breaking out a Guitar Hero controller in public and playing an acoustic version of Buckethead on it doesn’t exactly get you anywhere with teh_ladeez.

      • Gary

        Rocksmith knocked up Red Dead huh?
        Damn, well, its your list and you can do as you like. Its not a bad list by any means, just Rocksmith knocking out RDR is a little, I don’t know, weird? Yeah. Weird.

  • Michelle

    yay Gears made the list awesome (*^_^*)
    Huge Gears of War fan.Trying to get the limited edition controller though :(
    I’m glad you like Rocksmith since I’m planning on getting it :)

  • Raidz

    David my man! God of war and COD! You make me happy… Despite having uncharted there!

    • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

      What’s… wrong with Uncharted? :/

    • David Kozlowski

      Just to clarify that’s Uncharted 3, have you played it ??

      • Raidz

        No I havn’t 😀 but ad you can see by my name…I am obliged to hate uncharted

        • David Kozlowski

          You need to play it ! name or no name play that game, if you play it and hate it, well, I will buy you a massive cake that says Uncharted sucks or something, play it !

    • marc

      Wow Uncharted is my favourite series of all time. Why the hate Carla?

  • Raidz

    And Oh my word if they make a god of war exclusive for PS4… I WILL resort to drastic measures to hAve pne!!

    • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

      If you think GoW IV is going to be multi-platform (PS3 & PS4) you’re going to have a bad time. If you pizza when you’re suppose to French fry, you’re going to have a bad time.

      • Dian

        I will get the PS4 then… She can come play with me… Wait that didn’t sound right

        • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

          You dawg, you.

  • Timothy

    Lawl, people seem to really love this list of yours David, seems yours is the most agreed with. If that’s the case then mine is almost certainly going to be the least agreed with XD PC games… just saying.

    • David Kozlowski

      I am trusting you to make our fellow PC brethren proud with your top ten. Don’t hold back on that list man, you make us proud !….proouudd !

  • Pretty solid list 😛

  • Garrit4Ever

    Good List, glad bioshock and good old gears made it on there :) not so sold on GTA V though, flame hate incoming

    • Timothy

      Wait until my list sports Dota 2 XD

      • Garrit4Ever

        LolZ – looking forward to it :)

  • beanz777

    Nice one David. GTA, RDR and TLOU should be on everyone’s list

  • James

    I knew some body would say GTA V

  • Sudeyan

    Epic list indeed, waiting for the pc release of GTA V. But many of the rest make up my personal top 10.

  • James

    Forgot to ask, I’ve started work on a massive free roam map for red eclipse and I’d like to know do you think it’d be better (in attempting to get a job in the gaming industry) to work with people or alone, sorry for the off topic question

    • David Kozlowski

      Go Han Solo if you can handle it and have the skill set, comes down to how much time you have, another person always helps but it comes down to so many things, could you pull it off alone time frame wise?

      • James

        I guess I can because this weekend I managed to make 3 (not very detailed but seemingly convincing, blue) buildings, I haven’t got a specific time frame, and holidays will give me more time (dayly and in general) to work on it, but then again I still have a map that needs polishing

  • Robert

    great selection!

  • Jarred

    Awesome list man, and I am glad I managed to guess a few of them at CoD launch. I have already made plans to get hold of CoD 4 to try out so I can see what the fuss is all about.

    Maybe, just maybe, I will try out GTA V at some point also.

    • David Kozlowski

      COD 4 will blow your mind man, I cant wait to hear what you think, Ghosts is a winner for single player by the way, just giving you the heads up you wont be disappointed 😉

  • marc

    What an awesome list – almost identical to mine.

  • Ryan

    Great list, agree 100%

  • Felicia

    My brother has rocksmith, I just watch as I suck at music games, but looks pretty neat :) The Last of Us I loved <3

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