Microsoft to do Another 180 Regarding Xbox One Family Sharing

Xbox One
It would seem that Microsoft are planning another turnaround with their Xbox One. Following the backlash from consumers regarding the always online and no used games debacle, a few functions were allegedly removed from the Xbox One. One of those included the 'family share' function which would have allowed owners of an Xbox One to share games with up to 10 people (supposedly family members). The function had to be removed as it initially required the always online check to see who owned the game and who it could be shared with, but now Marc Whitten (Corporate VP at Microsoft) has claimed that the function may yet return if there is enough call for it and if they can find a way to bring it back without affecting other things too much. Sounds to us like something they should have considered from the beginning. It goes without saying that innovation with restrictions is barely innovation. If Microsoft can bring the family share function back without the other restrictions then it begs the question as to why they didn't consider it before? Still, if they can include family share it will certainly be a tick next to the Xbox One for many, but it could be too late for most.

Source : Gameranx


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  • Zhameer

    It doesn’t matter what they do people will still hate these guys 😛 but yeah they had no choice but to listen to the people i guess.

  • Irfaan Ebrahim

    I think they should have been a bit more wise with their thinking and planning out of the functions on Xbox one eg. Always on, used games, family share. They should have thought from the start

  • MS_no_thanks

    MS are doing really well to destroy their public image with Xbox One. There’s one thing that puts me off the machine and that’s that it’s not backward compatible. Come on MS people. What were you thinking? Oh yeah, keeping their eyes on the profit and not on what their customers want.

  • V3rt3X

    I think Microsoft is having their annual period. Doing 180’s like a woman with mood swings that time of the month. I’d love to see if the DRM will be revoked.

  • Xbox One is just doomed, i’m just surprised it was sold out on Amazon, i wonder why they supposedly forgot about the share button when they did reverse the always ‘online feature’, its just total disaster of a marketing, 😉

  • “Why they didn’t consider it before?”
    Because a) Microsoft are money hungry buttholes.
    b) Microsoft are greedy, third world hating buttholes.
    That’s my take on it.

  • Charles

    So, you can buy the Xbox One right now at all leading retail stores, usually bundled with some neat games. Only thing is that it’s marketed as a 360.


  • Timothy

    Seriously guys, I mean are you really not over the hate? It’s seriously hipsterish. And FYI, the Xbox One is selling just as well as the PS4 and outselling the PS4 in multiplatform titles (the most sold games by far). Yeah sure, they made some mistakes but you shouldn’t be so stubborn and blindly disregard the console. They have some great ideas, though (agreed) poorly marketed, some excellent exclusives (I’ve even had PS3 fans tell me they’re more impressed by the Xbox One lineup) and some other nifty features. Both consoles are great, I mean they aren’t PC’s ;b (which could do everything both systems could do for the last 8 years, I had to, don’t hate me) and I’ll be getting both eventually. If you want to hate on them, that’s fine, but don’t full the comment sections with this trolly flaming.

    • Such is the fate of all sites which have a section where the general population may voice their opinions on such matters.
      To tell them to stop is to tell them to go. The only remedy is silence. The troll cannot survive in a medium whereby he is denied attention. For the troll has deep seated acknowledgment issues. If you acknowledge it, you feed it. If you feed it, it grows stronger. Do not feed the trolls, Timothy. Give them the cold shoulder and witness their death with cold, detached silence. O_O

      • Carla

        Dude, you are so deep.

        • Marc

          That’s what she said.

  • John Knight

    PC’s rule the world 😛

  • Marc

    With all this back and forthing Xbox 180 would have been more appropriate. Microsoft seriously need their act together as they are sending mixed messages to their customers.

  • EmileS

    Well then… MS is taking their heads out of their @%$es

  • Marius

    I hope they are able to get as close to their original vision as they can while keeping consumers in mind.

  • Alec

    Gary That was Heart warmingly true.

  • Ruan Venter

    People should stop hating on the Xbone. Its going to sell just as well as the PS4. Personally I am a Sony Fanboi, but I own a 360 as well for the Exclusives. i.e. Gears. Having both the PS4 and XBone in the market leads to a healthy competition between the two realms. Having one die out, will lead to a monopoly and that is BAAAAD. Take Telkom as a good example.

    • Marc

      Yeah I totally agree. Competition keeps prices down as well as preventing he industry from becoming stale.

  • The Batfan

    Microsoft just keep stumbling.

  • Andrew

    You guys should stop hating if you actually look you can see that Microsoft is realising their mistakes and are fixing, sure it what a stuff up in the beginning but now it actually looks quite good.

    • Dawid

      Andrew I hear you, hence me writing the piece on us gamers bitching about everything. MS made some stupid mistakes but at least they’re trying to fix their mistakes. Also, I still think the Xbox One will launch with a better set of launch games, though this war won’t be won at launch. At the end we’re all winners. The format war is a good thing.

  • Carla

    HA-HA! I’m glad this backfired on behalf of Sony. Although it’s great for gamers that MS gave us what we want, I feel Sony was cheated since they had it right from the beginning, won everyone over and then MS went and said: ” oh look, that was smart, let’s do that too” and now the xbone is doing better.

  • Xbox One = xbox begone, just let it go MS, we’re moving to PS.

  • Ryan

    Bin the console :)

  • Oh how fun it is to see Microsoft running around… Knowing that they are releasing a shitty console

  • Matthew John

    Xbox 180 should be the new name

  • Albertus

    MS is like a old blind dog. Keeps walking into walls and barking at it’s own shadow… if that makes sense…

  • Garvin

    They should just do another 180 and call it the Xbox 180.

  • Michelle

    Wow,they sure are sly,making people think they changed their evil ways,but then suprise attack you

  • Samkelo

    PS4 please save everyone….o wait it will:)

  • Barrett

    I don’t know why people are complaining (again).

    The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing how upset MS’s decisions upset people.

    Currently when people jam on mine, it auto signs in and they use my profile.

    The simple work around is do to that.