The Final Battlefield 3 Easter Egg has Finally Been Found

There have been many easter eggs hidden throughout Battlefield 3 and its DLC, and having subsequently been found over the last year or so, they have usually had something to do with dinosaurs. Well it looks like the last and hardest easter egg of all has finally been discovered, and if you were thinking it was a caged T-Rex hidden underground, you might be disappointed. Discovered by YouTuber JackFrags, JackFrags put in a lot of detective work in order to unravel the final piece of the puzzle, a piece teased by former-DICE voice-over designer Thomas Danko. The entire detective process is documented below in a video JackFrags made which is actually quite amazing. The easter egg is an audio clip that needs very specific conditions to be met in order for you to hear it. Check out the mystery being solved for yourself below.

Source : VG247


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  • Damn, some people have WAY too much time on their hands…

  • John Knight

    Yip unfortunately I don’t have the time that some people do lol

  • Jack Frags my friend.. Just watching this video made me tired.. I think this is really a case of GET A LIFE!!!! Wow my friend.. Wow

    • Timothy

      What do you mean get a life 😕 He’s a YouTube Caster and Streamer. His job is to make YouTube vids. If he didn’t he’d have no pay 😕 So technically he is getting a life by making this.

      • Spending 8 hours and then you a few words that really aren’t so amazing.. Nahhhhhhh that’s stupid haha

  • V3rt3X

    Devotion to a game. I must commend you for that, but it’s too much really.

  • Charles

    I prefer my Easter Eggs on a store shelve. Much easier to find.

  • the thing is that he keeps on speaking without a break…

  • Marc

    All that effort for such a boring Easter egg.

  • Zhameer

    I missed the Easter Eggs in Man of Steel so I’m not worried about looking for them anymore now lol.

  • Albertus

    This is cool. Some peeps have too much time on their hands. ish

  • The Batfan

    That was a complete and utter waste of time.

  • Easter eggs are better covered in chocolate 😉

  • Timothy

    The dude is a YouTube caster, and a pretty awesome one at that (anyone who is a big BF fan will know him) and this is how he earns his paycheck. Jeez dudes, don’t be so damn faultfinding and jaded.

  • V3rt3X

    If you mention it that way Tim… Then I need to create a youtube channel now.

  • EmileS

    Wow, that is a hunt! A lot of time wasted…

  • Robert

    you dont mix the easter bunny with big guys and guns!

    • Marc

      Also pirates, poodles and a mini dress!

  • Sisa

    Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that….

  • Garvin

    A bit too much but still awesome.

  • Barrett

    Misleading image was misleading. Thought there would be dinosaurs on Caspian Border :(

  • connie

    I definitely wont bother to try get this

  • oblivious

    its kinda cool but i will stick wth defaults