The Forest is Getting Oculus Rift Support

Oculus Rift
Playing a scary game like Amnesia: The Dark Decent or Slender: The Eight Pages is one of the most terrifying things to put yourself through. With the lights off and earphones turned up high, your heart pumps so fast it's actually a small cardio workout. And now there is a new horror game around the corner known as The Forest and it looks to be scarier than anything you might have seen yet. If you think that sounds scary as is, try playing it with the Oculus Rift. The game will fully support the Oculus Rift which we're not sure is a good thing, as the below trailer already looks terrifying. Check out the freaky trailer below, this looks to be an open world experience for the very brave. That said, we can't wait to get our mitts on The Forest and experience what looks to be a very surreal but somehow believable situation and experience, never mind a terrifying one.

Source : VG247


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  • NightOwl1087

    Looks Awesome. I’m a sucker for a great survival horror. Can’t wait :)

  • Kratos “The Mercenary” McFancypants

    No. Damnit, people…no. I do not foresee this ending well.

  • Die Kriek

    Not even gonna play the video, I’ll just give the game a skip (like I do with the entire genre)

  • V3rt3X

    I already saw what Outlast was capable of. I almost sh@t my pants with the teaser trailer!

  • Michelle

    Uhmm I think I’ll skip this game.I don’t like scary movies/games.
    I’d use the Occulus Rift for FPS and RPGs.

  • Albertus

    This game must be insanely scary with the Rift! Beautiful graphics for a VR experience. I saw the tech demos for the skin tech they used. Insane stuff.

  • Girl Scout Fighting Action Karate Fighting Squad:

    Aw, the little birdie landed on mah finger — oh, let me bash this dude’s f***ing head in… Also, at 1:21 = monster penis.

    And no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Hell no, hell nah, hell mm-hm. I will never touch this game. Ever. O_O

    • Timothy

      Little birdies, head bashing and monster penis, what’s not to love. That’s some serious plus points.

      • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

        Who doesn’t like some gratuitous violence and phallus owning monstrosities lurking in caves, right? I mean come on. But Tim-Tims, if you get this and do a “Hey, let us play” of it, then I shall sit down. But aside from that, nope, nope, nope, hell nope.

  • Dian

    Who needs sleep anyway?? OMW I hate scary things… But Oculus Rift is frigging amazing!!!

  • Girl Scout Fighting Action Karate Fighting Squad: Batfan & Nigel

    Reading through these comments, I find us all cowards.

    • Die Kriek

      If choosing to game in clean underwear makes me a coward, then yes, I am.
      Also, WTF with the names. Do you just choose words from a hat and see how you can make them fit?

      • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

        I am super, super methodical. And exactly, we’re all cowards. Together, we should all just come together and play the game together. CA: Cowards Anonymous.

        • Die Kriek

          You can tie me up, blindfold me and superglue me to the chair, I refuse to play a horror game, especially on the Oculus

          • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

            What if I offer you a PS4 after you play it?

          • Die Kriek

            You drive one hell of a bargain. That is one I can not say no to. At least if I have a PS4, I’ll have something to do for the 6 weeks I wont be able to sleep

  • Timothy

    Want this game, will play this game, will bash some biatches in the face and train my animal army to defend me as I sleep under a blanket of the skins of my enemies.

    • Die Kriek

      One question. Do you often get locked in the closet under the stairs, you know, for safety reasons?

      • Timothy

        Occasionally, although I usually get out and eat a random limb (I usually flip a couple coins to decide) of those who locked me there 😀

        • Die Kriek

          One thing that comes with being a coward, I am good at hiding, and I am starting to like the look of a tree outside my office

          • Timothy

            Hiding makes the inevitable blood letting more enjoyable 😀

          • Die Kriek

            You’re telling my boss why I’m spending the rest of the afternoon in a tree

        • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

          Timothy, you need to eat a Snickers. You know how you get when you’re hungry.

          • Timothy

            I agree, I’m actually freaking starving and have barely slept thanks to much Dota and BF4. Coffee is the only thing keeping me going, well that and ‘We are Electric’ by the Flying Steps on repeat.

  • James

    I guess its worth a shot…

  • Robert

    I would play this

  • marc

    I got a fright just watching the trailer god help what would happen if I played the game with an occulus rift…. Probably shit flying in a lot of directions.

  • James

    I can just imagine OMO making an advert with this…I don’t like they’re adverts but still…

  • Julian

    I used to think I could handle scary games until I tried playing Amnesia, that game is just a whole lot of NOPE!

    This on the other hand looks really good and should be awesome with the Oculus Rift! :)

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