Five Titles At E3 (2013) We Probably Won’t See

E3 2013
Sitting around last night, I wondered about which games I would most like to see at E3, games I knew were unlikely to make an appearance despite my wanting. So, having narrowed the list down to old franchises that need a new game, there were lots of games that came to mind, but the following five are probably those that I would want most: 1. Prince of Persia I really hoped there would be a new Prince of Persia last year, but it didn't happen. Then there was a leaked photo of a possible PoP game, though that was trashed and hasn't been heard of since. Sadly, the guys at Ubisoft seem intent on making as many Assassin's Creed games as possible before gaming is terminated forever in the year 3000. The old PoP games had some of the best told stories and platforming sections of all time, and a new game would be great. So as unlikely as it is, it would be awesome to see. 2. Shadow Complex 2 If you haven't played the original Shadow Complex game on XBLA, then you are truly missing out on one of the best games this generation. That is no exaggeration either, and if you don't believe me then just go give the game a try. Shadow Complex is a 2.5D exploration, platformer at its very best. It had an intriguing storyline with some great characters and even better weaponry. Make it happen Epic Games! 3. Legacy of Kain I know I am not alone on this one. Everyone wants a new game from the Legacy of Kain series, and I don't mean the silly MP game that has just been announced as a spinoff. We want a full game, something similar to what made the original so amazing. Another game that has zero chance of happening at this E3, but perhaps not too far away? We can hope can't we? [Timothy - Personally I'm hoping for a new Soul Reaver] 4. Metroid This one, at least according to a few as well as myself, actually has a slim chance of being shown at E3; there have been a few rumours although nothing concrete at this point. It would be great to see the game return to its roots, with an action packed adventure and everyone's favourite bounty hunter, Samus [Jarred - Especially that zero suit right?]. Anyhow, a rebooted Metroid game would go a long way to appease Wii U fans, and just might should definitely increase the amount of Wii U owners overall. 5. The Last Guardian Again, there have been so many rumours about this one. Rumours that it will finally be released this year, or next year, or perhaps even the year after that. Unlike many, I have totally given up hope of this game ever being completed. If it does eventually get finished though, I just hope it isn't another Duke Nukem. The staff working on it have all changed numerous times; the game has been pushed back over and over again; and is now, supposedly, going to be a PS4 game. Honestly, I will believe it when I see it, but I wouldn't get any hopes up on this one being shown at E3. Sure hope I'm wrong though.   So there you have it, those are my 5 games I would love to see at E3; games I'm almost 100% sure I won't see. Though low expectations always lead to the biggest surprises and so fingers crossed. What other games can you think of that should join this list? Let us know below.    


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  • well surely Prince of Persia has been off the grid for a while, wonder if they still going to do a sequel on the movie too, enjoyed the first one, 😉

  • Matthew John

    I think hardware is going to be the cornerstone of this E3… PS4 vs XBone!

  • Gilbert

    I thought The Last Guardian was confirmed as a game to be shown at Sony’s keynote, thing?

    Also, you’re right on the PoP. I’d love to see a new PoP game, but on par with Warrior Within….although, it’s doubtful whether we’d see one, anytime soon.

    • Charles

      I don’t care what Sony says about The Last Guardian. I will believe it when I see it on the shelves.

  • The Batfan

    The Last Guardian is sooooo going to be shown off as a PS4 title; watch.

  • oblivious

    prince of Persia also for me i hope they will do something like P.P two trowns this time that waz an awesome game

  • Albertus

    The Last Guardian is the Duke Nukem of our time. LOL! It’ll be done when it’s done.

  • Zhameer

    I’m expecting Last Guardian to finally be around unless its the new Half Life and we never ever see it in this world 😛

  • CancerousCrow

    Sony confirmed Last Guardian will be there.

    Also why do people keep moaning for Legacy of Kain? The game series concluded

    A game that should really be on here is Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    • Jarred

      So much for Sony confirming Last Guardian will be there eh?

  • Janrik

    New Halo would be good.

    • Die Jason

      Already? O_o

      • The Batfan

        Well, we’re getting it, it seems.

  • Die Jason

    Very much agree on Shadow Complex and Legacy of Kain. Only got to play SC this year, and it is one of the best XBLA games have played, even though it is 4 years old already.

    Miss the good old days with Soul Reaver 1 and 2.

  • Gary

    I want Sonic Riders. Not a stupid kinect romp, a fully fledged racing game like the previous 2.

  • Marc

    Just a few hours till e3 starts ….I can’t wait. I agree with most of that list. I read a rumer that a prince of Persia reboot was happening at the Microsoft conference. I bet it isn’t tho.

  • Mayuran

    Dam, would have liked to see the new Persia

  • John Knight

    I remember the first Soul Reaver on PS1, lets just say I was addicted

  • Henré Viviers

    The Last Guardian and Metroid is what I wan to know about more.

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