What if video games box art was made up by only using Comic Sans and Clipart?

There might be one or two of you out there that remembers a time when video game box art looked worse than 80's action movie posters. Around the PS1 era things started turning for the better (though there were still some stinkers) and by today's standards video game box art is worlds apart from its crappy origins. So what if we only had Comic Sans and Clipart to make up the current crop of box art? [That sound you hear is a million designers clutching their heads and screaming in pain - Ed] NeoGAF members took a shot at it.

Source : NeoGAF


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  • Albertus

    It hurts my eyesess.. it buuuuuuurns us.

  • Hahahahha its obviously not cool but to the person who made it.. Insanely well done. wow

  • Ryan

    Terrible :)

  • Charles

    This is absolutely brilliant! I love the one for Darksiders. And Metal Gear Solid 4.

  • Die Jason

    Hahaha, awesome, oh how far we have moved on!

  • Injustice, I just can’t stop laughing at it. Been laughing at it since last night.

  • james

    this made me lol…. would a non animated Mario look like the super smash bros cover

  • Carla

    Looooool at Kratos’ “six pack”

  • Mayuran

    Oh my word, people were boooooored!

  • a man named faggot