All about the hype?

With next-gen consoles just around the corner, I have been wondering whether the real reason any of us buy a console at launch is just to be a part of the hype. I put it out to Twitter yesterday, asking who was getting a console at launch, and was met with many people agreeing on the same thing. The general consensus is that at the moment they are content with current consoles and will wait for price drops or for more games for the next-gen systems before they indulge themselves. It’s a fair point to be honest. If I ask myself seriously why I am so keen on getting a console at launch, it is actually quite difficult to justify and I've found that there aren't too many valid reasons to do so. I don’t really care for the Xbox One's features, and while we don’t know much about the PS4’s features just yet, I probably won’t care much about them either. I am not one who is fussed about graphics and all those specs, and to tell the truth, I actually don’t know what any of them mean. People try to tell me, but seriously, I am all about the quality of games over any of this graphics nonsense. Sure, graphics help, but it is not even close to my port of call. That said, the inclusion of emotion in new games really appeals and is something that has always bothered me, so that will be great. But then again, both consoles will have that and that is no reason to buy at launch. There are a few other problems with buying at launch. Many an Xbox owner will know all about the RROD issue with the Xbox 360 and will not want to be test bunnies again. I was fortunate in this regard, and my launch console still works fine (granted I don’t use it). I have also not had any PS3 issues thus far so I am not overly concerned about hardware issues. Perhaps I should be. Another problem is that the quality of launch games is often few and far between. The Xbox 360 had some decent launch games, but nothing that really stood out. Hell, my first game was Rockstar’s Table Tennis, which was great, but says a lot about what was offer initially. The PS3 launch titles were not much better. Yes, there was Uncharted and one or two others, but for both consoles it took a while before there was a library of good games. I know this is par for the course and goes for every single console and handheld launch to date, so I am not expecting anything less with next-gen. So what is it that has me dying to get one of the new consoles? I mean, they will be overpriced; games will be expensive and limited; the features don’t matter; hardware problem possibilities; and there is the small matter of my massive backlog which should mean I don’t need to get a new console until I am 50 at the very least. It doesn’t sound like a good idea at all does it? I know I am not alone though; a lot of people are as excited as me. Some have already pre-ordered their console(s), or, like me, have started to save up for next-gen. A big reason is the hype. Sometimes it is just fun to get caught up in all the hype. People try to avoid it like the plague because it means they might regret the decision, but for me that just makes it more exciting. I know that I won’t regret getting either console at launch. It will be a great investment, and after all these years with the same consoles there will finally be something new occupying the space in my living room. A new gadget; a new toy; a new little device to mess around on. There are fewer things that are as fun as taking that shiny new gadget home and seeing everything it has to offer. And subsequently jumping onto your favoured social media and discussing it with your friends and all the fanboys of course. Don’t get me wrong folks, my main reason for getting a new console will be for the games, which I know will come. Hell, just knowing there will be a FIFA, PES and NBA 2K game on next-gen is enough for me. But I think the reason I adopt on launch is because I want that exciting feeling of getting something new. I completely understand why people don’t like to buy on launch, and there are more than enough reasons to justify that scepticism (if it even is scepticism). But I won’t kid myself, or anyone else for that matter, I will be getting a next-gen console as soon as possible. Hopefully I will get it on launch, but definitely as soon as I have saved enough. Next-gen is this year, it’s not some distant thing that we all talk about; it’s happening and I am excited!


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  • Carla

    Wow, my english teachers would have given you an A+ for that, Jarred 😉
    We all love to jump on a hype train and never look back. But unfortunately (for me) the money is a bit on the short side to spend on something so soon.

  • Marc

    I can’t justify the amount new consoles cost ,so may have to wait a bit.

  • Die Jason

    I still have so much to play on my current console, and the rumoured prices for new consoles are crazy, so yeah, unless I win the lottery, I can hold off a year or two for next-gen.

  • Ryan

    Exciting times

    • Carla

      Dude, at least TRY to comment something meaningful? Or at least just more than 2 words

  • Fortunately for me I am doing my honours year next year so no time for games next year. And as Jason says, there are so many games still to play on the PS3 and PC

  • Dawid

    Interesting read Jarred (yup, we actually don’t get to read each others posts sometimes). I find that my excitement for a new console has not been as high as it once was. I remember that I could barely sleep the night ahead of my PS2 purchase. I bought both the 360 and PS3 a few months after launch and seeing as I have this love of older games I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on much. However, I do think it’s the excitement of playing with new technology you’ve never experienced before. Being the first in your circle of friends to show off your new toy – that feeling of awesomeness can not be denied – it’s a great feeling “Look what I have, you’ve got an OLD thing from the prehistoric times”. New technology, new operating system, new controller and just an overall new experience. Even I’m a bit more excited this time round.

  • Albertus

    I would like to wait till the “face-lift” of the PS4 comes out. It’ll be a while after the initial launch but at least I know that any problems would have been sorted out and the system is running stable. Also, console cost more at launch than after, so my money will stay put for mow. A slim PS4 for me please. Thanks. :-)

  • Gilbert

    I’m excited, and can’t wait to get my hands on the Xbox One, at launch.

    Also, I’m hoping that since Forza 5 was revealed as a launch title, that MS offer a bundle with it — which, in all honesty I don’t think is asking for too much 😀

    Excellent read, btw…excellent, indeed.

  • Lionel Mbankeu

    the way the SA rand is going ur all gonna have to save up big time to get those consoles on launch day

  • llama

    It’s safer to just wait it out a few months.