Blacklight: Retribution Launch Trailer for PS4

Until now, Blacklight: Retribution has been a PC exclusive since 2012, and in that time, it has attracted a huge fan base. The multiplayer FPS game provides some of the best action online, and those who are getting a PS4 will, of course, be able to play it at launch. Which is a good thing considering the decline of the console's launch list since its announcement. The game is free-to-play for all those that buy a PS4, which adds some value to the rather hefty price that the console costs. It means, however, that even if you get the standard console with no games, you will still have access to some gaming. In fact, there are a good number of free-to-play prospects planned for the PS4 and it's a great addition to the console's library. The launch trailer below shows off what the game is going to look like on Sony's next-gen console. Check it out:


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  • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

    The editing was horrible, but I recall not being able to run the beta on mah laptop and was sad about it. This, I’m definitely going to try out… In 2021 when I get my PS4.

    • Albertus

      I agree. The editing is cheap using flash frames to make the action POP. I hate that.

      • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

        It’s more the rapid cutting. You can’t actually focus and all you see are flashing muzzles. They need to slow it down.

        • Albertus

          They only do this if they have something to hide like bland and unimaginative game play or shoddy graphics and such. Not cool at all.

  • Albertus

    More FPS action for the PS4… Why are they forcing us to conform? I will stay true to my first love one more year and then I shall depart and embrace the new and disregard the old. I am not looking forward to the farewell deal PS3. Not at all.

    • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

      You getting rid of your PS3? o.O

      • Albertus

        I will never sell my baby bra! I wouldn’t dream of it. I will just have to give her less attention when/if I get a PS4… that’s the cold hard facts of life. She’ll just have to accept that and move on. I will play with her now and then but just to let her know that I’m still thinking of her. :-)

  • Kratos “The Mercenary” McFancypants

    Me: “Download ALL the games!” \:D/
    My ISP: “throttle ALL the McFancypants!” \:D/

    • Albertus

      True. With games being sub 40gig on PS4 SA ISP’s will be experiencing some heavy load over December and January. Many a throttling shall be experienced.

      • Trebzz

        Nice of them to upgrade our lines then 😛 but yeah big downloads will put many people off i think.

        • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

          Who in their right mind will download games on PS4/XO? O_O

          • Albertus

            It’s not just about the downloading, I foresee that the game installs will be massive as well. That’ll give your 500gig drive a bit of a workout. Also, PS+ will entice you to download free games and those will also be a bit big by current standards.

      • Kratos “The Mercenary” McFancypants

        …and February, March, April…and every other month, for the foreseeable future :/

  • V3rt3X

    I dunno why I’m excited about this O_o

  • Marius

    Bad editing…but the series is decent and Free to play is awesome.

  • Michelle

    All I saw was 1st person view killing things*bang bang*
    Everything was so looks like a fun game,but I’d like to see more of the game besides down the barrel of a weapon.
    It’s awesome that this game is free-to-play :)

    • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

      Right? It’s like, “Show us da aliuns!”

  • Robert

    Looks like a sick game

    • Descending Phoenix Super Smashing Photogenic Bros: Batfan & Nigel

      … God, I miss Ryan.

  • marc

    That’s not the greatest game trailer I have ever seen but when I eventually am able to afford a ps4 I will give it a try.

  • Ryan

    Game looks amazing

  • Julian

    This game actually looks like a boatload of fun!