Heavy Rain made how much?

Heavy Rain G3AR
Many still regard Heavy Rain as one of the best titles of this generation. Looking at the game's profit margin this is somewhat of an understatement. The games developer, Quantic Dream, spent a cool $21.8 million to develop the title. Add Sony's marketing budget to the production costs and we're looking at an estimated total of over $50 million spent. To date, Heavy Rain has made Sony more than $130.6 million. A worthwhile profit indeed. Beyond: Two Souls, also developed by Quantic Dream, is due for release on the 8th of October this year. In addition Quantic Dream is currently working on a PS4 title speculated to be available for the console's launch.

Source : Eurogamer


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  • Gilbert

    Ah, yes…Heavy Rain, a game I would’ve loved to play :/

  • Thats INSANE!!!! I havent even played it. what is wrong with me

  • Thor

    Brilliant game,I’ve finished it multiple times but I think it’s time I dust off my copy and fire it up again. I can’t wait for the other 2 projects they are working on. Beyond : Two Souls looks amazing!!!

  • charl

    It was an awesome game. Sure you can play it now Gilbert?

    • Gilbert

      Well, I had intended to buy it, until the ending was spoilt :/ …so, um…no Heavy Rain for me, unfortunately.

  • Ryan

    Thats fantastic

  • Jarred

    Heavy Rain, to date, is still my best gaming experience of all time. It was one amazing story to play through from start to end. Absolutely cannot wait for Beyond: Two Souls.

  • Zhameer

    No one expected Shelby to be the Origami killer and i bet you Beyond will give us that same moment which we will never expect.

    • Charles

      The comment section. A great place to get you some spoilers.

    • Die Jason

      Don’t spoil the game for others man! Really happy that I borrowed a PS3 and played the game.

  • Albertus

    Damn. That’s a load of dosh right there!

  • SonicTheHero

    Hopefully all that money is going towards beyond

  • Marius

    That is awesome and looking at Beyond: Two Souls i see the same thing happening…

  • llama

    Damn. now i’m keen on finishing heavy rain again