Sony Drops a Bomb on the PS4 just before Launch

Sony has been very quiet on their side in terms of the features of the PS4, to such a degree that they fed off Microsoft's mistakes to date, now it seems there are a few features missing from the PS4 we'd have expected as common place. In this article, Sony answers many of the questions we've been asking since launch and it's become apparent that the PS4 has been developed for one thing in mind - games. At launch, and after installing the day-one patch, your PS4 will not be a media server. You won't be able to play MP3's, you can't play CD's (so for those who own CD's in 2013 - you can't import your songs to the PS4) and there are other features that's been removed from what we've come to expect on the PS3. Now, before you all go off on a tandem there are two things I'd like to point out.
  1. How many devices do you currently own that can do all the bits that's been removed from the PS4?
  2. Nintendo says, "Told you so." The focus should be on games and not the media hub of the house.
At the same time, it's rather annoying that you can't use the PS4 as a Media Server and that you can't connect an external Hard Drive to the PS4... I mean, you can do that with the Wii U (where are all those haters?) Does this mean that people who used the PS3 as a media server will have to keep their PS3 nearby if they wish to do so in the future? Hopefully not. Shuhei Yoshida was quick to reply on his official Twitter account: Later in the day he tweeted this after a discussion with the development team:

So how do you all feel about this? Should people get over CD's and MP3 playback? Was the PS3 just a games system for you and never a media server? Is the lack of an external HDD a potential problem waiting to happen for you? Hey, at least games can be played at native 1080P! If you still have any questions, we're sure this will answer it all.

Source : PlayStation Blog


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  • The Batfan & Superfan: Last Son of Clifton

    Games and Blu-Rays for me only, so I don’t care; I still love you, PS4. Even though we won’t be together for a while, I will always… No I won’t finish that sentence… Or will I?

  • Carla

    Why would they take the ability to play mp3’s away? It seems like such a simple thing to add that would take them 10 minutes. Sure these days you can plug your USB in the TV and play music through there…But still. Also it’s not like people will have much room for music and other media on their ps4 😛
    But yes, I too still love you PS4!

  • I love you Sony etc :)

    They’ll patch in features that people whine and moan about for sure. I mean it’s practically a pc as it is. I’m sure they can do it

  • Albertus

    The whole audio playback thing is a mute subject for me. (see what I did there?) I rarely play audio/mp3 cd’s on my console. Also, according to the FAQ no voice overs on recorded clips is possible which is also crappy as they can just as well use the headphone input to overlay the audio channel and encode it to 96kbps if size is an issue.

    What is concerning to me is the fact that external HDD’s will not be supported. They should be able to add it later on with patches but not allowing for it sucks.

    With all of these issues and the other’s that were raised, we must remember that patches and firmware updates will most probably bring these wanted features back later. They probably didn’t include it at launch as they want to develop the feature properly before releasing it to the public. It makes sense to release it later and make sure it works first time rather than adding loads of features at launch that has issues. Hey, I might be totally wrong and they are trolling us after they raked in all the cancelled Xbox One pre-orders so close to launch date.

    • Carla

      Well that was an article on its own hehe 😉 If it can’t support a HDD, does that mean you can’t for example copy a game’s ( that you bought) files from a friend with a faster internet and install it on your ps4? I’m clueless when it comes to consoles

      • Die Kriek

        Consoles are just scaled down PCs, you should be able to figure it out quickly enough. You do belong to the Master Race after all

      • Albertus

        I’ve never really tried it before on my PS3. I know that, if your console is “chipped”, you copy game images/files over to your PS3 and then play the game directly from the HDD. It will not be possible on the PS4 as HDD support is not there. I do think that it might be possible to maybe copy audio and other files over your WiFi/network setup from a pc if you have a network share going but again, with they PS4 not able to be a media center type device, this might also not be possible. Such a shame really.

        • Carla

          Such a step back. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. And kriek…there’s no shame in getting the lower class to do the thinking for us.

          • Die Kriek

            That is true, why didn’t I think about that! Might even make them feel special 😀

          • Albertus

            I live to serve Carla. Ek help waar ek kan. :-)

  • Eugene

    Yeah I agree with Zombia, they’ll most likely just add all the things people will complain about/petition about with software patches, unless they decide to be really stubborn. While you don’t want a console to focus on media instead of gaming (cough cough xbone) I’m pretty sure the majority would like having the option of using it for that when you AREN’T gaming.

    • Michelle

      Eugene do you even have a console?

  • Samkelo

    Did they shoot themselves in the foot? I don’t Think so, the PS4 from day 1 of appering on radar was explained to be a gaming focused machine. And they’ve achieved that objective with beyond exspectation. If you want to play media files go buy an ipod…

  • I have to laugh at this, the same way I laughed when I discovered Windows 8 had no built it DVD player. Silly, but not really that important in the grand scheme of things.

  • NightOwl1087

    Personally If I ever buy a PS4 it will be for games and nothing else. For now the Xbox One is all I need.

  • Die Kriek

    Don’t use it on the PS3, wont need it on the PS4. If you want all that, get an xbone, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind the lower quality gaming

  • Valshen

    PS900 beats Xbox720 BY 180 ROWS OF PIXELS MAN!

  • Seems odd it cant play MP3’s lol. Though i guess more resources for games 😀

  • John Knight

    Big bomb drop, looks like Xbox One is the way to go. Even phones play mp3’s how lame sony!

  • Andrew

    Well that is a fail

  • Gary

    No serious loss. I am actually glad this is the case as now my family won’t use my console as a jukebox for parties. Its made for games and games alone. Go step on the cat if you want to listen to Adele.
    Good move Sony.

  • Robert


  • marius

    Meh not effected. I don’t need it to play music just games. If I wanted to have myself a disco ball party I’ll get a xbone

  • Barrett

    The fact that it seems more powerful when it comes to gaming still makes it a winner in my eyes.

    I was quite disappointed at the BF4 XBox One vs. PS4 comparison :/

    Both consoles have their cons it seems.

    – Sad Xbox Fan

    • marc

      And now Cod is getting the short end of the stick on xbox one aswell.


    Who the hell cares about media playback, as long as it can play games and BluRay movies then all is good. its called a PLAYstation for a reason and i wouldn’t have it any other way. if you want to listen to music, connect your phone to some speakers, problem solved. this also prevents significant others to hi-jack your console to listen to some arb tunes while you want to play a game.

    • Michelle

      I totally agree with you on that.

  • Garrit4Ever

    It’s such an easy thing to patch into the system after launch, I’m sure they’ll add it down the line, people should just stop freaking the hell out! :p

  • Charles

    Nuclear explosion and a Japanese dude… Nice. 😐

    • I was not even thinking that… but good point #fail

  • Michelle

    I have never used my Xbox or Ps3 as a media device player.I use it ONLY for gaming.My TV has a USB port that can play any media file from a external HDD and I prefer to listen to my music through earphones/headphones.
    If a console can be a media player as well,there might be family disputes as who gets to use the console for what.Mom might want to watch a show,sister wants to listen to music,dad wants to watch a movie and you want to play your games(which the console was actually created to do).”Too many accessories clutter an outfit.”

  • drag_on_my_friend

    PC never loses usefull features

    • marc

      Just exclusives…lol

  • ARbitOUR

    I can count on my one hand how many times I’ve actualy listened to music using the PS3 as a media server…I won’t miss it a bit in the PS4.

    • marc

      I just want to play games so don’t care about the music stuff aswell

  • V3rt3X

    My PS4 will be my new wife!! (not really)

  • Felicia

    Hmmmmm…. Look the extra features WOULD be nice/handy! But on the other hand I know I would mostly use it as a gaming console and could/would find other ways to do the other stuff anyway, so yea I dunno *shrugs*

  • Ryan

    Games and Blu Ray, thats all i want

    • The Batfan & Seaman Return

      Ha ha, Ryan. Funny. Funny, bro. Ha ha. -_-

  • kelvin

    Meh….doesn’t make a difference to me, SONY for the win 😀 (although I will probably still get an XBOX ONE in a couple of years when its cheaper)

    • marc

      Same as me but only because both machines will have exclusives that I want to play.

  • marc

    I am sure they will correct this with a patch down the line.

  • David

    No HDD support so they can sell you the sony PS4 super cool media hub attachment for a third of the price of your console. If support gets added later it’ll be in a way that you’ll probably have to pay, and if not it’ll be because the console isn’t selling and they need to add more features. Yup it’s cynical but sony have a bad track record for this.

  • Dian

    For me as long it can take HDD and Blu ray disks its good enough. As you said, who still uses CD’s. But the HDD is a must!! How else will I watch series?? Stupid stupid

  • Mayuran

    Still think its better than the xbone

  • Michelle

    I don’t see why Sony removed the external HDD option….

  • Lonthor

    I don’t even use those features on my PS3. All I do is play games on it. So I wouldn’t of even noticed that it was missing from the PS4 lol.

  • connie

    this is no biggie. i just want to play games on it