When Worlds Collide, Battlefield’s Metro in Minecraft is Born

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While some of the G3AR team are huge Battlefield 3 (BF3) fans, a smaller group of us dislike and even hate the Metro level with an unbridled passion. That said, some fans of two of our favourite games (BF3 and Minecraft) have taken the time to reproduce Metro in Minecraft and, in spite of our dislike of the level, we can’t help but admire their craftsmanship; they’ve even gone so far as to use a couple mods to create capturable strategic points and replicate some of the class perks as well.

It looks like a bucket of laughs and we’d love to take a crack at it. Now if only they could get some working tanks, IFV’s and attack helicopters; that would rock. Because, if you think about it, Battlefield 3 may sport a destructible terrain engine, but Minecraft takes that to a new level.


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Author: Timothy Biggar View all posts by
An arbitrary amalgamation of equal parts philosopher, nerd and all round gaming enthusiast. A taciturn and clandestine pirate; a loud and obnoxious ninja.
  • Gary

    Of all the levels to pick…why’d it have to be Metro?

    • Timothy

      A question I asked myself

    • Mayuran

      Yeah, i mean really, they couldn’t do Caspian border? XD

  • Styx ZA

    Ha Ha! So well done!

  • Marc

    Tea bagging bonus- that shit is the real killer!

  • Ashbash

    maybe id give a crack at minecraft now ;)

  • Bennie

    Looks amazing, not a fan of Minecraft Guns though.

    Much rather kill you with my Infinity I Flame I Power IV bow

  • John Knight

    Very well done! damn those guys at minecraft are awesome

  • Garrit4Ever


  • V3rt3X

    Pandemonium at it’s best. They go replicate the map I really hate because of crap base capture areas.

  • Khulani Ndlovu

    So hilarious, lol would have loved to see how they would do with the tanks & fighter jets, ;)

  • Albertus

    guns don’t kill people. pickaxes kill people. they can attack at any moment.

  • EmileS

    Hahahaha! The tea bagging bonus!

  • Robert

    now i have seen it all!

  • Alec

    Is this available for Normal vanilla MC or tekniks ?

  • Sisa

    Lol! Aching knees from Tea-bagging spree :D

  • Ruan Venter

    Well done!!! I have seen some awesome MineC worlds. Wish I had the patients to do something like that!

  • Ruan Venter

    The guys uniforms makes them look like Creepers fighting it out!

  • drevil2109

    Woooow some people have waaaaaay to much time. This just looks like the old Duke Nukem or Wolfenstein hahahahah. OMWWW

  • The Batfan

    The hell did I just watch? What horror is this? O_O

  • Mayuran

    Well, at least the flag changed colour

  • Garvin

    This is awesome. The only way I’ll be playing Minecraft.

  • Johann Smith

    some people on Minecraft create legends… nice one…

  • Barrett

    I’m a BF3 fan, and while I was relatively impressed with what they did, it got old after a short while.

    I never finished watching the whole clip.

  • connie

    a minecraft baby

  • oblivious


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