It’s almost E3 TIME!

E3 2013
Wow, it's been almost a year since Dawid, Brett (our former editor) and I went to E3. We saw some amazing things like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Snoop Dogg, a clogged toilet and weird Americans. It's mad to think it's already that time again; the time where all we hope to hear comes true, or rather often doesn't. Regardless, the anticipation and excitement is higher than ever with the this year's focus on the next-gen consoles. It's less than a week away and Dawid will be returning together with Garth and Garth, who are not too dissimilar from Thompson and Thompson, except they are nothing alike. I believe they are staying in a 'really nice' hotel. I truly hope they only have one bed in the room. *giggles* So with the big event around the corner, I asked the G3AR team what they were hoping to hear about at the convention this year. I restricted them to one or two things that were hopes and not predictions. Let's see what everyone had to say: Dawid: To me, E3 is about one thing and one thing only this year – games. Nintendo needs to bring games (they really need it for the Wii U to remain viable). Microsoft needs to focus on games and Sony, though they did show a few games at their console reveal conference, there was nothing concrete that would have us dying for a PS4. Bring the games E3. David: Cool beans, [Jarred - really, people say cool beans? Timothy - I do] here is what I’m hoping for. There are a few things that I really hope to see this time around, as last year’s E3 was a little bland [Jarred - graphics whore alert] . Obviously, this year it’s all about next-gen systems and their games, so in terms of games there is one sequel, in particular, that I would love to catch a glimpse of. The previous games in this series set the benchmark for current-gen consoles; so for me to have my mind blown by the power of next-gen [Jarred - FIFA 14!!], I need to see the one game that will set the benchmark once again. That game is none other than Uncharted 4; I want to see it…badly. Other than that, I hope the console's prices get revealed and it’s not too expensive, though they it probably will be. Timothy: My hopes are twofold. One, that Microsoft amend their wrongs and demonstrate that public and consumer opinion are indeed important to them, and that they're willing to compromise on their current policies as well as show some great games [Jarred - Microsoft will compromise by taking your $$$$. Timothy - Stop being such a pessimist]. Two, that the games I'm most looking forward to are there. More specifically, I would love to see some Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay (the only part that counts really); Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now probably called Final Fantasy XV); DayZ (please be closer to completion); the new Mass Effect game (it's Mass Effect); and The Witcher 3 (because if The Witcher 2 as well as the initial news on The Witcher 3 are anything to go by, then oh my will it be amazing). That's actually a small fraction of what I want to write but Jarred [Timothy - who has made my life more difficult with all these comments of his] said to keep it short, sadly. [Jarred - otherwise Timothy would write a whole essay on his reasoning and how it aligns with the stars, or something. Timothy - see what I mean] Mike: I want to see Star Wars: Battlefront 3 on the Oculus Rift and, in general, more AAA titles supporting the new VR headset. [Jarred - Mike also wants MORE SIMS!] Garth: It's nearly E3 time again. Ah, I can almost smell it [Jarred - no, that's Pretoria man]. It might come as a surprise to most of you but I would really like to see a few, much needed, Wii U titles. Before the event there will be a potentially massive Nintendo Direct announcement in which I hope to see the following titles; Zelda U, Super Smash Bros. U and Super Mario U [Jarred - So much U, can't they make real names, silly Nintendo]. The rumours are all there and the big N would be crazy to miss this opportunity before E3, especially as they won't have a huge presence at this year's event. Delano: Delano wasn't in time to get something in, but he wants even more of his weird games [Timothy - if you're talking about indie games then I want more weird games too]. Mynhardt: Sony: ATLUS finally announces Persona 5 as a PS4 exclusive. FROM Software announces Demon’s Souls' sequel. CAPCOM announces Devil May Cry 5, with development duties outsourced to P*, directed by Hideki Kamiya. [Jarred - Mynhardt also wants lots of Vita games, he loves his Vita] Nintendo: A new Metroid and a new Zelda  – I want a title, a short teaser of in-game footage and for it to be directed by Miyamoto himself. Retro’s game is a new F-Zero. Wii U sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising (I would explode). MS: Timed exclusivity deals for all EA and Activision games. 12 new Kinect IP’s, all with faked stage demos. [Jarred - he loves Kinect games, and dancing games, seriously, go see his Just Dance review] Jarred: [Timothy - as if he hasn't said enough already] One thing I'm really hoping for is a Smash Bros. game for the Wii U and/or 3DS. It has been announced that it will happen, but I want some action already. I'm very excited to see the sport titles, as always [Timothy - he lacks anything in the way of imagination. It's not so nice now is it], and hoping that the new PES, on its new engine, will be as good as it sounds. Other than that, lots of games will be great to see, especially on the Wii U and Vita; there's lots of potential for both. Oh, and I truly hope that Garth gets stopped at US customs and they probe him, and that Dawid can get it on video. Well those are our hopes; some might come true, most probably won't, but there isn't long to go before we find out. I really hope Microsoft answers our questions, though [even if they do] it'll probably be with more questions and few actual answers. Anyway, let us know [below] what you are hoping to hear, and make sure to tune into G3AR Live on Friday where we will have a more in-depth discussion on E3!


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  • Die Jason

    Just really amped to see what further announcements there are regarding next-gen, MS needs to win the crowds back again.

  • Mynhardt

    Daaancing! *WHOO!*
    Daaancing! *WHOO!*

    *gyrates body while salivating over all those incoming Dance games*

  • The Batfan

    Take… me… with… you guys… Or else I’ll do something super, super, super duper mean… Like… uhm… Like… Er… Uhm… I’ll… Er… I’ll… I’ll develop Half-Life 3, release a demo and gameplay vids, hype the world into a fanboy/Gordan Free Man induced frenzy and then… cancel it and blame you… Evil…

    • Timothy

      That’s cruel sir, too cruel

  • drevil

    Personally I really hope to see some mirrors edge 2, some Kinydom Hearts 1.5 and then just the next gen consol exclusives!!!! Take me with… plzzzzz :'(

    • Timothy

      Those are some good choices indeed, I agree.

  • Marc

    Great article. I can’t wait till next week to hear all about the gaming goodness!

  • Technikyle

    I want a gay Kratos, a FallOut game with better character creation, I want guild wars 2 for consoles and a game dedicated to mocking Twilight fans.

  • Timothy

    And as for G3AR taking you guys along… I am with G3AR, hell I’m the editor and even I ain’t going so don’t feel bad. It’s all part of the cycle of geekdom. We can all feel bad together 😀

  • Jarred

    Cool beans guys!

    No, that just doesn’t work for me. David and Tim are just odd. Also, you guys should all be taken with and share that one bed. hahaha

    • David Kozlowski

      It will grow on you trust me 😉 as for sharing a bed to go with all I have to say is…cool…beans…

  • Slim

    Bring on the next gen games but mostly:

    *New Mass Effect (Mind my backlogs)
    *An In-Depth look of the X-box One controller for us the uncared for Pc Plartformers
    *More AAA titles
    *Number of Pictures of the G3AR team at E3 (Pleeeeeeaze)

  • Albertus

    I warents to goes toooo demmit! TAKE ME!!! Bring back some prezzies at least… please?

  • Zhameer

    My Gentleman My Ladies the time is almost upon us and sad that Jarred can’t go he really wanted to see FIFA14 and play with Liverpool. I will say best of luck to you going on this journey and safe return and bring us back swag 😀

    • Timothy

      The swag is largely reserved for me 😀 And if they didn’t know that already, they do now.

  • Gilbert

    Well, I’ll be going to E3, this year…finally! \:D/ …we should totally meet up, and do shots :/

    • The Batfan

      … For reals though, dawg?

      • Gilbert

        Lol, no.

        • The Batfan

          … “I don’t know what I was expecting.”

  • John Knight

    I wish I could be at E3, Please tell me you guys are gonna do a booklet like last years 3D booklet?

    • There will definitely be a E3 feature in our mag.

  • Someone take me ?

  • David Slabbert

    More Xbox One and Ps4?! Yes Please!

  • Ismail Ebrahim

    This year’s E3 has really got me pumped. Both Next- gen behemoths are going face to face in the open. Watch Dogs, B4, Infamous, Arkham Origins, COD. .. DAMN! can’t wait

  • Mayuran

    One word, Blacklist.

  • Alec

    That was the funniest thing Ive read in like 3 hours(I googled dirty afrikaans sayings..3hours ago) seriously though I would like to see some gamer friendly feedback from EA about all the Star Wars that has been lost and I would enjoy if Nvidia showd of some of their shield project goodness with game streaming an what not even if its just local. Yeah and some great AAA title gameplay. I hope you guys dedicate a whole lot of disc space to trailers aswell.

    • Timothy

      Jarred’s trolling very nearly broke the post but we’re glad you enjoyed it. And of course, we’ll be doing what we can to report anything from E3 that we think relative… so most of it 😀

  • marius

    Keen to get actual news about the next gen games

  • You guys are going to have a great time this E3, probably the best ever, would have loved to go get a glimpse on the next gen consoles, 😉

  • Garvin

    I just loved all the edited in comments. You guys should do it more often. Quite funny.

    • Jarred

      Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. I am going to try this ‘kind’ of thing a bit more often to amuse the masses, or at the very least myself.

      “Cool Beans”

      • Gilbert

        I vote for a freestyle rap battle, on a G3AR Live episode, in the near future 😛

        • Carla

          Or a rap with the highlights of E3! Tap into your gangsta, yo

  • Ryan

    Cant wait!!!

  • Garrit4Ever


  • Raucious

    Won’t make E3, but the competitions are awesome.

  • ChelsSs


  • oblivious

    only interested is some info about next gen consoles