New Rayman Legends Screenshots!


Rayman Legends looks even more colourful and charming than before with these new screenshots! Looking at what has been released so far, the game looks fantastic, comical, fun, a crowd pleaser and an all round great game. One of the new screenshots includes an awesome Mexican Wrestler Boss, in a lava-filled arena – hello, this is new wallpaper material! Rayman Legends was originally planned as a Wii U exclusive and was to be released in February, however, Ubisoft reconsidered the game’s exclusivity and decided to release the game on Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and the Wii U.

With so many games being released in August, are you excited for Rayman Legends, or is there another game that tickles your fancy?

Source : Videogamer


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Author: Kyle View all posts by
Hermit gamer living in Cape Town. Whenever I leave my game cave, I am armed with my trusty VITA or 3DS - just in case the real world gets boring.
  • John Knight

    why not release it for pc :p

    • beanz777

      It is, if you look at they have it on preorder 😛 Watch this space

  • Gilbert

    Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell and Saints Row IV :/

    Well, at least if I get Rayman Legends on Vita, I’ll be able to play it, on the go 😀

  • Mokgale

    When is this coming out? I’m losing hope(just like rainbow 6)

    • Kyle

      It will be available on 30 August. :)

  • Gary

    Probably not. Guess this is more evidence as to the stability(or lack thereof) of the Wii-U as a gaming platform. Still, it was intentionally meant for the Wii-U. I wonder if the other consoles will get a watered down experience?
    Guess I’ll wait and see.

  • Marc

    I downloaded that demo/ add on thing for this game on wii u- it seemed pretty cool. The new splintercell excites me more tho.

  • z00bear

    This game will be my birthday gift to myself this year :)

    Check out the Rayman ‘Eye of the Tiger’ video on Youtube, hilarious stuff 😀

  • Timothy

    So keen, the previous game was so epic.

  • EmileS

    The colour scheme looks amazing!

  • beanz777

    Really looking forward to this gem

  • Albertus

    This will be my first Ray Man game. I have never played any of the previous ones. Looking forward to this one even though I don’t like platformers.

  • Robert

    raymen the legend!

  • drevil2109

    Creators WHY U NO RELEASE IT ON PC????

  • The Batfan

    Never liked any of these games so pass, thank you.

  • Garvin

    This game looks legendary. But only if you like Rayman.

    • Marc

      …or Barney Stinson.

  • Johann Smith

    not a huge platform player, but this looks cool. however I’ve made a promise to get Disney Infinity in August. ( haha )

  • connie

    a pc version has just been announced. Awesome