The Most Amazing Secret in GTA V

GTA V was always going to be massive in the history of this industry and for good reason; it's likely the biggest playing ground in the virtual space and you can do just about anything you like. And what's more is that Rockstar likes to fill its massive worlds with all sorts of miscellaneous nicknacks and doodads, particular easter eggs. Remember the Big Foot in San Andreas? At first, it seems as if they made the easter eggs very obvious in this outing with aliens and UFO's being easy to find. Now a person on the GTA forums has found something that an average gamer (including myself) would never have picked up on - there is a SERIAL KILLER in San Andreas, and he's left scattered bits of information all over the place. Here are the details word by word as he found it: NOTE: If you want to discover this for yourself, do not read further as it will spoil it for any easter egg hunters. Infinite 8 There's a guy called Merle Abrahams who lived in Sandy Shores. He went a bit doolally and started seeing the number 8 everywhere, and as things usually go, he went and thought it was a message to sacrifice/murder 8 people, the Infinite 8. As such, he drew suspicion from his neighbours and was driven out of his home when it was set on fire. The burntout shell of his home remains and there are a few photos below.
A neighbour wrote this on Merle's house in an effort to shame him and send him away.
There will be 8.
This is evidence of the start of Merle's descent into madness. He states that there will be 8 bodies/deaths to fulfill his ritual. Notice a few other things here? There is a 5-bar gate at the left hand side near the bottom, a common means of counting. Perhaps, at this point, he had only killed 5 of the 8 he needed/wanted. Above the writing is a drawn image of what looks like Mt Chiliad, it isn't though. It actually points to where the bodies are being laid to rest, at the very northern tip of the game map. In the back room of Merle's house is this message, "8 is just infinity stood up". This is the first link between the number 8 and the Ouroboros, the snake that eats itself, the symbol for infinity. What relevance this has is still to be found. After Merle's house was burnt down, he fled and possibly lived in the desert or a building on the northern shore of the Alamo Sea (evidence has yet to be found of where he lived but reports have been made on Reddit of a shack where screams can still be heard). He continued his killings and eventually reached the total of 8. He bragged about this number by writing on a rock in the desert.
One is done Two was fun Three tried to run Four called Mom Fives not alive Six is nix Sevens in Heaven 8 won't wait
DoomOne provided this excellent photo. It has the Chef Excellence seal of approval. This macabre poem describes the deaths of his victims. Note that Merle won't write the word eight, he uses the symbol 8. This symbol obviously has great significance for him. After the completion of his ritual he is pursued and eventually caught by the police and sent to prison. Before he is sent, he manages to write another piece out in the desert.
They want me they can have But they'll never get my people Even though I shall leave them sign enough Where they put me
A chilling message to whoever has followed the clues. Merle knows he is being pursued by the police and will soon be caught. He knows he will go to prison but states he will never give up the location of his victims in a way that can be understood by the police. Next to this piece of writing is the following addition:
8 won't
Well we know from his first poem that 8 won't wait. What does this mean? Each line in the poem shows how a victim died. Apart from the last line. 8 won't wait? What does this mean? Did Merle reach his goal of 8 victims? Merle is sent to prison, but what about a further confession? On the walls of a guard tower in the prison, the writings below can be seen.
Where water meets land and fire once spewed forth There the Infinite 8 shall stay Until I return
Accompanying this is a more detailed map showing the northern tip of the game map and the islands to the north of it. It's obvious that Merle hid the bodies at this location and is keeping them here until he is let out, so he can complete his ritual. The surface of the islands have been extensively searched and nothing has been found, no evidence of fire having spewed out from anywhere, no further writings or symbols relating to the number 8.