Namco-Bandai Europe Taunts the PS Vita

PS Vita
So Namco-Bandai recently posted a video whereby the developers discuss their upcoming game called Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon. There's nothing particularly amazing about that video, but it's their comments to a question asked that might raise some eyebrows. After being asked why the game is not coming to the Vita they responded with the following below:   Guess we won't be seeing any Namco-Bandai games launching on the Vita anytime soon. Either that or someone is about to get fired... sound familiar.

Source : Hardcore Gamer


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  • John Knight

    Haha lol they could be treading on thin ice lol

  • Ben

    Douches! My vita is awesome!

  • Gilbert

    Or, they really have no interest in the Vita…at all :/

  • Albertus

    I am not a fan of handhelds but the Vita looks like a viable option if I do decide to get one… maybe… someday…

  • EmileS

    Hahahaha! Someone is going to get fired I think!

  • Marc

    Those vita hatin sons of guns. On a side note next months psplus vita games are Lego Lord of the Rings and When Vikings Attack. So not really a great month.

  • marius

    Its nice when people forget they are are not anonymous

  • Andrew

    Someone’s gonna loose their job

  • Lonthor

    Not exactly a professional comment…

  • Brendon

    Why they knocking the vita. It`s a cool device

  • Robert

    never liked the PSP’s

  • Jarrod Lane (@noodleza)

    Oh dang, that PR dude is in for some trouble!

  • Bennie

    Bad day at the office perhaps? Maybe someone leaked on his Vita

    • Marc

      I think something is about to leak on his life now. What irks me is the number of thumbs up he got for that comment.

      • Un-irk yourself by cursing those trolls 😀

      • Gary

        You shouldn’t let that upset you much. It IS the youtube comment section after all.

        • Marc

          I wasn’t upset. I agree they were trolls after all.

  • Zhameer

    They can make fun of it now but when the PS4 releases i think everyone will want to own a Vita :) I’m hoping to win it on you know where btw *hint* 😛

  • I enjoyed Super Stardust Delta and Rayman on the Vita. It’s a nifty machine.

  • Garrit4Ever

    PS4 might make me get a Vita eventually….not sold on it yet

  • Its true. I have not seen a Vita with me own eyes yet. Its just too expensive for the stuff you get.

  • Die Jason

    Ouch, not exactly setting sales records, but the Vita does look kinda nifty. And PS+ should be pushing a few more units out of stores.

  • beanz777

    I’m thinking hacker. No way they would be informal about a question like that

  • Well somebody do something about this, what the hell if he doesn’t have a Vita well that doesn’t mean some of us don’t, definitely Bad Namco, :(

  • The Batfan

    Then again, Bandai have been teetering on the edge of obscurity. Ain’t none care ’bout them no more.

  • Gary

    I think that comment is better suited to the for Wii-U. Still, it was unprofessional of them. Somebody should get a good tounge lashing for that.

  • Garvin

    I don’t have a vita but I would love to own one.

  • Robert

    dont like psp’s

  • connie

    the vita is awesome – this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about