More Splinter Cell Blacklist Action

A new trailer for Splinter Cell Blacklist has been released today. Our stealthy hero, Sam Fisher, is set out to find and eliminate “the Blacklist,” a series of terrorist attacks, by any means necessary.
“A deadly terror ultimatum has been issued : THE BLACKLIST. The clock is ticking and it's down to Sam Fisher to do whatever it takes to save millions of lives... But he will do it his way.”
Check out the video here:
The single player campaign offers many different directions for you to choose from, such as stealthy, action or a combination of the two. The single player campaign comes in three modes: ghost, assault and panther. Ghost mode is for those who wish to remain undetected; Assault mode is for the more trigger happy gamer; and Panther mode is for people who like to strike from the shadows. The game also offers a Co-Op mode and a really awesome looking multiplayer mode called Spies vs. Mercs. Splinter Cell Blacklist will be released 23 August on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Source : CVG


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  • I like the sound of striking from the shadows, Panther mode, can’t wait for Blacklist its going to be more than epic, 😉

  • Solid contender for Metal Gear’s throne. Will definitely get this as I’m a sucker for stealth.

  • Zhameer

    Wish i could play this but all my money is gone to GTA V sadly :(

    • Kyle

      It’s my birthday next month, so I am suggesting to people that they give money instead of clothing… All proceeds go to my list of pre-orders 😛

      • Marc

        And with next gen coming up- it’s a nightmare! LOL

      • Charles

        My family members are at the point of giving my BT Games vouchers. I got one in my wallet I still need to utilise…. Mmmm

      • Zhameer

        I did that once and then i got R20 and that was the day i started trolling everyone as revenge lol.

  • John Knight

    MMMM this does look like something special, this game has my vote!

  • The later part of this year is going to be crazy, so many awesome games to buy (PS4..PS4), and my credit card is already protesting up a storm!

  • Marc

    I am quite excited for this. It looks a bit more like the old school splintercell that I like. I enjoyed the last game but it didn’t feel right.

  • Albertus

    This one is one to look out for. Gonna be lekker!

  • Ismail Ebrahim

    Stunning gameplay. Always loved stealthy games

  • EmileS

    Kry ek nou hoedervleis! This is a movie trailer!

  • marius

    every time i see anything for this i get more and more excited.

  • Brendon

    Holy bejeebees that looks mad

  • Robert

    HOLYYYYY FLIP! cant wait for this game

  • Charles

    I’ve always liked the Splinter Cell series. I’m a little bit upset I never got to play Conviction due to it being a 360 exclusive.
    Still, might end up buying it. But dat backlog.

  • Really love the different game modes that they suggest. That a cool feature. I like to be stealthy and stalk my enemy!!! Love it!!!

  • The Batfan

    Never really got into the series… Though… I might TRY this at least.

  • Carla

    I really hope the co-op is going to be cool. No doubt I will enjoy the single player though! only a month to go yaaay

  • Gary

    I’m dissapointed in that trailer. Would’ve liked to see a demo level to showcase how much freedom you have to accomplish your objectives.

  • Mayuran


  • Garvin

    This looks like the Splinter Cell game I’ve been waiting for this generation. And, man, it looks good.

  • Robert

    Cant WAIT for this game!

  • connie

    its out soon I cant wait