Sony gives us the PlayStation 4’s Official Unboxing Video

Sony Official PS4 Unboxing Video - News - G3AR
So Sony has finally decided to show us what’s inside of that big blue box. And by that we mean they’ve posted the official unboxing of the PlayStation 4. We suppose it’s an auspicious occasion although we pretty much expected everything that we saw. That said, the gloved brandishing of an HDMI cable and adapter is perhaps a little too dramatic for us. It’s not that we’re not excited, it’s just that it’s a cable. The best sort of unboxing, in our opinion, would be a comical one, or something no less than pure badassery. So shoot the parts, console included (cover it in bubble wrap and Kevlar), out of a cannon at a Microsoft advertising board, or have a ninja attempt to open it while fighting off a cybernetic alligator; that’s an uboxing we’d watch multiple times over. That said, and joking aside, we can’t wait for the next-gen to get here.


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  • Trebzz

    Greatness awaits indeed Mr Yosh 😛 I’m so damn excited man I dunno if I should cry or get an erection.

    • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

      You’re like, 63. If you get one, you’d cry anyway.

  • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

    THIS is a Daft Punk Random Access Memories rip-off and I love PS — I love it to a level that no man should love something — but this is just… No. No. I prefer the Francis “unofficial” unboxing vid… That technically is official, because it is sanctioned by SONY.

  • Albertus

    The un-boxing is being done with gloves on… why with gloves… did they include a special white powder that you should never under any circumstances get on your hands? Why the cloak and dagger atmosphere? I also saw a pyramid… or it could be a triangle… never mind. There are too many questions raised by this video and I shall have to get to the bottom of this.

    • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

      Let me help you with that:

      • Albertus

        Then it is confirmed. Daft and Sony is the Illuminati and we are all screwed. We have been focusing on Xbone’s 24/7 surveillance while Sony and Daft has been quietly working on their world domination plans right under our noses. Run! Run for your lives!

        • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

          I dunno, man. With Daft Punk around, we’ll have quite the funky world where a brother can get down with it whenever he feels and with SONY, we’ll have amazing gaming consoles, decent phones and great TVs, so I dunno… Kind of looking good to me.

          • Albertus

            Come to think of it… you have a good point.. Maybe this whole taking over the world thing isn’t as bad as it sounds…

  • V3rt3X

    My waifu. <3
    Jk 😉

  • This is exciting, can’t wait to unbox mine soon hopefully next year when its affordable, 😉

  • Michelle

    Tim I agree with you,they could’ve done a lot better with this ad,they should’ve take tips from the guys who did the promo for COD Ghosts.

    • Anti-Avarice Sensual Action Patrol Squad: The Batfan & Nigel

      Well, SONY (yes, I do) expect everyone to have watched the Daft Punk: RAM unboxed video (link above in my comment to Albert) and this is where it fails. If you missed that, this video will look stupid, but if you have seen it, you’ll see it is brilliant.

  • Gary

    O_O It glows…it glows…

  • marc

    Cool trailer. I am getting so pumped for ps4.

  • Ryan

    Awesome trailer

  • Dian

    The most underused item in that box.. THe quick start guide hahahah!! Geeez I wish I pre ordered this. Think I will get it end 2014!!

  • Robert

    hahaha! good point @dian

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