Sing Along to the Song of War, the Next-Gen Console War to be Precise

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The console war can be such a negative thing. So much fighting, fanboyism and hatred and we generally like to avoid that sort of thing. Not only because we love all of the consoles and want as many of each of their games as we can afford (hence our stupidly huge backlogs), but we see the positives in all of them as well. And to that end, we think this is a much more fitting way to argue out your problems. It's a positive take on the console war and relatively funny to boot. Pay attention to the end, we like that part most of all. *cough* PC Wins *cough*
It's sad that Nintendo's Wii U is missing though. Nintendo's little box that could is quickly become the box that can't. Fight harder Nintendo.  


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  • Zhameer

    Seriously people wasted money on a WII U? *looks again at Kyle and Jarred* 😛 but yeah i saw this on Monday and it was pretty hilarious

  • Albertus

    Funy stuff. PS4 is still better than Xbone and PC combined and drenched in honey… and stuff.

    • Timothy

      Uhm, excuse me, I think you misspoke. Comparing the PS4 and PSN to a PC and Steam is like comparing a rock (PS4) to the Star ship Enterprise (PC). There is no comparison :b

    • EmileS

      Say what? You most be living on a different planet…

  • Felicia

    Yea, I hear you :) Look, I have to admit, when it was announced what was originally planned for xbox I was ranting at how outrageous it is – not out my fangirlyness for Sony or Nintendo or PC (although I do love all 3 of those :P) , but just as a gamer I felt like we were being taken for one – you know what I mean? Personally I’ll be choosing ps4 when I can afford to (which sadly will likely not be right at release for me!) , but I think whatever platform/s you game on – whats important is the games 😉

  • What an epic battle of song, well PC wins followed by the PS4, lol 😀

  • Garrit4Ever

    PS4, winner winner chicken dinner…

    Anyway, the x360 served me well, sad to see M$ throw it away like this, it’s like they are clueless and that from a $70+/- billion dollar company….who are they employing over there???

  • The Batfan

    This woman has red hair, thus I love her. That is all.

  • Timothy

    I love all 3 consoles but, for me, PC comes first. And I will laugh my ass off when the Xbox One beats the PS4. It’s outsold the PS4 in pre-orders for numerous weeks and so my giggle factory is already starting to produce the lol to end all lols

    • Won’t happen man. Not after M$ shot themselves in the foot earlier. Though one can’t neglect to account for Titanfall. People may just buy the XBone for that alone…
      But I’m confident Sony will shut em down. So keep the lols at bay-for now.

    • Carla

      if that happens, the only reason is because they gave in to all the criticism and basicly changed all they’re…changes. which is lame since ps4 would have kicked ass otherwise

  • Ah, definitive proof that consoles are where they belong: At the feet of the Master Race.

  • Do not know if I just saw the gayest thing ever or the best damn tech related video I have ever seen. Extremely confused

  • marc

    Make love not war- it certainly sounds more fun….skrew that i’m getting a ps4

  • John Knight

    PC for life 😛 what an awesome video… PC will always win although I wouldn’t mind a PS4 for all those exclusives

  • EmileS

    PC FTW! Consoles holding us back… Sigh

  • Brendon

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA funny as hell

  • Slim

    Lol reallt funny I like

  • had to stop at 2min in…

  • Alec

    I yearn for a day where there can be one system to rule them all!

    • There already is. No matter what people say, consoles are still PCs albeit with different firmware/software. Both the PS3 and Xbox still have a CPU, GPU, Ram and a mobo to hold it all together. Strictly speaking a console is a PC designed with gaming in mind. The fact that you could run Linux on PS3 was proof of that. Ergo, there exists one “console” to rule them all: PC.

  • Robert

    Xbox forever!

  • Andrew


  • Garvin

    Wii U lol

  • Michelle

    PC ftw

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